Russian Reactions to the ARAF provisional suspension, from EME News


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The reactions to the provisional suspension of ARAF have come quickly. EME News compiled several responses from Russian sources...


MOSCOW (RUS): Russian sport minister Vitaliy Mutko informed that changes in All-Russian athletics federation would have to do nothing with head coach of national athletics team Yuriy Borzakovskiy. "Borzakovskiy represents new generation. He must take on a great burden and responsibility of all organizational activities of new coaches team around himself," said Mutko in his quote to R-Sport. In the same time, he couldn't name the person who will head ARAF in future. Minister also said that he had negotiations with IAAF president Sebastian Coe. "He is in a difficult situation. He has got the a federation with the criminal case of the former president. All decisions he made were not easy for him, but his position is likeable for me. I will support him. Coe believes that doping is not a Russian problem only but the problem of world sport. So, we have to change this situation together and we'll do it," Mutko added.

MOSCOW (RUS): General secretary of All-Russian athletics federation Mikhail Butov informed that ARAF already started active work on the revision of the national athletics calendar. "We need to reschedule our calendar to provide the necessary competitive practice for athletes following their preparation plans for the Olympic season," said Butov to All-Sport news agency and stressed that ARAF would conduct "Russian Winter" meeting if not as an international then just as local event. "This competition is scheduled for February 14. I'm optimistic. I hope we'll solve our problems until that time and we'll able to hold full-international meeting as it would be jubilee 25th Russian Winter," Butov added. He also posted on his facebook account: "Difficult and sad day ... We'll fight on. Many thanks for all national team athletes for your support. Keep practicing! I promise I will do everything possible for you. I am sure the logic will be higher than emotions when the IAAF Council will make final decision."

MOSCOW (RUS): Russian Sports Ministry required to call special meeting of ARAF panel that would be conduct on Sunday. The agenda included two main issues: the convening of an extraordinary ARAF conference and measures to implement the recommendations of the independent WADA commission. Over the next three months ARAF would be changed extensively. The federation will conduct special elections, ARAF governing body as well as coaching staff will be significantly upgraded, control in the national teams would be much strengthened. This work will be conducted in close cooperation with the IAAF. Informs official ministry's web site.

MOSCOW (RUS): Acting president of All-Russian athletics federation Vadim Zelichenok voiced the hope that ARAF would be in time to implement all IAAF requirements until Rio Olympics. "I cannot be fully sure but our chances to rectify the situation are more than 50%. I don't see something very criminal in the work of current federation what we'll not able to correct. The main thing is to return the possibilities for our athletes to compete at international level and to perform at Rio Olympics," Zelichenok said in his quote to Sport-Express. He also confirmed that he's not going to run for ARAF president position in possible elections.

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