Ten questions for Javianne Oliver


149011655_700202427322417_3653251947486265753_n.jpgJavianne Oliver, photo by Copernicus Cup

Stuart provide us this interview on Javianne Oliver at the end of the 2021 indoor season.

Ten questions for Javianne Oliver

1. How did you start running?

I started when I was in middle school, doing it for fun. I ran throughout high school and got a scholarship to USC Chapel Hill. I went there for a year but it didn't work out for me so I transferred to Kentucky and trained with Coach Flo and for four years was on the Kentucky team. After college, I decided to keep training to see where it went and that's how I finished up here and in Texas.

2. You were US Indoor champion in 2018 running a world lead of 7.02; what you remember about that?

That was my first U.S. championships, my first big professional race - or rather post-collegiate because I wasn't professional yet. It was in New Mexico so the attitude was a little different. I remember being very nervous. There was a lot rested on how that meet ended trying to make the team to the world indoors.

CopernicusCup_17022021_fotPawelSkraba_10.jpgJavianne Oliver, photo by Copernicus Cup

3. That qualified you for the World indoors in Birmingham 2018; how was that?

That championship made me feel like a rookie. The first time I've been overseas that far. I was outside my comfort zone. Not with many people that I was familiar with around me. Later, my coach came and things smoothed out when he got there. It was an experience I'm glad I got. It helped me to understand what a professional competition at that level is like.

Javianne was fourth in her semi-final and did not make the final. Her time of 7.10 was the fifth fastest of the 8 qualifiers. 7.10 would have been automatic qualification in either of the other semis.

4. What was 2020 like; you had six indoor 4 outdoor races?

It was a difficult year. I don't really have much to say about 2020! Initially, last year, things close down and training wasn't possible on the track so we have to find other ways.

5. Is it a fair comment, that you run better Indoor outdoors?

I agree to the extent that I often get injured during the outdoor season. That is something we're working on this year, to remain healthy after the indoor season and to continue through the outdoor. Typically, after indoors I get injured, and then we're having to back-track and try to fix things. But hopefully this year I can make it through the next few weeks healthy, so far so good.

149011655_700202427322417_3653251947486265753_n.jpgJavianne Oliver, photo by Copernicus Cup

6. Who do you train with?

My coach is Dennis Mitchell. Other athletes include Dez Bryant and Justin Gatlin.

7. What is training like?

We work in cycles. Every two weeks, we do something different on the track. Four times a week we do really heavy training. We are really strong on the track and in the weights room. The majority of our training switches up every two weeks. So after finishing the two weeks I don't know what I'll be doing the following week. Coach assesses how we've been training in how we're feeling and if there are any upcoming competitions. And taking all out into consideration, he makes a new cycle - or keeps the same cycle.

8. What is your approach to 2021?

I had a few days off when I can back from Europe to give my legs a little break but now I'm back in training. At the moment I'm doing a little more base-training to get back into shape because in the two weeks in Europe I didn't do anything except race. No strength training - not even a push-up! Some just getting back into it.

9. Do you have any faith in something beyond yourself?

I grew up in a church and have always been in the church for as long as I've known. I'm from Georgia so I grew up in a real southern church. Christianity is about the relationship with God and what you do with your life and how you affect people. I feel it everything I do and everything I have is a blessing. If I feel God has given me these opportunities and this talent and if I don't take advantage of it and go after it, it's like a slap in his face. Before the recent European tour, I had a lot of doubts, a lot of losses in December but I did a lot of prayers. And I do a lot of prayer between meets - before I ran and after I ran.

10. What is life like in the US at the moment?

It is pretty much back to normal. We practice the same. We have to wear masks and sanitize everything we use. Besides that everything's pretty much the same.

JO.jpgJavianne Oliver, photo by Stuat Weir via BBC

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