Sandi Morris, Olympic and World Silver medalist, Pole Vault, and her deep thought from 2018 NYRR Millrose Games Presser!


Sandi Morris was the 2016 World Indoor silver medalist and Ekaterina Stefanidi was the bronze medalist. At Rio, in August 2016, Sandi Morris took the Olympic silver medal to Ekaterinae Stefanidi's gold medal in Rio.

Morris_Sandi1-USind17.jpgSandi Morris, USA Indoors 2017, photo by

In August 2017, Ekaterina and Sandi battled once again, with Stefanidi taking gold in London and Morris taking the silver.

Morris_SandiMarks-WC17.jpgSandi Morris, photo by

I interviewed both in Doha last May and enjoyed their respect of each other and their competitive instincts.

On Saturday, Ekaterina Stefanidi, gold from London 2017 and Rio 2016, Sandi Morris, silver from 2016 World Indoors, 2016 Olympics and 2017 London World Champs are battling with Jenn Suhr, 2012 London gold medalist, 2008 Beijing silver medal, 2013 Moscow silver medal and 2016 Portland world indooor gold medal.

The battle is on!

Here's a short interview with Sandi Morris, thanks to Media Manager Nick Nicholas of the NYRR Millrose Games with our esteemed hurdler.

The 111th NYRR Millrose Games can be seen on USATF.TV from 11:30 a.m.- 4 p.m. on Saturday and will be televised live by NBC from 4-6 p.m. There also is the USATF Cool Down show beginning at 6 p.m.

Go to to learn more about the NYRR Millrose Games and to purchase tickets to the Saturday, February 3, 2018meet.

To read the interview, please look below!

1. How are you going to beat Katerina and win for the first time at Millrose?

Sandi Morris: "What's awesome about us is we really are neck and neck. It really comes down to me learning how to make things on first attempts. She's really good at that, whereas it takes me a couple more times. She's extremely consistent. This is so great for the sport. We're competitors and we're very tough and that's why we're Olympic medalists. At the same time when we're out there, pole vault is such an individual event and we all have our own ways of handling things. In order to win anything you have to focus on your own jumps and executing your own vaults or race or whatever and focus on yourself. The minute you let yourself focus on the competition is when you'll start to lose it. I have to focus on my own vaults and execute each jump down the runway."

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