2011 Bank of American Chicago Marathon: Five Ways to deal with the Heat, by Larry Eder

Start of 2008 Bank of America Chicago Marathon, photo by PhotoRun.net

The forecast is calling for a low of 58 and a high of 76 on Sunday, your marathon day. That is pretty hot for marathoners. Here are some suggestions from your friends at Runblogrun on how to make your marathon experience on Sunday better, even in hot conditions.
Five Tips for Running Marathons in Hot weather

1. Slow Down. Drastically. Add a minute a mile on your goal pace, and check your pace  each 10k. Depending on your condition, perception of exertion in the heat and humidity can make a hot weather marathon feel grueling. Slow down, and try and enjoy the day.

2. Water. Water. Did I say water? Start now, on Wednesday before the race and get 8-12 glasses of water in you. Some sports drinks. Watch the carbonated beverages and caffeine. During the race, drink as much early before the race as you can and in the first twenty miles, do not miss a drink station.

3. Wear light colored clothing, wear a hat. Wear a shirt that can wick out the sweat and is light colored, like white and please wear a hat, as light colored clothing will help you in the heat. Consider a few ice cubes in your hat at aid stations. Not only does it help cool your core temperature, it feels good.

4. Run safely: If you are having trouble, ask for help at the aid stations. If you are not feeling well during the race, monitor that, and consider taking a break at an aid station. If it persists, you may want to drop out. Listen to all medical alerts.

5. Enjoy the day: Slow down, drink lots of fluids, and try to enjoy the day. If you take an easy approach to a hot day marathon, you will come back to race another day.

Please make sure that you check www.chicagomarathon.com for any alerts during the coming days!

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