Tyson Gay video, from adidas, Commentary by Larry Eder


Tyson Gay was interviewed by adidas on several subjects, from their new technical apparel to his philosophy on racing and training. Watch the video closely, as Tyson Gay gives, I believe, the astute viewer and track fan, a few hints on what we will see this season. So, here is my interpretation:

Two weeks ago, when Tyson Gay blasted a legal 19.58 for 200 meters, he was telling the world something. One of my observations on Mr. Gay is that he wants, very much to get back to, and then surpass, his 2007 level of fitness. With a personal best over 200 meters in his first long sprint of the season, Tyson Gay has shown that he is fit and prepared to race. That he did not race in Eugene, while disappointing for fans, was probably one of the smartest things he could have done. Berlin is the key this year, as is making the team in Eugene next week.

Just how fast can Tyson Gay run? Tyson Gay, in the video says that what he wants, is to do his very best, and use every ounce of his potential. Tyson works out on the days
he does not want to, or the days he has traveled. He knows that each day adds something to his preparations.

Next week, we shall see how Tyson Gay races through the rounds of the 100 meters. Lance Brauman, his coach, told us that, during his 400 meter racing, he was in shape to break 45 seconds. His 200 meter race showed that his fitness was coming along quite well and that the battle in Berlin for the 100 and 200 meter titles will be real races!

Special thanks to Lyn Famiglietti, adidas communications....

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