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The hills are part of the program. Hills build speed, endurance and focus. Just build into it. Find a hilly run, and put some effort into it.

B&W6-FLcc18.JPgFL 2018, photo by

Tuesday, Dec. 31, 2019: Hilly run, 40-45 minutes, just get into it

The two weeks of recovery are over. Now, comes the time to begin the build up. We will begin slow, and give those who race indoors time to race a bit and also train, but the focus is on outdoor track and field. In 2020, just under one million high school boys and girls will compete in track.

Early season training is the same for those in 800m-5000m. Specialization comes later. Again, our workouts are based on actual workouts successfully used for high school boys and high school girls. Always listen to your coaches! This is a supplement to daily coaching. If you have questions, email me at [email protected].

My philosophy: We want to enhance your enjoyment of this life long sport.

159May-438.jpgEliud Kipchoge with his cows, Summer 2019, photo by NN running team

This is the last day of the Recovery Weeks, and enjoy the easy run.

2017-06-23 01.02.52-1.pngMolly Huddle, photo by

Sunday: easy 40 minutes

The two weeks of easy running are coming to a close. Enjoy the light run today and know that the build up begins soon.

2017-07-02 15.28.31.pngChris O'Hara, photo by David Wearn

Saturday, Dec. 28, 2019: 30-40 minute run, half hour swim, half hour bike (choose one)

The second week of Recovery is coming to an end. Enjoy the day off on Friday, as the big season is coming.

2017-06-23 01.02.52.pngMolly Huddle, Shalane Flanagan, Emily Sisson, 10,000m, photo by

Friday, Dec. 27, 2019: day off

Reposted Dec. 26, 2019.

Original post, Jan 31, 2019.

The 2019 Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon was magnifiscent! Fast men and women's events. What is in store in 2020? The date is 24 January 2020!

It was a week ago! Does not seem possible. The 2019 Dubai Marathon, now in its 15th year as a Standard Chartered sponsored event, outdid itself once again.

The men's race had two under the old course record.

And so, did the women.

COL_3397.jpegWorknesh Degefa, Ruth Chepngetich, Worknesh Edesa, 2019 Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon, photo by GianCarlo Columbo

But, dear and observant readers, Ruth Chepngetich ran the 3rd fastest time in women's history, only behind Paula Radcliffe and Mary Keitany. Chepngetich, even with her scary water stops, battled Worknesh Degefa, and Chepngetich ran 2:17:08 and Degefa ran 2:17:41.

The Dubai Marathon course is fast, but it is the competitiveness on the course, that puts it above all others. In most races, the fields are built around 1 or 2 athletes. In Dubai, no performance, no money.

I am not sure if that is the best way, but it sure works in Dubai.

Here's our podcast on the fine women's event!

In the run today, enjoy the feeling of movement. Enjoy the fact that you are moving.

2015-09-11 00.00.00.pngRenaud Lavillenie, the king of the vaulters, photo by

Thursday, Dec 26, 2019: 30-40 minute run, half hour swim, half hour bike (choose one)

Posted 13 February 2019

Reposted 19 February 2019

RePosted Dec 25, 2019

This is one of my fave meets, do not the miss the 2020 version! 2020 Indoor GP to be held on 25 Jan 2019!

This is for your enjoyment, the night prior to the 2019 IAAF World Indoor Final, in Dusseldorf, February 20, 2019

The 2019 IAAF World Indoor Grand Prix is a series of six meets, taking fans and athletes from Boston,MA (January 26) to Karlsruhe, Germany (February 2), to Torun, Poland (February 6) to Madrid, Spain (February 8) to Birmingham, England (February 16) , with the final meet at Dusseldorf (February 20). I am sitting in my room at the Garden Inn in Birmingham, and am considering the Five Key Moments from each event. Here is my deep thoughts on Boston, now in its' 24th year.

Kejelcha_YomifRL1a-NewBalance19.JPGYomif Kejelcha, photo by

Enjoy the day off.

2016-07-01 21.25.49.pngHayward Field, photo by

Wednesday, Dec. 24, 2019: day off

522408.jpgGabby Thomas, photo by New Balance Communications

Posted 1-07-2019

Updated 12-24-2019

This interview was done last January 2019. It was done prior to the 2019 NB indoor GP. Do not miss the 2020 NB Indoor GP, which will be on January 25, 2020! It is one of my favorite meets.

Gabby Thomas is an NCAA sprint champion for Harvard. She is now a professional athlete for New Balance. New Balance has a small group of elite athletes, and Gabby Thomas is one of their first sprinters. She is represented by Paul Doyle. We were interested in Gabby Thomas for several reasons, among them, that Gabby will debut as a New Balance TC member at the 2019 New Balance Indoorr GP, which will be held on Januayr 26, 2019 at the iconic Reggie Lewis Center.

Tickets for the event on January 26, which forms part of the IAAF World Indoor Tour, are now on sale at or by calling 1-877-849-8722.

It is Chistmas eve. Enjoy your run. Enjoy the time with family and friends.

2011-02-27 14.16.56.pngBlocks, photo supplied by Brooks communications.

Tuesday: 30-40 minute run, half hour swim, half hour bike (choose one)

The Monday of holiday week is a day off. Enjoy it!

ZZBB1588 copy 2.JPGTime to run, photo by

Monday, Dec. 23, 2019 : day off

This is a Sunday of week 1, Recovery weeks. Enjoy the run, and take some time to enjoy the season.

B&W2-FLcc18.JPgGetting ready to race, FL 2018, photo by

Sunday, Dec. 22, 2019: easy 40 minutes

Schippers_DafnePort1-Stockholm19.jpgDaphne Schippers, Stockholm 2019, photo by

The All Star Perche, held in Clermont-Ferrand, is an example of how athletes can put together fine events. The All Star Perche features the finest vaulters in the world, with an enthusiastic crowd. This event will happen on 23 February 2020.

1290171_G08_W01.jpgMondo Duplantis, Piotr Lisek and Sam Kendricks, photo by Getty Images / European Athletics

The end of week 1, Recovery, is just about done. Enjoy it.

SouthBoysHuddle-FLcc18.JPgA team huddle, FL 2018, photo by

Saturday, Dec. 21, 2019 : 30-40 minute run, half hour swim, half hour bike (choose one)

Enjoy a Friday away from workouts.

B&W6-FLcc18.JPgGetting ready to race, photo by

Friday, December 20, 2019: day off

This is the second week of the USA-Canada Indoor results of the 2019-20 Indoor season. This is compiled and edited by our friend from Catalonia, Carles Baronet, Track in Sun. Carles spends many hours each week putting these results together. We thank him for putting this bi weekly updates together.

Korir_EmmanaelFHL-Millrose18.jpgEmmanuel Korir, photo by


The 2020 Tokyo Marathon course, now moved to Sapporo, Japan, has been approved. We have posted all info via Tokyo 2020 below. We have also added a comment via Mike Scott, photographer and LDR guy, who likes it.

Brazier_Donavan-NewBalance19.jpgDonovan Brazier, photo by

Record Holders Brazier and Saruni to Highlight Epic 113th NYRR Millrose Games 800m

The Millrose Games is one of those nights where you will see, feel and hear the enthusiasm for the sport, with the amazing field and track events that will be experienced in those few hours in the house that Dr. Norb built.

Peter Snell is an iconic figure in athletics. HIs wins at 800m in 1960, and his double win at 800m and 1,500m in 1964. At the age of 80, Peter Snell laid down to take a nap on December 13, 2019 and did not wake up. Mr. Snell had some heart issues since 2009, and in recent weeks, his heart was reminding him that we all have mortal engines.

In this piece, I want to consider the legacy of the late Peter Snell and his legacy...

snell-pet-object-4-rome-1960-.jpgPeter Snell, photo by the New Zealand Olympic Committee

652456_full.jpgThe 113th NYRR Millrose Games will be an exciting event, no doubts at all. The 3000m will match up some exciting NCAA stars and some elites that will make the house the Dr. Norb built rock to the rafters!

The idea of taking a break is hard for many. But, in order for you to improve, you need training blocks, racing blocks and yes, recovery blocks. The fine coach, the late Arthur Lydiard, gave us modern distance training, and his phases all built to a fine time of racing. In the 1960 Olympics, within one hour, two of his pupils, Peter Snell and Murray Halberg won gold medals. It was the finest hour of New Zealand Athletics. Snell had upset the 800m field, and Halberg had sprinted away from the 5000m field.

acebookjumbo-jpg-595.jpg1960 Olympics, 800m, WR holder Roger Moens upset by Kiwi Peter Snell. photo courtesy of IOC

All of us have dreams of doing well. At the end of each season, I would look over my races, and I would put a post card together on my goals for the next season. It was fun, and it motivated me. I put the post card on my mirror of the medicine cabinet, so I could see it each day.

Thursday, Dec. 19, 2019: 30-40 minute run, half hour swim, half hour bike (choose one)

Today is an off day. Take it easy. Watch some Netflix, check out the NXN and FL events. Do something different.

Dudek_ZofiaFH-FLF19.jpgZofia Dudek, photo by

Wednesday, Dec. 18, 2019: day off

Justin Lagat sometimes is a mind reader. Our senior writer from Kenya, Justin Lagat captures the feel, the culture, the zeitgeist if you will, of the Kenyan athletic culture. He is proud of his country's traditions in athletics and knows that the Kenyan fans are as well. The gift that Justin Lagat provides is this; a weekly reaffirmation of the tradition and honor in Kenyan athletics, even in a day when some are tempted to win by ill gotten means.

unnamed.jpgBrigid Kosgei takes Chicago! photo by Chicago Marathon/Bank of America

Kendricks_SamChalk-Pre19.jpgSam Kendricks, photo by

LaVillenie_Renaud-Zurich19.jpgRenaud Lavillenie, photo by

The pole vault battles of 2020 are about to begin. Watch Lavillenie and Kendricks in Karlsruhe, one of my favorite meets of the season.

Mihambo_MalikaQ-Doha19.JPGMalaika Mihambo, photo by

Malaika Mihambo is the finest women long jumper of her generation! Her performances in Doha and in 2019, were, well stunning. It seems like she tops time as she soars into the sand.

I always love this announcement. The BAA and John Hancock do the elite announcement with style and the prestige warranted this amazing event. Check it out and begin to get excited about the iconic Boston event!

I am quite excited to see Des Linden coming to Boston, just after what I hope is her making the top 3 in Atlanta for the Olympic team!

Linden_Desi-Boston19.JPGDes Linden, photo by

The concept in easy Recovery weeks is to give your body a rest. Take the 2 weeks easy. Your track season will be all the better for it .

Huddle_Molly1e-USAxc19.JPGMolly Huddle, photo by

Tuesday, December 17, 2019: 30-40 minute run, half hour swim, half hour bike (choose one)

Lyles-Norman-Tortu-GuliyevPC-Rome19.jpgLyles, Norman, Tortu, Guiliyev, photo by

The Golden Gala meeting in Rome is one of this journalist's fave events. The iconic nature of the Rome Olympic stadium, the excitement of the crowd and the killer fields all add to the lustre of the meet.

Eliud Kipchoge article_head.jpgEliud Kipchoge, 2019 London champion, photo by Getty Images / London Marathon

The Virgin Money London Marathon announced that Eliud Kipchoge would return to the streets of London on 26 April 2020. The London Marathon garners many of the finest marathoners in the world, each and every marathon.

RunBlogRun has done onsite coverage of the London marathon since 2007. The culture, excitement and approach to the marathon in London is so different from other global marathons.

Klosterhalfen_KonstanzaH1-NewBalance19.jpgKonstanze Klosterhalfen vs Jenny Simpson, 5000m, 2019 NB Indoor GP, photo by

The indoor season in the US began the first weekend of December in the U.S. Carles Baronet,

Coburn_Emma1d-NewBalance19.jpgEmma Coburn, 2019 NB Indoor GP, photo by

McLaughlin_Sydney1a-NewBalance19.jpgSydney McLaughlin, 2019 NB Indoor GP, photo by

Emma Coburn and Sydney McLaughlin both have 2 medals in WCs. In 2017, Emma Coburn won the gold in the steeplechase, and in 2019, she took the silver. Sydney McLaughlin won the silver in the 400m H and gold in the 4x400m. These two athletes are huge draws at this fine meet in sport mad Boston!

Claye_Will-Brussels19.jpgWill Claye, Tj/LJ global star, photo by

Claye_QueenQ-USAout19.jpgQueen Claye, photo by

This is a feature that Stuart Weir did on the Clayes this past season. I thought that you might enjoy it. Both have a big following in the sport and have contributed much to the sport.


I followed the 2019 World Athletics Tour, going from city to city, hotel to hotel, with the help of 2 sponsors (Nike and USATF). The events were a blast, from NBIGP 2019 Boston (Jan 26) to Karlsruhe, then, ToRun, then, Madrid, then Birmingham, and finally, Dusseldorf. I ended my season tour on Staten Island, at the 2019 USATF Indoor.

The 2020 World Athletics Indoor Tour is Boston (Jan 25), Karlsruhe (Jan 31), Dusseldorf ( Feb 4), Torun (Feb 8), Glasgow (Feb 15), Lieven (Feb 19), Madrid (Feb 21), with World Athletics Championships in Nanjing, China, to be held March 13-15, 2019.

To follow the tour, check out this pdf: 0f314bcd-f355-481c-81e0-0f4eb78805ae.pdf

The concept of recovery is key to your success. Over the next two weeks, take off as much time as you want. I give you 2 weeks with 3 days off and 4 days off. The workouts are easy. You will loose nothing in 2 weeks. You will gain sleep, energy, and rebuild your focus and enthusiasm.

Methner_JoshFH-FLF19.jpgJosh Menther, 2019 FL Champ, photo by

One of the most respected 10,000m globally is the Zatopek. It is also the Aussie championships, and many top athletes have competed there. This year, Stewart McSweyn took the win and NR, running 16 seconds faster than the iconic Ron Clarke (27:39.89) all those years ago.


Stewart McSweyn, photo by

This interview is fun and gives us some insight into Will and Queen Claye. Stuart met with them back in July 2019 at the Monaco meeting. We hope that you enjoy the interview. We think that both should be fascinating players in the run up to Tokyo 2020. Queen was 4th in the 2016 Olympic Trials, after being a 2008 Olympian at 400m hurdles.

Will Claye made history in 2012, winning medals in LJ (bronze) and TJ (silver), a feat not done since 1932. In 2016, Will took (silver) in TJ and 2017 WC, 2019 WC, as well as gold in 2012 and 2018 WC Indoors.

Claye_WillPC-Brussels19.jpgWill Claye, photo by

Claye_QueenQ1a-USAout19.jpgQueen Claye, photo by

tv-1844964__480.jpgAn old TV, photo by Pixabey

The old model of terrestrial TV is not done. Far from it. Per NBC Universal, the Tokyo 2020 TV coverage already has $1 billion in ad sales against the programming. The key is how to get the young fans to watch the coverage.

The Valencia Marathon took place on December 1 and we are still speaking about it. The fast race, the ER and the exciting 10k WR by Joshua Cheptegai all caught our interest. Joshua Cheptegai ended his year in an amazing way with his 26:38. Thanks to Justin Lagat on this one.


An amazing cross country championships in Bethlehem, with near record numbers!

This is the entire 2019 Foot Locker National Championships, all two hours, and 32 minutes of it! The races were amazing and the presentation of high school cross country is amazing. What follows is notes by FL PR on how the races went!

I love this event, and have seen it over the past decades. Many of the top American athletes since the late 1980s have competed in this amazing series.

The cross country season is done, finito. The FootLocker and USATF Club Champs were yesterday and ended the season. After 26 weeks, the party is over. And you are stronger and faster than ever. We will take you through an easy two weeks to end your season, or a light two weeks to enjoy a couple of indoor races.


The team huddle, photo by

I believe it is time to unburden the mortal engine and enjoy a couple of easy weeks.

But first, enjoy a holiday long run!

And thanks again for following us all season!

If you have questions on running, send them to twitter at #AskRunBlogRun !

Today is the big day, the FootLocker National Championships. This event is the oldest high school XC championships, and it gives us a great idea of who the top XC athlete in US is. I love the course, the history and how the event is set up.

Farrell_MatthewFH-FLcc18.JPgThe 2018 FL Championships, photo by

Saturday, December 14, 2019: warm up, 5k race, get out well, and focus on one person at a time, take them strongly, finish well, cool down

NNRunJuly17_283.jpgThe NN cows, July by NN Running team

The NN Running team speaks about more than running each day...

The day before a big race goes slowly. Find things to do, watch Netflix, enjoy the beach, check out the course. Just take some quiet time and enjoy the scenery. The key is to hydrate, rest and relax.

Methner_JoshuaFH-FLcc18.JPgJoshua Methner, photo by

Friday, December 13, 2019: 30-45 minute minute park run, relaxed, jogging the course

The FootLocker and USATF JOs end the season for high schoolers. Two days out from the last meet of the year, just keep it relaxed and think about how much you have improved over the season, and how much you want to end on a positive note.


Foot Locker Cross Country Championships, 2018, photo by

Thursday, Dec. 12, 2019: warm up, easy jog, 30 minutes.

This piece was done last month on the Manhattan College Invite, by the one and only Jeff Benjamin.

image2.jpegManhattan Invite logo, photo by Manhattan Invite

image3.jpegManhattan College Invite finish line, photo by Manhattan Invite

image5.jpegLeo Manzano, photo by Leo Manzano

Mariya Lasitskene is the finest female high jumper of her generation. WC in 2017, 2018, 2019, Lasitskene is a harsh critic of her federation. The following piece is from the Moscow Times.

Lasitskene_Mariya-Stockholm19.jpgMariya Lasitskene, photo by

The amazing victory by Mutaz Barshim in Doha was a made for global TV moment. The tension, the drama and the athleticism can not be exaggerated. The 48,000 fans were seeing two hours of the finest athletics in any championships. I wondered as Mutaz competed in Doha, how his legs would stand up. 2.19m, 2.24m, 2.27m, 2.30m, were cleared with precision and real estate to spare.

Barshim_Mutaz-Zurich19.jpgMutaz Barshim, photo by

It was at 2.33m that we saw that Mutaz Barshim was back. He took three attempts, and all 48,000 fans were wishing for his success, as he cleared on attempt 3. The first attempts at 2.35m and then, 2.37m, sealed the gold medal, in front of the home crowd.

Now we see, per Swedish athletic manager Daniel Wessfeldt, that Mutaz is keeping his health a top priority. No indoors, a maybe on Nanjing makes sense.

We look forward to seeing the king in 2020.

Wednesday is an easy day. Take a moment and think about how far you have come this season!

Morris_AlexFH-FLmw18.jpgThe finish line, photo by

Wednesday, December 10, 2019: 30-45 minute run, 4 x 150m stride outs, cooldown, relaxed

AH_17252_20191002104710906_20191002105424.JPGDina Asher Smith, photo by Getty Images/ British Athletics

AH_27230_20191002104129860_20191002105126.JPGDina Asher Smith, photo by Getty Images/ British Athletics

As you build to the FL championships, USATF XC Champs, AAU XC Champs, just stay focused, keep the workouts brisk and light, and also stay rested, this week. After 24 weeks of training, you are ready to roll.

Favazza_BrendanFH-FLmw18.jpgAchieving the goal, photo by

Tuesday, December 10, 2019: 20 minute warm up, 2 miles on track, sprint straights, jog turns, final mile at current 5k race pace, sprinting straights, jogging turns, 20 minute cool down

StadiumFE1-London17.jpgMoscow 2013, photo by

The WC in 2013 was an amazing high point in Russian athletic history. The events that have happened since have denuded Russian athletics of much of its prestige and power. This is the EME News update, on the Russian dilema.

ZZBB1557 copy 2.JPGGetting ready, FL 2018, photo by

This is the last week of XC season, as the FL 2019 is about to happen.

Monday, December 9, 2019: 50 - 60 minute park run, 4 x 150m strideouts

WomanTurn-NYRR5k18.JPgWomen elite, NYRR 5k dash, 2018, photo by

Here's selected highlights of the marathon weekend of Dec. 7-8, 2019, by EME News.

IMG_6886.JPGRunBlogRun on tour, 2018, photo by Larry Ederr

This is update on a few of the top events on 7 December.

1283358_G08_W01.jpgEuopean Athletics Championships, 2019, photo by EAA/ Getty Images

The 2019 EAA XC Champs featured 500 plus athletes from 39 countries and ANA in Lisbon, Portugal on Dec. 7, 2019. The following is the review of the event, courtesy of EME News.

Enjoy the long one today, take it easy and think about the last week of the season.

ZZBB1523 copy 2.JPGThinking about the big week, photo by

Sunday, Dec 8, 2019: 85-90 minute long run

With less than two weeks to go until Xc ends in US high schools, the NXN champs and West FL regionals happen today! Good luck to all. Focus on giving your best each moment, and live in and race in the moment!

Start-Girls-FLsouth18.jpGGlorious mud, photo by

Saturday, Dec. 7, 2019: warm up, 5k race, get out well, and focus on one person at a time, take them strongly, finish well, cool down

Kiplagat_VivianR-Milan19.jpgVivian KIplagat at 2019 Milano marathon, on Dec 6, she won ADNOC Abu Dhabi, photo by Photorun

Pacemaker wins in 2:04:40
ABU DHABI (UAE, Dec 6): Reuben Kipyego and Vivian Kiplagat took fast wins for Kenya at the ADNOC Abu Dhabi Marathon. From Collecting the $100,000 winning prize, Kipyego started the race as pacemaker and sensationally finished in 2:04:40, 36 seconds outside the time to win last year's inaugural race. Kenya's Joel Kimurer (2:06:21) and Ethiopia's Fikadu Girma Teferi (2:09:16) were next. Pre-race favourite Kiplagat set a PB of 2:21:11 with a similarly dominant win, her third after Milano and Mexico City. Ethiopians Wude Yimer Atalew (2:24:03) and Yeshi Kalayu (2:24:28) were second and third. Fourth Eunice Chumba who runs for Bahrain 2:26:43 still under 2:30. In the 10 km races wins for Ethiopian runners, Teresa Nyakola Gela in 28:05 and Sintayehu Tilahun Getahun 32:47.

The day before NXN and Western FL regional, good luck to all!

Start-Boys-FLsouth18.jpG2018 FL South, photo by

Friday, Dec 6, 2019 : 30-45 minute minute park run, relaxed, or jog the course...


Under Armour spike, photo by The Shoe Addicts

When I meet with footwear brands, the discussion always goes to reaching young runners. I always hear, then, "Well, we can not afford to do a spike line."

Under my breath, I say, "that is not the point."

So, look at the numbers. 1.4 million boys and girls competed in track and cross country in 2019. That is 560,000 high school cross country, and 900,000 in high school track. Of those 1.4 million, 500,000 run both. So, you have 500,000 boys and girls running 46 weeks a year, six days a week, with average workout of two hours, five minutes. The 500,000 purchase an average of 5 pairs of training shoes a year, the 900,000 purchase 3-4 pairs of running shoes. Average price? $120 in track only, $160 in both.

5.2 million pairs of shoes a year due to high school athletics, the largest high school sport, next to football, and basketball. Now, do I have your attention.

I recall a conversation with my old buddy, David Murphy, when he was ensconced in adidas. He shared that adidas probably lost $100 on each pair of track spikes it sold. In 2019, just over 700,000 pairs of specialty track spikes and 100,000 pairs of XC racing shoes were sold.

Track spikes give many young athletes their first chance to see other shoe brands. adidas, ASICS, Brooks, Nike, New Balance, PUMA, Saucony, and now, Under Armour have developed their own line.

It also is the brand's investment in the next generation of consumers. PUMA used to do well with a sprint and distance shoe only for junior high school athletes. Find a niche and stick to it.

The key is to invest, in your present and future!

Now, check out my rant, and enjoy walking the floor today in Austin. I hear Jim Weber is buying a few beers tonight.

Two days out from the big day, and you keep it easy. If you have two weeks, then do the fartlek...

Masciarelli_SydneyFH-FLne18.JPG2018 FL NE, photo by

Thursday, Dec. 5, 2019 :

a. easy day, 30-45 minutes

b. warm up, 40 minute fartlek, 2 min hard (5k race pace), 2 minute easy, 10 times, cooldown

Occasionally, I am fortunate to speak with BBC World Service for a few minutes...and I love it.

Here is how it works:

I get a text from a producer on a topic, and if I can speak with them. We settle on a time, and they sometimes provide me with questions on the issues in advance. I like it the most, when the conversation evolves organically...

This is what I told the BBC in October 2019.

IMG_9168.JPGBrigid Kosgei flying through Chicago, photo by David Wearn/Chicago Marathon

So, one of the things I do at TRE most years is to settle down, with my iced Americano in a paper cup, and solve the world of running's problems, with a few fellow prognosticators. I have given these alleged key players the protection of anonymity, and asked them to tell us one brand killer each....

Here it goes.....this, is a rant...

il_340x270.1615620689_fiim.jpgSoviet era track spikes, courtesy of Vintagdrims

Some of us remember the Super Show. It was a monstrosity of a show, and filled the coffers of the city of Atlanta in the 1980s and 1990s. In its heyday, retailers and media had nightly parties and entertainment. I recall meeting the late Horst Dassler of adidas there, watching Phil Knight standing on a keg at a Nike party, and the rap group, Technotronic, entertaining at the Reebok party.

All good things come to an end. By the mid 1990s, Nike had pulled out, then, Reebok pulled out. While other shows came and went, like Outdoor Retailer, the ghost of the Super Show stayed in the hearts of some.


The Running Event came out of a need, but also a vision. The Formula 4 team made an audacious move when they announced the show. They gambled everything. And, the new owner, Diversified Communications, is betting on the business to grow.

The Running Event is a success because the team that invented it had help from the community. It is a community event. Yearly communication, face to face, is important.

This video, done at TRE18, is my feelings, in a nutshell, on the need for the running event.

This is the beginning of a series of columns by me, Larry Eder on the show I love, the Running Event. Due to unforseen circumstances, I had to cancel my trip to TRE19, so I am sitting in the GVA cafe in Morgan Hill, CA and sharing my thoughts on this wondrous event. I will miss you all, especally the many times I give Joe Rubio trouble at the Hilton bar, or enjoy a cocktail at the various watering holes at the show and around Austin. I have never missed a TRE, and hope to see you all again in Austin in 2020.

So, I am going to pen a few columns on the big themes I have been hearing all year....

001.jpgHere is the truth. Brooks should have gone to the great running cemetary in the sky in the 1980s, somehow, it stayed alive. In 2019, It battles several brands, who stay focused on performance running, a $2 billion a year business. Brooks buried ASICS about five years ago, as the iconic brand lost its focus, and now, leads running performance. But, as Brooks management knows, one is only as good as their last shoe sale...

NikeVaporFly4pcFlyknit.jpgNike Vaporfly Next 4%

NikeZoomNext%.jpgNike Zoom Next %

eliud-kipchoge-nike-alphafly-copy.jpgEliud Kipchoge's Nike AlphaFly prototype, photo: INEOS 159, found on

Original Post: November 13, 2019

Updated post: December 4, 2019

Special TRE 2019 Post:

How do local running stores feel about these special shoes? Why, they love them. If you are picked by Nike (top 20-50 store, based on volume), this is Christmas. Top local runners, aka the key influencers are buying this shoe, no matter the price. Nike is taking ASICS users away in droves, among the brands hurt by this shoe.

The controversy is raging. Can you have too much aid from a shoe? Should one company have nearly all new technology protected, and where does business and sport overlap?

And also, is the IAAF equipped to make such decisions, knowing that the brand they censure could be a potential next sponsor?

Cregg Weinmann has been the RN footwear editor since 1998, life long runner and a man who has spent nearly six decades using and examining running shoes. We asked Cregg to look at this controversy and shed some light onto the topic.

Keep it relaxed today.

Covert_Emily-FLmw18.jpgEmily Covert, FL midwest, photo by

Wednesdayr, December 4, 2019 : 30-45 minute run, 4 x 150m stride outs, cooldown, relaxed

The amount of info available from World Athletics is nearly boundless. This is a wonderful new addition, the WR alerts. Joshua Cheptegai, gold medalist at 10,000m in Doha, has just set a new WR for the 10k in Valencia. Here's the true geekness of the sport!

image004.jpgJoshua Cheptegai, photo by NN Running team

This is the NN running team release on the new WR for 10k by Joshua Cheptegai set at Valencia on 1 December.

image003.jpgJoshua Cheptegai hits the big one! photo by NN running team

Ben Williams Triple Jumper added to WCP.jpgBen Williams, added to WCP, photo by Getty Images/ British Athletics

We have asked Stuart Weir, for several years now, to provide the readers of runblogrun with a close view of the British system. The system in British athletics is quite different from the U.S. It is also the story of the last decade, as Team GBR has continued to excell. The success is due to many people, still involved and some no longer involved.

The piece below should make one think....

Adam Gemili  upgraded.jpgAdam Gemili upgraded, photo by Getty Images / British Athletics

Abi Rozuru long jumper added to WCP.jpgAbi Rozuru, added to WCP, photo by Getty Images/ British Athletics

Kipruto_RhonexFH-Peachtree19.jpgRhonex Kipruto, photo by

Justin Lagat wrote this piece on the new Tuskys 10k in Eldoret on Nov. 25.

Jeff Benjamin did this piece on Richard Avery's The Five and Ten Book a few months ago. I found it in the editorial archives that I keep on all of our writers.

The book looks excellent and I hope it makes you go out and purchase it!

image1.jpegThe cover...

image2.jpegThe back cover...

The Tuesday run is about handling increases and decreases in speed. Cross country is about changing paces, changing footing and handling the challenges of nature. This workout changes things up and gets your body responding.

Start-Girls-FLsouth18.jpGFootLocker South, photo by

Zeljko Dimitrejevic.jpgZeljko Dimitrejevic, photo by IPC

In this final column of the IPC Dubai event, Stuart Weir wrote this thoughtul piece on the ageless fields of the championships.

In this column, written on Nov. 17 for the Kass Marathon, Justin Lagat gives us a view into the local marathon.

IMG_1138.JPGPhilip Birech, photo by Justin Lagat

IMG_1127.JPGNaomi Chebet (at the finish line in Eldoret's Sports Club), photo by Justin Lagat

StadiumFE1-London17.jpgLondon 2017, photo by

The scandals do not stop. British media is all over British Athletics, claiming that some British athletes were encouraged to be tested for hypothyroidism. The drugs used to allieve thyroid issues may help loose weight and recover from hard workouts.

The first day of the week is always a challenge. After a weekend of racing, and a long run, your body needs a break. Keep the run easy, as he season comes down to the last two weeks.

Lastra_ValerieH-FLsouth18.jpGFootLocker South regional, photo by

Monday, December 2, 2019: 50 - 60 minute park run, 4 x 150m strideouts

As the weather reminds us just who is boss, long runs get us closer to nature.

The weather reminds us that we can run in just about any weather, and that there is something unique in all conditions. I have done long runs at 105 degrees and a 30 miler at -20. Both had their amazing experiences.

BoysStart-FLmw18.jpgFoot Locker MW, photo by

Enjoy the run.

Sunday, December 1, 2019: 85-90 minute long run

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