Saucony Invites you to Step Into Minimalism, release, invitation, note by Larry Eder


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We have shown how three brands are looking at the Minimalist/Lightweight interest from the consumer and run specialty. Saucony's approach is to have an event, for consumers and the media, around the 2011 Boston Marathon weekend (April 14) to give consumers a chance to try on their product.

Lots of questions and interest in the Saucony Kinvara and the new Hattori. The 2011 Boston Expo will have many of the top brands showing their approach to the Minimalist conundrum. Saucony's approach will be watched by many...

Saucony invites you to Step Into Minimalism!


For certain, thousands of runners in this year's Boston Marathon will be running in minimalist footwear and a few will be barefoot altogether. Without a doubt the minimalist trend has stirred quite a fascination and wide debate among runners everywhere. But is it for YOU?


Join Saucony and an all-star panel of experts, including Dr. Jack Daniels, "world's greatest coach," as they share their insights and advice on how runners everywhere can integrate minimalist running into their training program−safely and responsibly.


In addition, Michael Sandler, author of the bestselling Barefoot Running, will share how running shoeless saved his health after a life-altering accident. Dr. Marybeth Crane, one of the country's most influential sports podiatrists, will discuss the benefits of stronger feet for stronger running. Spencer White, head of Saucony's Human Performance & Innovation Lab will give a live demonstration highlighting the differences in muscle activation in runners when wearing minimalist versus traditional running shoes.  


Saucony's award-winning collection of minimalist footwear will be available for try-on, including the new Kinvara 2. Coaches and treadmills will be on hand to experience natural running.


Hors d'œuvres, Vita Coco coconut water and beer/wine will be served!


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