2011 World Champs/Daegu: Day 3, Session 2: Valerie Adams wins gold, Ostapchuk silver, Jillian Camerena Williams first US medal (bronze) in shot in 51 years for U.S.! by Larry Eder

Valerie Adams: The big one! 1/3, 2011 WC women's shot, gold,
photo by PhotoRun.net

Adam_ValerieR1-World11.JPGThe big one, 2/3, Valerie Adams, 2011 WC shotput, gold,
photo by PhotoRun.net

Adams_ValerieFL-World11.JPGValerie Adams celebrates her victory! 2011 WC shot put, gold,
photo by PhotoRun.net

Well, Valerie Adams found herself in a strange place after round one of the women's shot put final-she was in fourth place!  Lijia Gong had thrown 19.64m, Jillian Camerena Williams had opened with 19.63m, and Nadezya Ostapchuk had opened with 19.58m. Valerie Adams opened with 19.37m. She must have asked, what is wrong with this picture?

Adams fouled in round two. Ling Li, the second best shot putter in China, popped a 19.71m throw to take the lead.

In round three Valerie Adams woke up from her slumber and popped a nice 20.04 meter throw, taking the lead for the first time. Natalia Mikhnevich threw 18.47m, but did not bet into the top 8. Michelle Carter could muster 18.76m, not getting into the top 8.

Nadezya Ostapchuk, 2011 WC Shot put, silver, photo by PhotoRun.net

Nadezya Ostapuchk moved into second place, in round three, with her 19.87m throw.

In round four, Nadine Kleinart fouled, Anna Avdeeva of Russia threw 18.96m, Ling Li of China threw 19.23m, Yevgeniya Kolodko of Russia fouled (she threw 19.78m in round three), Lijiao Gong of China threw 19.82m, a nice improvement. Jillian Camerena Williams then nailed it, hitting 20.02m, mvoing into second, just .02m behind Valerie Adams. Camerena Williams was now in silver medal position!

Camarena_Jillian-World11.JPGJillian Camerena Williams, 2011 WC shot put final, bronze medal,  the big throw!, photo by PhotoRun.net

Nadezya Ostapchuk threw 19.87m, exactly the same as round three, and Valeria Adams totally nailed it, throwing 20.72 meters and putting the gold medal out of reach of the field!

Camarena_JillianR1b-World11.JPG The big throw: She knows! Jill Camerena Williams, 2011 WC shot put,
20.02m, photo by PhotoRun.net

In round five, Kleinart fouled, Avdeeva threw 19.54m., her best of the competition, moving her into seventh place. LIng Li of China threw 19.50m, and Kolodko fouled. Lijiao Gong of China threw 19.97 meters, her best of the day, moving her into third. Camerena Williams threw 18.80m for her fifth attempt.

Nadezya Ostapchuck, in round five, got her Mojo going, and dropped the shot put at 20.05 meters, which moved her to the silver position, and Camerena Williams into the bronze postition. If Jillian Camerena Williams could hold on, one more round, her performance would be the first shot put medal for a U.S. women in fifty-one years! The last one was Earleen Brown, who took the bronze for the shot put back in 1960.

(Earleen Brown, was a true character. She started throwing in April of 1956, made Olympic team in June of 1956, and competed in Melbourne. About 5-10, 270 pounds, Earleen was a hair dresser from Compton, California. She threw on and off between 1956 and 1960, loved to compete against the Russians and took the bronze in Rome. She also, and I am not making this up, competed in Roller Derby (one of my favorite shows to watch as a kid), and per Tom Cassaky, my guide to all things esoteric about our sport, "was devestating in roller derby)!)

So, last round comes, and Nadine Kleinart of Germany passes, finishing eighth with a throw of 19.26m, her seasonal best.

Anna Avdeeva of Russia throws 18.51m, finishing seventh, with a best of 19.54m, her seasonal best.  Ling Li of China, in her last throw, hits 19.49m, finishing sixth, with her best of 19.71m. In fifth, yevgeniya Kolodko of Russia throws 19.26m, her best, from round three, was 19.78m. Lijiao Gong of China fouled in round 6, her best in fifth, with 19.97m, finishing fourth.

Jillian Camerena Williams, now guaranteed at least the bronze, becoming the first US women thrower to win a shot medal since 1960, threw 19.44m, taking the bronze.

The only women who could challenge Adams was not Nadzeya Ostapchuk or Belarus, who threw 19.60m on her last throw, finishing second with her fifth throw of 20.05 meters.

Adams_ValerieQ1-World11.JPGValerie Adams, 2011 WC shot put, photo by PhotoRun.net

Valerie Adams of New Zealand assured of the gold, could have passed. But NOOOO, the Kiwi shot put goddess goes to the ring, and justs puts that metal ball out into the stratosphere (okay, just go with me here), hitting 21.24 meters, a new Championship record! Hence the arm pumping, the screaming, and the celebration begins!


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