World Indoor Champs, 2010: Day 2, Chris Brown of Bahamas won the 400 meters! by Larry Eder



Semi-finals, where Bershawn Jackson & David Gillick
collided, World Indoor Champs, 2010, Doha, Qatar, photo by

David Gillick of Ireland is a tough runner. Bershawn Jackson of the US is a tough runner. They bumped hard in the semi-finals. Bumping during a race either slows one down, or throws one off their game. Neither Gillick nor Jackson seemed to consider that ! In the end, instead of fighting for gold and silver, they were upset by Chris Brown!

Chris Brown of the Bahamas is a fine 400 meter runner. Cutting in well at the 200 meters (21.28), Chris Brown ran his race, and the young long sprinter ran a fine 45.96, to take the gold.

As David Gillick tried to pass on the inside, Bershawn Jackson is cutting in as well, and they collided (we understand that there might be a protest). Jackson finished sixth, and Gillick finished fifth.

William Collazo of Cuba ran on the outside ad took the silver in 46.31.

Keeping his head, Jamaal Torrance of the US continued to impress, running a fine 46.43!

Again, races on the indoor track are physical, but running, as Gillick seems to do, which is cutting on the inside, a la Steve Ovett, does not always work!

David Gillick was heart broken after his loss. But, if one has one tactic, sometimes you win, sometimes, you loose...

Nothing should be taken away from Chris Brown. He ran his race, knowing all too well that ANYONE in a 400 meter final can win, with proper position and racing style!

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