2011 World Champs/Daegu: Day 3, Session 2: Koji Murofushi of Japan wins Hammer Throw! by Larry Eder

Koji Murofushi, 2011 WC Hammer, photo by PhotoRun.net

Koji Murofushi won the gold medal in the men's hammer throw tonight, with an excellent throw of 81.24m, his seasonal best. Murofushi is one of the most popular athletes in the sport, and had a tremendous series: 79.72m, 81.03m, 81.24m, 79.42m, 81.24m, and 80.83m.

Murofushi_KojiWide-World11.JPGKoji Murofushi, 1/4, photo by PhotoRun.net

Murofushi_KojiWide1a-World11.JPGKoji Murofushi, 2/4, photo by PhotoRun.net

Murofushi_KojiWide1b-World11.JPGKoji Murofushi, 3/4, photo by PhotoRun.net
Murofushi_KojiWide1-World11.JPGKoji Murofushi, 4/4, photo by PhotoRun.net

Krisztian Pars of Hungary just missed taking over the gold medal, with his last effort of 81.18 meters, the first time since 2008 that two men have thrown over 80 meters in the same competition. His series was 77.26m, 78.84m, 79.14m, 79.97m, 60.34m, 81.18m.

Pars_KrisztianWide-World11.JPG Krisztian Pars, 2011 WC Champs hammer,
silver, photo by PhotoRun.net

Pars_KrisztianWideR-World11.JPGThe big throw (81.18m, just behind winning 81.24m), Krizstian Pars, WC 2011 hammer throw, silver medalist,
photo by PhotoRun.net

Primoz Kozmus of Slovania took the bronze, with a throw of 79.39m. His series was 77.50m, 79.39m, 78.93m, foul, 76.01m, 78.19m.

In fourth, Markus Esser of Germany threw 79.12m. In fifth, Pavel Kryvistski of Belarus threw 78.53m. In sixth, Krill Ivannikov of Russia was in 78.37m.

Pars-Murofushi-KozmusA1-World11.JPGKrisztian Pars, Koji Murofushi, Primoz Kozmus, 2011 WC Hammer, silver, gold, bronze, photo by PhotoRun.net

The hammer throw never gets it due. A sixteen pound steel ball on a short chain with handle, with four to six revolutions, depending on whose technique you use, spinning like mad and throwing between 260 and 285 feet (world record is 284 feet, seven inches). These guys are consumate athletes, who compete like crazy, yet are gracious and friendly with their competition. The hammer has a great tradition in Europe and Asia, and has had some tremendous throwers from U.S., with huge history in Irish American community. Lance Deal was our last Olympic medalist (1996), and guys like Kevin McMahon, Dave Popejoy (same high school, Bellarmine Prep, Georgetown, Stanford for college) kept tradition going. Kibwe Johnson had some great throws this year. We have some great young guys in US, where will next WC or Olympic hammer finalist from US come from?


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