Sprinters Gone Wild: Kim Collins versus James Ellington, the aftermath, the interview with Christine Ohuruogu, the deep and cleansing thoughts of Larry Eder:

First, don't try this at home, sprinters. 

Well, unless you have oxygen. 

Oh, dear god, where do we start? Apparently, James Ellington and Kim Collins decided to duel over a mile in Newcastle. Kim Collins, the grand daddy of sprinters, and James Ellington, a fine British sprinter in his own right, not so long in the tooth, took the challenge of running a mile. Kim Collins did not bring his cane for this competition. 

The mile is, well, 16 times their normal distance, so some laughable moments must have ensued. And, yes, there was some walking as well... 

Kim Collins celebrating his bronze in the 100 meters in 2011, 
photo by PhotoRun.net

Kim Collins won the match over Mr. Ellington, with an official time of 8:00.34 minutes. This writer would have expected the duel to last about twenty minutes.

Now, the funny part is Christine Ohuruogu, trying to interview the two sprinters, both out of breath, both considering the bold thing that they had done, still having a sense of humor. Christine is laughing through most of the interview.

We thank British Athletics TV for saving this gem! 

I can see it now: Sprinters Gone Wild: the mile series. 

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