Berlin Diary 09, Day 2, Men's 100 meter semi finals, by Larry Eder


Berlin, Germany, 7:27 pm local time, August 16, 2009.

Well, history will be written here tonight in the men's 100 meter final. In the men's semi final, Usain Bolt, after two false starts, one by him (the first, which is charged to the field, under current rules), won in 9.89-the fastest semi final ever! (The former record, 9.90, by Mo Greene in 1997 in Athens!). In the second, Tyson Gay won the semi, with a poor start, in 9.93, with Asafa Powell in 9.95.


But, the buzz is about Usain Bolt vs. Tyson Gay, and this 100 meters could be one for the ages!

(Photo by

Semi one

Well, the first semi final was marred by two false starts. It looked to us like Usain Bolt had the first false start, but that was called on the field, as is the current rule (In January 2010, no false starts will be allowed.).

When the race finally went, Usain Bolt had one of his poor starts, but it really does not seem to matter. Bolt took over and just kept running, in control, about seventy percent effort, running 9.89. This guy can break the world record, and with a full effort, 9.60 could go! Daniel Bailey, Darvis Patton and Marc Burns followed Bolt to the final. U.S. champ, Mike Rodgers was fifth and did not make the final.


Tyson Gay sprinting in Monday's rounds, photo by

semi final two

We see where Usain Bolt is going, but what is up with Tyson Gay? As Tyson noted on German TV this afternoon, " Usain and I are different characters." Well, that is an understatement.

When Tyson smiled before the second semi final to the crowd of 50,000, we knew that this was a special moment. Has Tyson been playing us? Is he ready to roll? Can he defeat Usain Bolt?

Well the semi went off without a hitch and Tyson Gay had a mediocre start, but better than most recent starts. Gay kept his head down then pushed onward, from sixty meters on, running a nice 9.93. In second place was Asafa Powell, in 9.95. Richard Thompson and Dwain Chambers will fill out the final.


Darvis Patton, from Monday's heats, photo by

How do I think the final will go?

Okay, Bolt and Gay will have company, either Daniel Bailey or Richard Thompson, at fifty meters. By seventy meters, Bolt and Gay have themselves to battle, as Darvis Patton moves past Daniel Bailey and Richard Thompson.

Usain Bolt and Tyson Gay are together at 80 meters, with Darvis Patton in third, and the battle for the ages going on between Bolt and Gay. I believe that both will break the world record, but that one will decimate the record. But, for now, you can leave the results to your imagination......

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