2012 London Olympics: Archives for 2007, 2005, 2003, 2001 World Champs, 2004 Olympic Trials, courtesy of ATF Newswire, note by Larry Eder

2012 London Stadium, photo courtesy of London2012

The first day of the XXX Summer Olympiad of the modern Games is over. Day 2 will begin in several hours. I am sitting, in my living room in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, washing some clothes and doing some final writing before I head to London. 

Part of the story, for me, is the challenges that athletes overcome to make it to the starting line. Every athlete who makes an Olympic team has an amazing story. 

We have added links back to the World Champs in 2007, 2005, 2003, 2001 and the 2004 Olympics. The result links do not work, as those sites have gone far, far away, however, the stories are all there. The stories of men and women who took on challenges to run, jump and throw. 

More to come. 
2007 World Championship Coverage, 2007, Osaka, Japan, written by Larry Eder 

2005 World Championships Outdoor, Helsinki, Finland, written
by James Dunaway, Mary Nicole Nazzaro, Larry Eder 

2004 Olympic Trials, Sacramento, CA,  written by Larry Eder

2003 World Outdoor Championships, Paris, France, Stade de France Stadium, written by Mary Nicole Nazzaro, Larry Eder

2001 World Outdoor Championships, Edmonton, Canada, written by Larry Eder

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