Meb Keflizighi Does Dave Letterman, by Larry Eder


Meb Keflizighi did a great job reading the Top Ten List on Dave Letterman's Late Night Show. For our generation, this is the iconic show that shows Meb has made it! Letterman was chuckling over 2:09:15, as a runner, he understood how fast the Mebster ran on Sunday! I have included the Top Ten List (plus alternatives) down below!

Special thanks to CBS and Mr. Letterman.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Top Ten Thoughts That Go Through Your Mind When Running The New York City Marathon

10."Wow, Staten Island is even more beautiful that I imagined"
9."Cool! MapQuest found a route that's only five miles"
8."Am I experiencing a runner's high, or is it the bus fumes?"
7."Is that the finish line or crime scene tape?"
6."Why can I run 26 miles in less time than it takes to play a World Series game?"
3."Who's that little boy waving at me? Oh, it's Mayor Bloomberg"
2."I forgot to bring exact change for the Verrazano Bridge!"
1."I really hope that was Gatorade"

• "Perhaps eating a calzone every mile is too much carbo loading"
• "Would it be better to finish second and not have to go on Letterman?"
• "I shouldn't have filled up on Halloween candy this morning"
• "This would be a lot easier if I didn't keep stepping in wads of chewing gum"
• "Newark is beautiful this time of year -- oh crap, I went the wrong way"

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