2018 Bislett Diary: The good, the bad, and (yes), the ugly


So, the last column for the last few Diamond Leagues, from Stuart Weir, has been the good, the bad and, the ugly. Not to be outdone, Stuart Weir is up to it again. And then, there's the cat...

cat.jpgRunBlogRun wonders what Norwegians charge for a cat at a track meet, photo by Stuart Weir

Oslo - the good, the bad and the ugly

So many people seemed to like my good, the bad and the ugly from Rome that I have repeated it - OK so they were all members of my family.

Embarrassment of the evening

Getting one of the barriers at the wrong height in the women's 3000 steeplechase - 15 cm too high.

Superhero of the night

Emma Coburn's husband who risked life and limb by rushing onto the track to alert the officials about the barrier.

British understatement of the day award

Rosie Clarke, 3000SC runner who felt that having a barrier at men's height "was not ideal".

The only person who was happy that Mutaz Essa Barshim failed to clear 2:40

The City treasurer, otherwise he would had to buy a new bar as Barshim takes 2.40 bars home with him.

The "Great achievement but not great career prospects" award

Christopher Becklund winner the snowball throw

Best pacemaker of the night

Dominic Kiptarus, pacemaker and winner of the 10000m

Most annoying pacemaker of the night (awarded by the other runners in the race)

Dominic Kiptarus, pacemaker and winner of the 10000m

The least surprising winner of the night

As they say in the Oscars, the nominations are:

Caster Semanya (women;s 800)

Tomas Walsh (men's shot)

Mutaz Essa Barshim (men's high jump)

The "That'll show them" award

Chris O'Hare, who was not invited to the Dream Mile, so he went out and won the 1500m

Truism of the night

"Andy Vernon is leading the 10000m but then he is the pacemaker" an anonymous source for RunBlogRun

Proof that the event was a sell-out

This poor cat had to sit on its owner's lap.

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