My excellent adventure, Day 14: Rain, Hail and Sun, all in one walk, by Larry Eder

This is my daily diary on my month long travels to Copenhagen, Denmark, Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, Paris, France, London, England and Boston. 

Just before the start, April 6, Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris, 
photo by Larry Eder
The day after a marathon is a bit anti climactic. I spent the day recovering from a long day of writing. 

Our new live coverage, where we can run up to five feeds on one page, and curate photos and comments from twitter and instagram was a huge success. So much, that I kept it on until midnight, as the photos and comments were excellent. We archive the coverage, so just go to and click on live events and then, click on Marathon de Paris. 

I finally finished my last feature about four in the morning. In the background, French TV kept me company. So many programs from UK and US. My favorite is where a book is read each night. It keeps me awake. 

After finally crashing, I went to my favorite little cafe and had lunch, read the paper and enjoyed my coffee. Watching Parisians head to their work, school, daily chores, I thought that living in Paris sounds like a pretty good deal. 

My hotel, the Hotel Terminus Vaugirard has been perfect. It is clean, quiet, and close to all I need. Cafes are close, and I am a walk, taxi or Metro away from anywhere in Paris. 

My walk on Day fourteen reminded me of Wisconsin. The joke there is that, wait long enough on one day and you can have heat, cold, rain, and snow. On my walk on Monday night in Paris, I experienced forbidding clouds, then some quick rains, then, hail, and finally sun! 

The experience was exhilarating. As Parisians ran for cover, or a cafe for a beer or wine, I continued my walk. I found a little park, Parc du Montisoric, and noticed how many runners there were there. One woman had two beautiful malmutes, who were enjoying the sites, but wishing to chase one of the lapins (rabbits) munching on the grass. 

On my way back on my walk, I found a small Electrical gadget store, where I purchased a real Apple cord for my Iphone Cinq (5). The replacement cords, non-Apple to do not work well. Mr. Cook needs to play better with his partner vendors over at Apple. Having a phone go out is a real castastrophe for me. 

But now, no more time to write, have to pack and get ready for my journey on Tuesday to London.  Now that Kenenisa Bekele is on his way home with about 250,000 Euros (suggested more), I am off to see what a million pound Sterling debut marathoner looks like. 

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