adidas track Classic comes to LA on May 18, 2008!


The Home Depot US Olympic Training Center will be hosting the adidas Track Classic this coming Sunday, May 18, 2008. Southern California is treated, once again, to one of the most important elite track meets in the world this weekend.

For track & field to flourish, the team at Global Marketing & Athletics have assembled some amazing races and field events. This sport is about one thing--competition. Whether one runs, jumps or throws, the adidas Track Classic has something for each and every sports fan!

It also about communication, and in that regard, adidas and Global did an excellent job with providing Tyson Gay, Jeremy Wariner, Bianca Knight, Veronica Campbell Brown and Jenn Stuczynski.

On Thursday, the media got a chance to meet and greet several of the top adidas athletes who will be running on Sunday. Here are a few of the highlights of the conference:

Jenn Stuczynski, (AR pole vault last year, 11 years by Stacy Dragila, first women to jump sixteen feet, second all times, silver medalist at world indoor champs):

"The outdoor Worlds (in Osaka) was really disappointing. I had good workouts going into it, but it all fell apart. I was out for two and one half months, I could lift, but not run, I was doing workouts have hearted. I had a little anxiety with World Indoors, but being able to overcome that anxiety, turning negative into positive, it gives you motivation."

Veronica Campbell-Brown, Jamaica, (three time medalist at 2004 gold medal at 200 meters, reigning World champion at 100 meters, ( Thursday was her her birthday):

"You have to be focused, when I am in race, I am competing against me. Mental focus is very important, that alone can be the difference between you winning and loosing, everybody aims to win. Part of my personality is that, I do not like to loose, it is painful to loose, for me. "

Tyson Gay, (ran 9.79 slightly wind aided-break through race for Tyson, win three gold medals in Osaka, 100, 200 meters, IAAF athlete of the year, USOC sportsmen, Jesse Owens of the year):

" I am not sure what to expect on Sunday. I want to execute both races well. I have never done this before ( run two races in one afternoon, 100 and 200 meters)...I am the same person I was before Osaka...I feel that if I have won three medals once, I can do it again...I might run a 400 meters in Europe later this summer in order to show my fitness..I have to focus on the Olympic Trials and Beijing. There is alot of stress..."

Bianca Knight, (19 years olds, US, Gatorade athlete of year, 200 meters indoor collegiate record,winning NCAA 200 Meters indoors this winter, won her first professional meet in jamaica to open her career, defeating Veronica Campbell-Brown):

"My decision to go professional this year was to be healthy in an Olympic year. I did not think that I would be ready to compete in four rounds with women who were prepared to run four rounds in an Olympic Trials if completed my collegiate first Coach Bev Kearny did not know what to say, but afterwards, she told me she understood and that she thought I could make the 200 meter team."

Jeremy Wariner, US ( 2004 Olympic gold medalist, World Champion, 2005 and 2007, 400 meters, gold medals, 2004, 2005, 2007, 4 x 400 meters):

" The one part of my race that I need to really work on is my finish. Alot might think my finish is perfect, but my kick needs to be better, and I need to run through the line. I have a tendency to runthrough the line...I want the world record, but right now, I have to focus on Eugene and Beijing...."

The press conference ( watch for upcoming interviews with all of the above athletes in Athletes Only, ATF coming soon) showed how much the sport had changed. A group of media, from the major European publications plus US pubs were there and over three hours we got to ask some good questions.

Watch for another update on Saturday on the meet. The meet is on TV live from 1 to 3 pm and live at Home Depot from noon to 3 pm!

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