Two Holiday Gifts for My Readers, by Larry Eder


So, dear readers,

Two Holiday Gifts:

Gift One: Victah Sailer, of, with his lovely wife Lisa Coniglio, supply us with most of the major event photos we use in Shooting Star Media, Inc. and Running Network publications. It is a relationship that is twenty-three years old this year and we could not do it without them or their teams in Paris, Tokyo, and other environs.

One of the benefits of knowing all of the athletes and key players is that Victah is asked to be everywhere, all of the time. This photo came to be because the first gun would not start at the Boston Marathon, so a second was involved. Being the creative sort, Mr. Sailer suggested to Ms. Benoit Samuelson that this might be a wonderful unique moment in road running history. So, in that light, this being the weekend before Boston, I share this photo with you, dear readers, in the spirit of the upcoming holiday weekend! And no, Joan Benoit Samuelson is not representing the NRA.

Gift two: As part of the Milwaukee Brewers Games, the Sausage Races are de rigeur, kind of like snow the week before Boston Marathon. So, this race pitted the Easter Bunny, the Brewers sausages and a Verlo mattress, I believe. Only in Milwaukee can this kind of stuff happen. Enjoy, discuss among yourselves!

Just for the record, the race was held in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, about a five minute walk from my house! We are about fifty miles from Milwaukee.

Again, a Good Passover (belated) and Happy Easter (upcoming) to all of our friends! See you next week in Boston!

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