Run to Overcome, Reviewed by James Dunaway, note by Larry Eder

Meb Keflezighi lives the American dream. An immigrant family coming to a land where all can find their dreams. Meb's book, with the help of Dick Patrick, is titled Run to Overcome! Dick Patrick writes a column for
American Track & Field titled Starting Blocks.

We asked James Dunaway, editor of American Track & Field, to read the book and write a review, and here is what he wrote! We hope that all of you go out and buy this book! RBR highly recommends it!

Meb's Amazing Story


Mebraton Keflezghi was one of 10 children born to a family in Asmara, the capital city of Eritrea, one of the two or three poorest nations in the world. When he was a few months old, the family left their home and moved 50 miles away to a small village to escape an invading Ethiopian army. They lived in a two-room house - one room for cooking, the other for eating and sleeping -- without electricity or running water. They herded livestock, scrounged for firewood, scraped for food; sometimes Meb was so hungry he ate dirt


The children went to school whenever there was a school to go to. They studied hard. They dreamed of America, where "everyone had a villa."  And the family stuck together.


When they arrived in San Diego in 1987, Meb was put into sixth grade, a 12-year-who spoke no English. Yet he, and his brothers and sisters, became top students ( their parents told them the only acceptable grade was an A).


Meb started to run as a seventh grader, went on to become a state champion, an NCAA champion at UCLA, an American citizen in 1999, an Olympic silver medalist in 2004, and a winner of the New York City Marathon in 2009. All these races and many more, and many ups and downs, are chronicled in "Run to Overcome," the book Meb has written with our own Dick Patrick, but the most important parts are not what he accomplished, but how he and his family and friends did it.


There are many, many important things about running in Meb's book that you won't find in any other book about running. About character. About persistence. About belief in oneself.


If you've forgotten know how lucky you are to be an American, Meb Keflezghi's book, 'Run to Overcome' will remind you...unforgettably.


If you think that being dirt-poor can prevent you from becoming what you want to become, "Run to Overcome" will make you think again.


If you think that the American Dream is a thing of the past, "Run to Overcome" will show you it's alive and well. 


I can't imagine that there's a single coach or athlete who couldn't profit by reading it.

                      -------James Dunaway

You can find Run to Overcome at, and wherever fine books are sold!

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