2011 World Champs/Daegu, Day 2: Brittney Reese Defends Her Long Jump title! by Larry Eder

Brittney Reese, 2011 World Champs/Daegu, Long Jump Champion, photo by PhotoRun.net

Brittney Reese is a very talented athlete. A former basketball player, Reese took up the long jump near the end of high school. She loves to compete and is always working on improving her craft.

Earlier this season, we were talking about what she wanted to improve this year. At the indoor champs, Brittney gave me the list of things she wanted to improve in her long jump.

Well, in her qualifying round, she had a bit of a scare. a 6.41m jump put her 14th after two rounds. She got herself together, composed herself and leaped 6.79m, putting her in the top three, and she was in the final!

Well, there are lots of ways to win a field event. Brittney Reese took the, leap so far they all have to chase you, route and Voila, Brittney Reese defended her 2009 title from Berlin. That medal sure looks good right now!

Brittney Reese, 2011 World Champs, Day 2: Long Jump Champion, photo by PhotoRun.net

Brittney Reese took control of the women's long jump from the moment she stepped onto the runway. With a +0.1mps wind, Brittney Reese unleashed 6.82 meter jump in round one. After that, she fouled five straight times, going for the big one. Her fourth attempt was a long one, and she was pretty close to the board.

Kucherenko_Olga-World11.JPGOlga Kuckernko, 2011 WC Long Jump, Silver, photo by PhotoRun.net

Olga Kuckerenko of Russia worked very hard to catch her. Her series showed the effort: 6.48m, 6.56m, 6.65m, 6.77m, foul, 6.77m. Her 6.77m gave her the silver.

Radevica_InetaQ1-WorChps11.jpgIneta Radevica, 2011 WC Long Jump, Bronze, photo by PhotoRun.net

Inteta Radevica of Latvia took the bronze on her last jump! Her series of 6.61m, 6.63m, 6.66m, 6.61m, foul, and boom, 6.76m, shows the level of competition here! 

N. Mironchyk-Ivanova of Belarus was fourth, very close and lost the bronze on Radevica's last jump. Ivanova jumped 6.74m in third round (foul, 6.71m, 6.74m, three fouls).

Carolina Kluft, the WC in 2005, 2007, Olympic 2004 gold medalist, is focused on the long jump now and she was fifth with a jump of 6.56m. Her series: 6.32m, 6.39m, foul, foul, 6.32m, 6.56m.

Janay DeLoach of the US was sixth. Her best jump was 6.56m. Kluft got five because her second best jump was better than DeLoach's. Janay's series was: 6.32m, 6.39m, fouk foul, 6.32, 6.56m.

Darya Klishina of Russia was seventh in 6.50m. In #8 posiition, Karin Mey Melis of Turkey jumped 6.44m. In #9, India's Myaookha Johny jumped 6.37m. In #10, Naide Gomes of Portugal had a rough one: 6.26m. #11 had Maureen Higa Maggi jumping 6.17m. Funmi Jimoh of the US had no mark, with three fouls.

Reese_BrittneyFL1aa-World11.JPG Brittney Reese, Celebrating, 2011 WC Long Jump, Gold, photo by PhotoRun.net

The long jump belonged to Brittney Reese tonight, as she put it out there and challenged all to chase her. Kucherenko and Radevica tried their best, and took silver and bronze.

Kucherenko-Reese-RadevicaA-World11.JPGKucherenko, Reese, Radevica, 2011 WC Long Jump, photo by PhotoRun.net

The gold in the long jump, as it was in 2009, it is in 2011! The gold medal in the long jump belongs to Brittney Reese!
Reese_BrittneyM-World11.JPGBrittney Reese, 2011 WC Long Jump, Gold medalist, photo by PhotoRun.net

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