MY excellent adventure: Day Six, a long walk around Copenhagen, by Larry Eder

Day Six has come and gone, as has day seven and eight. Your fearless blogger is back in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, his home for the past eighteen years, well, before his move back to San Jose, CA. But that, is another story.

Here is what happened on Day Six, a wonderful day. 

Copenhagen, the view from my walk, Sunday, March 30, 2014, photo by Larry Eder
The World Championship Half marathon coverage, for me, ended about six pm on Saturday evening. When I left the media center, I went out side, and observed the dismantling of the Finish area. Where hours before, were 30,000 runners of all shapes and sizes, now, were a few space blankets, floating in the wind, and a few empty cups. 

I recorded my daily audio coverage of the half marathon. I am having fun doing that, and with a voice for radio as Mr. Jack Franchetti told me years ago, I am finally relaxing and enjoying recording observations of my travels and events. 

I was in the need for food. As I am now off insulin, thank God, my eating every two hours is even more important. Keep the carbs under 20 grams a meal, and fill up on veggies, healthy meats and fish, and find some good fat, like olive oil, avocado, which, for whatever reasons, keeps my blood sugar on an even keel. All I know is that in four months, my cholesterol dropped from the 240s to the 140s. That was with avocado, mayonaise and greek yoghurt each and every day. 

I found an Italian place, Vesuvios, with anti pasto: veggies, melon and ham, all of the good stuff. I struck up a conversation with a Danish couple. The wife was a runner, who hurt her back three weeks out. She put her number for sale on FaceBook and the family, husband, wife and four year old, Sophia, came to Copenhagen from Jutland. They watched the race and toured around town. 

Saturday evening was spent crashing, writing, and then a good night sleep followed on Sunday. I went out for my six mile walk on Sunday and walked through the center of town over to the river where I followed the pier.

On the pier, it seemed like half of Copenhagen was out, sitting with coffee and blankets at a coffee shop, or letting the children play in the playground. Lots of bikes, skateboards and walkers and runners. 

I walked down to the very end of the pier, and met a street artist, who instead of painting on buildings brought his own wood to paint on outdoors. We exchanged a few pleasantries, and I was off. 

The walk had revitalized me. I knew I had a long night and day ahead of travel on Monday, so I headed back to my room, and prepared to pack....another journey was about to start. 

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