2017 New Balance series: George Hirsch, Chairman of the New York Road Runners


Updated February 22, 2017

We wanted our readers to see this video. We think the behind the scenes story from George Hirsch how how Michael Capiraso and Peter Ciaccia have helped the NYRR grow and thrive is an important story for our sport. It is not often that we see sport leaders playing well together.

George Hirsch is the Chairman of the board for the New York Road Runners Club. Before that, George changed the running media landscape with his launch of the Runner magazine in 1979, and then, in 1986, became the publisher of RW magazine, under the ownership of Rodale Press.

George Hirsch loves the sport and has lived through the halycon days, playing instrumental parts in the development of the New York City Marathon. There is nothing better for me than to catch up with my former boss and talk running.

At the recent NYRR Run Center launch, (January 11), I asked George Hirsch to speak about the success of the NYRR under Michael Capiraso and Peter Ciaccia, who succeeded Mary Wittenberg, when she left to start a new project at Virgin Sport. This is a fascinating interview and a true success story for our sport.

As always, thanks to George Hirsch for his stewardship and keen eye, and thanks to The Shoe Addicts, who chronicle our sport for RunBlogRun.

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