Brittany Reese Interview: 2011 USA Indoors, by Larry Eder

Brittany Reese, USA 2010 Outdoor Champion, photo by

Brittany Reese is quiet. Very quiet. But that thoughtfulness covers a tremendous confidence, and a huge love of competition. A former basketball player, Brittany did not take up the event until she was a junior in high school. Track & Field News ranks Brittany as the number one long jumper in the world!

As the current World Outdoor and World Indoor Champ, as well as the US Indoor and outdoor champ, Brittany Reese is focused on becoming an even better long jumper. Her competition should be very, very worried.....
" A basketball player can jump, and that is what is needed to be a good long jumper, " noted a smiling Brittany Reese. " In 2009, when I took the winning jump (in Berlin), I was so excited, I pulled at my singlet and was very emotional, " noted Brittany during RBR's conversation with her at the USA Indoor Press conference.

Reese_Brittany1-Lausanne10.JPGBrittany Reese, 2010 Lausanne, photo by

Reese is a complete athlete. Perhaps one of the best we have had in the long jump in many a year, since the times of Jackie Joyner-Kersee. " This indoor season, I am working on my speed, so we are doing a lot of 50 and 60 meter races." noted Reese. " In the outdoor season, we will work on my landing, as that is my weak point in the long jump."

Reese has a weakness? And she is the best in the world in 2010? Brittany Reese understands that rankings are fleeting, and that it comes down to six jumps in a competition, and that is what counts. Reese loves to compete. She could probably dunk a basketball as I write this. One thing is certain, Brittany loves the hoops and she has transferred some of her athleticism to the long jump.

How will Brittany fare in 2011 and 2012? RBR believes that we could be looking at the defending WC becoming the Olympic Champion as Brittany this weekend at 1.15 pm on Sunday, February 27.

RBR asked Brittany what we will see her doing this spring? " Oh some 100s and 200s, and lots of long jumping! "

Note that ESPN will be showing the USA Indoors at 4.30 pm LIVE on Sunday, February 27. Make sure you check out Brittany, Galen, Bernard, Amber, Michael, DeeDee and many others who will be competing this weekend!

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