Sopot Diary, Day Three: Highlights, plus the European View, by Alfons Juck

Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, photo by

The third day of the 2014 World Indoor Championships was full of finals and the emotional highs and lows that come with a great event, loaded with the top athletes in the world. Alfons Juck helps us see a little deeper into the only global championships of the year. 

SOPOT  - SESSION 5 (Sunday)


"There is no space for errors at these competitions," Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce 60 m.


World indoor record of the US 4x400 m relay 3:02.13 (splits 45.98, 45.62, 45.41, 45.12) is WIR number 38 at World Indoors. Sub 7 by Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce 6.98 in the 60 m, she is 8th ever going under 7 seconds and 21st century "World record".


Lyukman Adams of Russia who qualified in last posssible moment in Belarus, winning triple jump in 17.37 world lead in last attempt.


Ivan Ukhov beaten in high jump, although 238 high respect. Ethiopians Gebremeskel and Gebrhiwot in the 3000 m not in top two.


USA 8-2-2, RUS 3-2-0, ETH 2-2-1, GBR 1-2-3, JAM 1-2-2, POL 1-2-0, 30 countries got medals.


USA 142, RUS and POL 66, GBR 61, GER 48, JAM 45, 50 countries got points.


Men (4): Heptathlon, 60 m hurdles, 4x400 m, triple jump. Women (8): Pentathlon, 800 m women twice, 60 m hurdles women, Shot put women, 4x400 m women twice, 60 m women.


(3): Heptathlon 60mH, Heptathlon High Jump, men 4x400 m relay 


YES: Vinicius, Whiting, Eaton, Adams, Aman, USA men, G. Dibaba (another event)

NO: Brenes, Iguider, Pearson, B. Lagat, VCB, Obiri, GBR women


AGENTS (individual gold medals)

Paul Doyle 3, Jos Hermens and Alfonz Juck 2, Maurie Plant, Vera Michallek, Ulf Saletti, Olga Nazarova, John Regis, Mark Wetmore, Jochen Wetter, Mikhail Gusev, Valentina Fedyushina, Carine Knapp-Messerschmidt, Rene Auguin, Pavel Voronkov, Jukka Harkonen, Jorge Luis Aguilera, John Nubani, Hussein Makke, Adrian Laidlaw, Tony Campbell. 


Bernard Lagat won record 4th medal (3 gold and now silver) at 3000 m at World Indoors. 


8000, in total approximately in all sessions: 34 000 (not official).


France is the only nation, other than the USA, to have two medalists at a World Indoor championship in the mens 60 m hurdles.

Poland are the 5th best performing host nation in World Indoor history based on medal table standing. USA and Russia both ranked 2nd when they hosted the event, Great Britain ranked 4th, Canada ranked 5th and this year Poland were number 6 on the medal table. 

Home 800 m star Marcin Lewandowski was disqualified after finishing third that means in bronze medal position.


Russia (2nd), Great Britain (4th) and Poland (6th) were the leading European nations on the overall medal table. European nations got 10 gold, 13 silver and 12 bronze (35 total). Europe took the first 4 places in the women's long jump final. France's Eloyse Leseur led the 8 athlete field; 7 of which were European, including 2 from Great Britain. In the women's 800m, Europe also had the majority, with 5 of the 6 participants, but none could clinch the gold. Europe won silver and bronze (but not gold) in the women's pole vault, men's 800m, men's high jump and men's 60mH. In the mens 60mH race, 6 of the 8 athletes who qualified to the final were European. France took silver and bronze while Germany and Great Britain also had 2 representatives each. Europe finished on top in the men's triple jump where half of the 8 athletes were European. In the women's 3000m, 3 of the 12 athletes were European. There were only 2 in the men's 3000m, led by Azerbaijan's former Ethiopian Ibrahimov. In the men's 4x400m relay, 4 of the 6 teams were from Europe, with one less European team on the women's side. 

STATS (by Ken Nakamura)

LJ: Lesueur won first medal for France in women long jump at World Indoors. She also became the third European Champion to win World Indoor title.

3000 m: 7:54.94 is the slowest winning time since 2004. 

800 m: Price won first gold for USA at women 800m during World indoors.

3000m: 8:55.04 is the slowest winning time since 2004.

PV: 0 cm difference between 1st and 3rd (actually equal 2nd) is smallest ever. 470 is the highest 4th place in history of World Indoors.

800 m: Aman became the third runner to win 800 m twice at World Indoors.

4x400 m: 3:26.54 is the fastest 2nd place at World indoors. 3:28.39 is the fastest 4th place.

HJ: Barshim won first medal for Qatar in high jump at World Indoors. He also became the first Asian Games and Asian Champion in high jump to win World Indoors. 238 is the highest winning jump in 21st century in World Indoors.
60 m: The winning 6.98 is the 5th fastest time ever at World Indoors. 7.06 is the fastest 3rd place and 7.18 is the fastest 7th and 8th place.

60 m H: France won silver and bronze and first nation except of USA to have two medals in 60 m hurdles at World Indoors. 0.01sec ties smallest winning margin ever. 0.02 difference between 1st and 3rd ties the smallest ever. 7.60 is the fastest 7th place.

4x400 m: 3:04.39 is the best 4th place time. USA won both men and women's relay, previously GER in 1991 and USA in 2010 won both events.

TJ:  4 cm is the second smallest winning margin. 17.37m is the shortest winning mark since 2001. Adams won first gold for Russia in this event at World Indoors.

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