Sky News Exclusive: Paula Radcliffe Has not been involved in Doping, courtesy of SKY News


Within hours of Paula Radcliffe ruling out providing the results of her blood testing, SKY News announced that they had exclusive access to her blood tests, and in the above video, SKY News noted that Paula Radcliffe was NOT involved in doping.

The three blood samples in question had three scores in a range that should bring up questions. Once the IAAF asked Paula Radcliffe about all three tests that they questions, Radcliffe noted that she was trainng at altitude in two of the tests and the third was less than two hours after a half marathon. In current circumstances, Radcliffe's half marathon test would not have been done until two hours after the event.

Paula Radcliffe has been a huge supporter of anti doping efforts. Her frustation over the way this information has been handled, and sensationalized, rather than explaining the blood data within the context of how IAAF and WADA testers refer to the various samples. Radcliffe believes, and the SKY News report seems to bear this out, that the leaked data was not given the proper context, but was sensationalized.

Here is full story on Huffington Post:

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