OnlyAtoms, a women-owned and operated startup apparel company, by Max Lockwood, for RunBlogRun

Men's cool running tank, black, grey, white, OnlyAtoms

womens-running-tank-pink-white-grey_5b6f08c3-5736-44ac-aa42-7d012c4ac0ee_large.jpgWomen's running tank, pink, white, grey, OnlyAtoms

Max Lockwood did this piece on this independent running apparel brand from Brooklyn, New York: OnlyAtoms! They have a unique approach to apparel. 

Product Company Review; OnlyAtoms, a woman owned and operated startup apparel company

OnlyAtoms is an independently owned and operated apparel company from Brooklyn, New York. Beth Weinstein, the founder and owner, started the company in 2012 based on her passion for running, her love of looking and feeling good while running and a desire to introduce a better fitting and more sleek looking product into the specialty running channel.  Says Beth, "As a committed and passionate runner my goal was and is always to look and feel good. For years and years the line of running apparel out there just was not doing it for me. I had been working in product development, fashion and clothing retail in New York for 10 years and just decided that the time was ripe to jump out of the ship from working for others and take the skills and knowledge gained after all of those years and start my own apparel brand" 

In 2012,  the Company launched and like any startup at its outset, Beth works virtually 24/7 in an effort to meet all company needs including making product, marketing, selling and doing all of the other busy work needed to keep the bills paid while producing and growing.  Says Weinstein...."Nothing about creating a new business is easy. It takes all your time, the pay is bad and it can be frustrating. This is my passion, however, and any small business owner can understand the journey I am going through right now." 

Aside from being a hard working and talented entrepreneur, Weinstein and Only Atoms produce a wonderful product that fits well, looks cool and is made in an environmentally conscientious manner.  

OnlyAtoms makes its products from recycled fabrics with a goal of zero-waste manufacturing and insist on using paper packaging vs. plastic bags.

In an effort to stay local and support community-based industry, all Only Atoms products are made in the famous NYC garment district and much of the supervision comes from Beth, herself!

OnlyAtoms produces a nice and succinct assortment of men and women's tops and bottoms. My favorite for the men was the men's Electron Running Tank, retailing for $58.00, a spiffy shirt made from wicking Polyester/Spandex performance fabric an Italian quality dry-fit fabric that is not too thin and not too heavy and sustainable Polyester recycled from plastic bottles!

For the women, I had to hmm and haw but finally settled on the Women's Oxygen Tank Running Tank Top, a smooth and sleek tank top with a number of different cool color schemes to choose from. This retails for 58.00.

Lastly, but perhaps, the most important aspect of this brand is that Weinstein, a socially conscientious citizen with a strong desire to serve underprivileged communities would like nothing more than to grow large enough to be able to use a percentage of her revenue to create running programs for underserved communities who have traditionally not had access to running clubs and programs.  Says Weinstein... I have lived in Brooklyn a long time and have and do run by housing projects on a regular basis. I never see the people from these communities running for sport or fitness. This is unfortunate and when my company can afford it, I will be using some of the money I make to create running programs for those who stand to benefit a great deal from the running."

To learn more about OnlyAtoms please visit their website at

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