Russian Security Siege ends in seven dead in Sochi Security Clean up, from

In a column by Emily Goddard for the website,, Russian security forces, in a crackdown before the Sochi Olympic games ended a seige, about 900 kilometers from Sochi, which resulted in three dead Russian security officers and four dead gunman. Six Russian military officers were injured in the gunfight.  noted that over 37,000 military and security troops will be involved in protecting the athletes, fans and media in Sochi. 

Most observers believe that the Russians will have to keep the security very high in Sochi. The difficulty in getting a visa, the difficulty in getting media credentials, and the vetting of athletes, officials and personnel will be and has been very high.

There is always a difference between perception and reality in such events. Having been to nine World Championships and six Olympic Games, I have seen security continue to increase. 

Sochi is much, much more complicated. The Russian government has its' most dangerous challenges coming from within Russia. This is not something that Russian security was surprised about. With leaders of Russia opposition groups called to arms to disrupt Sochi 2014, the job of the FSB, Russian Security is even higher. Media reports suggest that US security personnel, including FBI, have been assigned to providing security at the Winter Olympics. 

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