Christian Coleman speaks on his new status in the sport, quotes courtesy of USATF communications


Christian Coleman was the silver medalist at 100 meters in 2017 London World Championships. After a very long season, Christian Coleman let his legs do the talking in 2017.

He started 2018 with a bang, and a fast time. On January 2019, Christian ran 6.37 for the 60 meters at the Clemson Athletic Complex. A superb time, but just not satisfying the needs for an official world record. No one, probably not even Christian, thought he would set a world record in January! Without electronic blocks, a Zero gun and drug testing, Christian's fast time was just that, a notable fast time. Maurice Greene's WR of 6.39, set on March 1999 and tied again in March 2001 by Mr. Greene, the dominating American sprinter from 1997 to 2001.

Coleman_ChristianWR634f-USin18.JPGChristian Coleman, new 60 meter WR holder of 6.34, February 17, 2018, photo by

On February 10, at the New Balance indoor GP, the runner stumbled. Christian recovered and ran a 6.45, waking the fans up, as many thought, "this man can break the WR at will."

Christian Coleman tookt the stage on February 16, at the Albequerque Convention Complex. Coleman ran 6.45, while shutting down at mid way in the 60 meters. In the semi on Sunday, February 17, Christian ran a 6.43 in the semi final, again, shutting down with 20 meters to go. That set up the final.

In the final, Christian Coleman had an okay final, but was full speed midway and was flying away from the field. Just before the finish, Christian Coleman outstretched his arms and ran through the finish, looking like a marathoner of old, running 6.34! A new world record candidate? Well, with electronic blocks, a Zero gun, and drug testing, Christian Coleman had his WR!

On March 2, Christian Coleman spoke to the assembled media and here are some of his thoughts on his new place in the world of sprinting!

One final thought, when I spoke to Maurice Greene after Christian Coleman's 60 meter WR, Maurice was very positive on Christian's future. "If he can fix some of the small things, and it is always the little things in sprinting, Christian can run close to 9.6! "

Think about that. Think very hard about that.

And watch Christian in the 60 meter round at 10:15 on Saturday, March 3, 2018!

Press Conference Highlights

Christian Coleman Press Conference

Friday 2 March 2018

Christian Coleman (USA) - Men's 60m

On potentially breaking the world record again:

"We'll see, I felt really good in practice right now and it's exciting to be coming into the fastest race of the year. And if the world record comes then it comes, but I'm just going out there trying to win."

On celebrating before the finish line when breaking the world record:

"It was just something that happened. I was excited in the moment. There was so much pressure and it just happened. I can't control my emotions when I'm out there."

On whether breaking the world record has sunk in:

"It's sunk in a little but I haven't had time to sit back and dwell on things like that. I knew I had another big race coming up at the nationals and I was focused on that and figuring out everything. I didn't have time to sit back or anything like that."

On looking to improve:

"I always have the mindset of there's always something to improve and get better, you always listen to your coach and what he has to say and I think that's how you continue to run fast times and continue to get better."

On being on the circuit for the first time:

"This is my first full professional season so for me it's just a learning process and figuring everything you need to figure out. Everything is going to be new now I'm on the circuit.

"I'm just excited and I'm ready to show the world what I can do and continue to get better. I don't have any time goals, I just want to have a great season."

On the pressure on his shoulders:

"I'd use it positively in terms of having the record but I still have a lot to prove not just to other people but to myself that I can continue to run fast times and be better.

"I'll use that as a motivation to stay on top of my game. Pressure can be negative but I don't focus on that, I focus on me. Every single meet I try and win."

On being called the next Usain Bolt:

"I don't want to be the next Usain Bolt, I want to be Christian Coleman and a few years from now maybe people will say 'Who will be the next Christian Coleman?'

"I want to leave my own legacy and make my own trail but that's what my journey is about right now and it's off to a pretty good start. I just have to continue."

On the messages he received after breaking the 60m world record:

"I talked to Maurice Greene and he said he was proud of me. We have a relationship because we have the same agent and he was the world record holder. He was excited."

"He called me and we had a good conversation. He was happy though, records are made to be broken. It doesn't take anything away from his accomplishment because his record stood for 20 years so he should be proud of that."

On his main opponents in the race:

"I don't take anybody lightly. I respect all my competitors - Ronnie (Baker) has run a pretty fast time this year and so has Su (Bingtian) of China so I'll be prepared, they're the two biggest competitors."

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