Athletics Chat, Episode 73


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Athletics Chat, 73

Coates.jpgJo Coates, photo by British Athletics

Sara Symington Announcement Archery Athletes JvVxoS9colll.jpgSara Symington, photo by British Athletics

This is our weekly chat. Stuart Weir is located somewhere in Oxford, England, (the intellectual capital of the world), and Larry Eder admits to being somewhere in the Willow Glen area in San Jose, California. We had a lot to speak about this week, namely, the implosion of British Athletics, but also the quick moves to get British Athletics back on track!

This was a fairly busy week. British Athletics had some issues in the past week, with list of 67 grantees not including some key medalists and no men's 4x400m team members. Then, right after UK Athletics meeting, first with Ian Beattie in attendance, off went the heads of British Athletics key players. Swifter than a guillotine, how do we interpret this?

1. The resignations of Joe Coates and Sara Symington from British Athletics

2. A quick assessment of Jo Coates, CEO of British Athletics

3. A quick assessment of Sara Symington, Performance Director of British Athletics

4. Why do Boards hire (many times) people who are not qualified or know NOTHING about the sport that they will manage.

5. The curious comments by Sara Symington about leaving British Athletics and returning to British Cycling, how not to use social media.

6. USATF and British Athletics, some observations.

7. Quick move by UK Athletics (Ian Beattie) to place Mark Munro as interim CEO (recieved well)

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