2011 World Champs/Daegu, Day Five Notes by Alfons Juck, note by Larry Eder

Olga Kaniskina, from WC 2009 20k, photo by PhotoRun.net

Day five had the 20k women's Race walk in the morning and a break in the afternoon, to allow the media, athletes, coaches, officials to sleep, rest, tour, have a warm meal. That morning, Olga Kaniskina showed why she is to the 20,000m walk what Usain Bolt is to the sprints (well, most of the time).  Kaniskina won her third straight 20km Race Walk.

What follows is thoughts on Day five from Alfons Juck, our man around the world. We hope that you enjoy his pithy comments as well as his updates on all things track & field.

"Thank you to all, that nobody told me about the daily programme cover photo situation. I was not aware, now all is ok, I was succesful," Olga Kaniskina beeing the first cover photo name to win in Daegu after Hooker, Bolt, Robles and Isinbayeva.

DAEGU (KOR): The only Wednesday event was 20 km walk. Russian Olga Kaniskina won three straight championships, while RUS won sixth straight at W20Km walk. Her fifth big win in a row at championships (Osaka, Beijing, Berlin, Barcelona, Daegu). For Kaniskina, it was record 3rd gold medal, one more than Olimpida Ivanova, who has two. RUS won two medals for the second time, first was in 2007. RUS won both men's and women's 20Km walk, as they have done in 2001 and 2009. It was the best performance on Korean soil, replacing 1:33:40 by Wang Qingqing in Busan (Asian Games). Liu Hong wone second medal, having won bronze 2 years ago and now silver, and thus became  fourth walker with multiple medal at this event. 


DAEGU (KOR): Just prior to the start of the evening session on the fourth of nine days of competition at the 13th edition of the IAAF World Championships, Daegu 2011, members of the IAAF Council led by President Lamine Diack and the Mayor of the City of Daegu Kim Bum-il and his fellow LOC Co-President Hae-Nyoung Cho took part in a Tree Planting Ceremony in a park west of Daegu Stadium next to the Sports Museum. This event was one of the IAAF Green Projects which Daegu City and the Local Organising Committee (LOC) of the IAAF World Championships have organised to promote to the world the eco-friendly nature of the city and the championships.

BUDAPEST (HUN):  All-Athletics.com publishede the Top 10 male and female performances of the World Championships in Daegu, after Day 5. The lists are made according to the rules of the All-Athletics.com Overall Rankings. The leaders so far are Yohan Blake of Jamaica and Tatyana Chernova of Russia. Blake and his 9.92 against -1.4 wind is worth 1542 points (including points for position) ahead of Jason Richardson and his 13.16 (-1.1) worth 1528 and 590 of Pawel Wojciechowski in pole vault (1527). On the women side Chernova has 1568 points (the best overall) ahead of Valerie Adams (1551 for 21.24 shot put) and Yuliya Zaripova (1526 for 9:07.03 steeple).
DAEGU (KOR): Between ASICS Corporation and Christophe Lemaitre, the adventure is a lasting and enduring one. Indeed the Japanese brand has kitted out the young French sprinter since his early days as an athlete. Their first contract dates back to 2007 when Christophe Lemaitre celebrated his 17th birthday. This great adventure between an extraordinary champion and his sponsor has taken on a whole new dimension today. ASICS Corporation and Christophe Lemaitre have signed a new contract, this one lasting an additional five years. As such they are committing themselves up to the Rio Olympic Games in 2016. Christophe will be 26 by then. With this contract, the runner from Aix-les-Bains becomes the brand's top European sprinter. This new five-year commitment makes Christophe Lemaitre one of ASICS Corporation's main global brand ambassadors, who will be featured in its international communications, in the same way as the Americans Lolo Jones (100m hurdles) and Ryan Hall (marathon), the Italian Stefano Baldini (marathon), and in the recent past, Swede Stefan Holm (high jump). 

DAEGU (KOR): The tradition of the championship's press lunch was continued in Casa Italia which for the nine day duration of Daegu 2011 is situated in the May Garden in Daegu City Centre. Located just a few hundred metres away from the finish line of the 20km Race Walk, there was of course a huge turn-out of media for the lunch which was hosted by the AIPS (International Sports Press Association) and the organisers of the Helsinki European Champs 2012, with the support of the Italian team and their sponsors. The guests were welcomed by AIPS President Gianni Merlo and Italian Federation President Franco Arese, with the list of VIPS attending headed by IAAF President Lamine Diack who was accompanied to the function by many of his Council colleagues including Daegu LOC Honorary President Rocky Park. Helsinki 2012 LOC President Antti Pihlakoski and European Area Association President Hansjorg Wirz were also on hand to explain the philosophy of the biennial European championships whose new cycle begins with the 2012 championships in the Finnish capital. Distinguishing the lunch with their presence were a host of top athletics names including last night's newly crowned World 800m champion David Rudisha and silver medallist Yuriy Borzakovskiy who were interviewed alongside former World record holder Lord Sebastian Coe. Appropriately women's Pole Vault bronze medallist Svetlana Feofanova was presented to the audience with current men's World record holder Sergey Bubka. Informs IAAF. Two other new World champions were at the lunch, Tatyana Chernova (Heptathlon) and Yuliya Zaripova (3000m Steeplechase), while rising-star Christophe Lemaitre, fourth in the 100m, found himself on stage with sprint legend Don Quarrie, the 1976 Olympic 200m champion.

ST GEORGE'S (GRN): Grenadian Prime Minister Tillman Thomas declared a National Colours Day in support of their newly crowned World 400m champion Kirani James. The fresh 400 m world champion has joined the professional ranks. The Alabama University student opted to forgo the last two years of his college eligibility to sign with Nike. Informs TrackAlerts. The 18 year old confirmed the move during the World Championships in Daegu after months of speculations. "I went Pro the ending of the season (NCAA), and it is going good so far," he told Trackalerts.com. "The main thing about it is that my schooling will be taken care of, so it is a win, win situation," he added while saying his parent and coach thought that was the best for him right now.

CLEMENT:  After crashing at the semifinals stage of the 400m hurdles in Daegu Kerron Clement disclosed he has been battling a groin injury. "For the last couple months I've been battling a groin injury. Of course, no one knows anything about it because I don't want to make any excuses about anything. I tried to push through the pain in the first round. It didn't really hurt as much in the first round. In the second round, I tried to go a little faster. And after the third hurdle I felt my groin pull and it really hurt me bad. I limped and I really couldn't finish the race. I'll come back next year stronger than ever." Informs TrackAlerts.

BOLT:  Glen Mills, coach of double world record holder Usain Bolt, has said the sprinter has put his false start in the men's 100-metres in Daegu behind him. As a result, Mills said Bolt is ready to defend the 200-metre title he won in Berlin two years ago. Mills said Bolt is very disappointed "but it makes no sense groan over it continuously. He knows that the show must go on, and as a champion and a star, he must realise he must get ready for the next act and that what he is doing." In other development around Bolt Belgian media are informing that there is a possibility to stage a special 100 m at Samsung Diamond League final in Brussels. Initially he was scheduled to run the 200 m, the final race at the distance in the series. 

FRANCE: France informed about their 4x400 m relay compositions. Men: Fillon, Venel, Hanne, Deciums, women: Anarchasis, Gayot, Guei, Hurtis.

DISCUS:  Robert Harting is now unbeaten in 11 competitions this season. He also confirmed he will continue to throw until 2018 and hopes in that year the European Championships will be staged in Berlin.

JAMAICA: Asafa Powell spoke to MTV3 of Finland: " I don't take here any risk about getting injured. I would not like to end my season to injured, so I don't take any risk to run relay. There is coming important meetings and of course London Olympics." About Usain Bolt and 100 m final. " I was so disappointed, that i watch the race in my room at Athlete Village. I was some kind of shock when I saw that false start with Usain. I think that the old rule was better that new one, but I don't know if they are ready to change it or not." The final decision about the relay will happen on Thursday.




Reese, Borchin, Hardee, Adams, Harting, Kaniskina

not succesful:

Bolt (100 m), Bekele (5 and 10km), Brathwaite, Hooker, L. Masai, Samuels, Kozmus, Fraser-Pryce, Richards-Ross, Clement, Rogowska, Ennis

still chance:

Bolt (200m), A. Kirui, D. Philips, Idowu, Cantwell, Thorkildsen, Kirdyapkin, Felix (200 m), Semenya, Jamal, Cheruiyot (5k), Foster-Hylton, Walker, Vlasic, Savigne, Wlodarczyk, Kamel

MEDALS (21 events): 1. USA 4-4-1, 2. Russia 4-2-4, 3. Kenya 3-2-3, 4. Germany 1-2-1, 5. China 1-2-0, 6. Jamaica 1-1-0, 28 countries.

POINTS (21 events): 1. USA 103, 2. Russia 97, 3. Kenya 79, 4. China 46, 5. Germany 44, 6. Poland 35, 50 countries.

AGENTS RANKING (by medals after 21 events, 41 agents)

Aleks Porkhomovskiy 2-1-1, Jos Hermens 1-2-0, Pavel Voronkov 1-1-3, Ricky Simms 1-1-2, Paul Doyle 1-1-0, Federico Rosa 1-1-0, Chris Layne 1-1-0, Vera Michallek 1-1-0, Cubie Seegobin 1-0-1, Daniel Wessfeldt 1-0-1, Brendan Reilly 1-0-0, Biruk Bekele 1-0-0, Mark Pryor 1-0-0, Maurie Plant 1-0-0, Janusz Szydlowski 1-0-0, Michiyo Shuto 1-0-0, Emmanuel Hudson 1-0-0, Robert Wagner/Renaldo Nehemiah 1-0-0, James Templeton 1-0-0,  Aivar Karotamm 1-0-0, Gianni Demadonna 0-1-2, Javier Sotomayor 0-1-2, Jose Praia 0-1-0, Washington Dix 0-1-0, Claude Bryan 0-1-0, Wes Felix 0-1-0, Attila Spiriev 0-1-0, Kimberly Holland 0-1-0,  Ulf Saletti 0-1-0, Jane Cowmeadow 0-1-0, Vesteinn Hafsteinsson 0-1-0, Jochen Wetter 0-1-0, Alberto Armas 0-0-1, Caroline Feith 0-0-1, Rene Auguin 0-0-1, Valentina Fedyushina 0-0-1, Wilfried Meert 0-0-1, Olga Nazarova 0-0-1, Marc Osenberg 0-0-1, Mikhail Gusev 0-0-1, Marc Corstjens 0-0-1


BUENOS AIRES (ARG):  Buenos Aires is set to bid for the 2018 Summer Youth Olympics Games, the city's Mayor Mauricio Macri officially announced. He made the announcement together with Gerardo Werthein, the President of the Argentinian Olympic Committee, at a special ceremony at the headquarter of the Buenos Aires Government. Buenos Aires is set to face stiff competition to host the third Summer Youth Olympics with Monterrey in Mexico, Medellín in Colombia, Kazan in Russia, The Hague in the Netherlands and Abuja in Nigeria all likely to bid for the competition. Makhachkala, in Dagestan, a neighbour of Chechnya, has also expressed an interest in bidding.

STOCKHOLM (SWE):  Nordic Sport announced that we they have been choosen to become official supplier of athletics equipment to Samsung Diamond League Final, Weltklasse Zürich for the next 4 years. Nordic Sport will introduce new and modern products during all four years. Weltklasse Zürich will be the first event in the world to have second generation electronic pole vault standards from Nordic Sport. We will also introduce two new landing pits system, one for pole vault and one for high jump. The pole vault landing pit Elit 1.0 is one of the world biggest with dimensions 910x710x80 cm for maximum security of the pole vaulters. The high jump pit Elite 1.0 is also one of the worlds biggest with dimensions 800x400x80 cm for maximum security for high jumpers. But the pit have a lot of hiden news which make this high jump pit unique in the world. The HJ Elit 1.0 pit have special channels going thru the pit for T-Base Elite high jump standards and for tv-cables. Nordic Sport informs in a release.

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