adidas' got the message!


adidas decided to take the promotion of their athletes into their own hands and has developed a nifty web site,, which is a perfect example of how to answer the needs of media and fans. Read on for our complete review:

The, according to global sports marketing manager Spencer Nel, iis a " creation in progress." Well, the creation, in my mind is doing quite well.

The site allows the media and fan to follow many of top global athletes as they prepare for Beijing. There are profiles on the athletes ( quite accurate and well done), photo galleries of the athletes ( nicely shot and designed), blogs ( to come) and a videographers dream of short videos of the various athletes. The videos and video players are high quality and use ESPN, WCSN, and the ability to watch and catch up are great.

For example, I wanted to see a bit of Haile's race in Hengleo, and so I went to Gebrselassie, read his bio and also clicked on the videos, his race at FBK Hengelo was
highlighted and you can take a peek:

The beauty in this information age is that you can spend as little or as much time as one cares to do in this site. That there is no sales efforts in mind also will make many happy and give adidas even more of a cult following on this site. It is about the sport and it gives adidas athletes their well deserved kudoes.

For this reviewer, the site is well organized, and as blog and personal filming gets up on the site (adidas gave certian athletes cameras and encouraged them to film themselves and their activities), it will become even more popular.

Out of four pints of an adult beverage, we will give adidas 4.25 pints or 4.25 javelins out of four possible javelins. Easy to link to, easy to manage, well designed and thought out map and the clock to Beijing is fun as well as the updates on newest adidas athlete sucess! I encourage you to check this one out!

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