Humor in Fort Atkinson, WIsconsin, A personal view, by Larry Eder


Imagine my surprise when, walking home from the office, I found these three creatures in my yard. Please note that each creature, A Christmas tree with gifts, A Rabbit wishing all Happy Easter and A Frankenstein, are about eight feet tall and glow, yes, glow in the dark (hence the photo below).

A couple of very special friends did this. They also had, in their possession, an Area 51 Love Doll, all purple, with three, yes, three breasts. Common decency, plus the recent arrest of one of my pretend neighbors for showing a bit too much of his true self, kept the Area 51 creature off my porch.

Note the glowing Rabbit. This met me as I finished my walk last evening. I have decided to keep the ornaments up in the yard, and have told neighbors that I may keep them up until next year. In any case, they are up until I return from Boston in a week.

A belated good Passover and a Happy Easter to friends, near and far! See you in Boston next week! Any suggestions on retribution would be enjoyable. Right now, the votes go for 50 Pink Flamingos, a bed spring filled with flowers in my yard-bed of spring flowers, or, my fave, a series of toilets across the porch, with flowers in them.

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