The Shoe Addicts presents: Matthew Centrowitz, 1,500m/Mile, courtesy of Shoe Addicts, note by Larry Eder


The video above was created by the Shoe Addicts, to honor Matthew Centrowitz's 3:53.92 mile win in the 2011 Millrose Games. Artwork courtesy of Shoe Addicts.

Matthew Centrowitz had a tremendous 2011. He won the 1,500m at the NCAA, came back and won the 1,500m at the USA Outdoor, and then, against the best the world had to offer, took the bronze medal in the toughest 1,500m race of the year, the 2011 World Championships.

In a world championships 1,500 meter final, there are 1,500 ways to screw up. One must keep one's focus, stay out of trouble, answer the changes in pace, and when, the ultimate, gut-wrenching, will challenging final charge goes for the finish line, composure and some unused fast-twitch muscles are de rigeur.

Call him Matthew, or perhaps, as the fans do, "Centro", but, most of all, call him a find at 1,500 meters that we have not seen since the days, well, perhaps, his father. Even though his father considered himself a 5,000m runner, dad had some finishing speed himself.

On Saturday, February 11, the father was watching. First, his daughter, and Matthews sister, Lauren, and then, Matthew.

Matthew went out strong, 57.8, 1:57.0, 2:55...with 300 to go, Matthew was pulling Miles Batty of BYU along, as the crowd roared. Would they catch him, as Centrowitz, the younger used a long kick, reminiscent of 1972 Olympic gold medalist Pekka Vessala, lifting, pumping of arms, breathing hard, knowing that one misstep and Miles Batty would make a move to lane two and try to get around him. But, it was not to be. This mile was owned by one Matthew Centrowitz.

Matthew Centrowitz, in the video above, notes that he hates to lose more than he loves to win. Interesting...Meet a miler who gets it. Racing is about putting it all on the line, and taking what ever anyone can throw at them. Milers are the modern gladiators, and the crowd, in Millrose, on that warm Saturday night, reveled in the battle royale that took three minutes, fifty-three point nine two seconds. 3:53.92. That's what it took Matthew Centrowtiz, to win his first professional mile and cement his racing tactics on the Armory's track fans.

Special thanks to the Shoe Addicts. To learn more about the Shoe Addicts, and their view of track & field, please check out their YouTube channel: TheShoeAddicts.

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