2018 Des Moines Diary: Deep thoughts on day 3: Considering the women's hammer, 400m and 100m hurdles


For day three, I am going to write about the women's hammer, 400 meters and 100 meter hurdles. Why? Well, all three stories have not gotten the coverage that they so rightly deserve.

Price_DeannaR1-USAout18.jpgDeanna Price, Hammer Throw AR, WL, June 23, 2018, photo by PhotoRun.net

Domination in the Hammer Throw. That is how Deanna Price's performances in the Women's hammer throw should go down in history. Deanna Price was so good in the hammer throw that she could have won the event on all four of her legal throws. In her first attempt, 73.81 meters, she took the lead. She fouled on her second and third attempts, and then, the hammer really flew. On attempt four, Deanna Price threw 76.35 meters, 250 feet, one inch. On attempt five, Deanna Price threw 78.12 meters, or 256-3, a new American record and a new World Leader. Her final throw, on her sixth attempt, was 77.01 meters, 252-8.

Price_DeannaR1a-USAout18.jpgDeanna Price, hammer throw champion, AR and WL, June 23, 2018, photo by PhotoRun.net

An amazing demonstration of athleticism, Deanna Price gave a clinic on Saturday, June 23, on how to throw the hammer as the best thrower in the world. I would love to see her compete with Anita Wlodarczyck, the Olympic, World Champion and World record holder. Deanna Price is upping her game!

IMG_4399.jpgShakima Wimbley, 400 meters, June 23, 2018, photo by Mike Deering for The Shoe Addicts

Domination in the 400 meters. We have witnessed the showcasing of another fine 200m/400 meter runner in Shakima Wimbley. Shakima Wimbley won the 400 meters on Saturday. Shakima opened a few eyes with her silver medal at the World Indoor Athletics Championships in Birmingham, England last March. Coached by Lance Brauman, who knows a bit about developing fine 200 meter and 400 meter runners (remember Shauna Miller Uibo? Remember Noah Lyles?), Shakima had run well in her heat (51.89) and semi-finals (50.57). Her final though, was one for the ages. Shakima came through the 300 meters clearly in the lead, and ran a fine PB 49.52, equalling the world leader. Jessica Beard took second in PB 50.65 and Kendell Ellis, 50.80. World Indoor Champ Courtney Okolo was fourth in 50.80.

IMG_3097.jpgKeni Harrison, 100m hurdle champion, June 23, 2018, photo by Mike Deering for The Shoe Addicts

Domination in the 100m hurdles. Keni Harrison is the world record holder at 100 meter hurdles. She is the World Indoor Champion at the 60 meter hurdles. The 100 meter hurdles is, perhaps, the toughest event in women's track & field. Ten hurdles, 100 meters, ten chances to screw up your event. The speed and agility of these athletes are so high that one tiny mistake takes you out of the hunt for medals. Sharika Nelvis, Queen Harrison and Christina Manning were all putting pressure on Keni Harrison. Harrison was not leading halfway, yet, Keni kept her act together and ran the field down, taking the win in 12.46 with Christina Manning, 12.65, and Sharika Nelvis, 12.68.

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