#TRE16 Interview w/ Philip Anthony at 361 pt. 3


Phil Anthony did a fine job describing the new updates for 361 Degrees USA. This is Part 3 of the series filmed at the The Running Event 2016 in Orlando. 361 USA is a prime example of how technology and production opportunities have opened up the world of performance running footwear.

IMG_7036.JPGPhilip Anthony, 361 USA, TRE 2016

We track over 48 brands as of this time. However, getting into the business is one thing. Being successful is another. The key, as one footwear pro told RunBlogRun, " to be successful, one must make consistently successful shoes."

We thanks Phil Anthony and his brand, 361 Degrees USA, for his time and effort on behalf of his brand. We like 361 USA, as they are taking a long time approach to building their brand.

The video program was done by The Shoe Addicts for RunBlogRun.

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