Larry's Excellent European adventure: July 14, 2014, Le Pickpocket in Nice, France, by Larry Eder

I am on this journey to see as many Diamond League meets, World and Global Championships as I can in 2014. This is my remembrances of things, both good and not so good. This was, at first, not so good, then, a very nice week in Menton. 

I took this picture about five minutes before my wallet was stolen, 
photo by Larry Eder
After the Grand Prix meet in Glasgow, I had an uneventful train trip from Glasgow to London, and then, took the Underground to Heathrow, where I found my hotel for the night. 

My flights were early on Tuesday and I had two flights, one to Zurich and then to Nice, France. I was headed to the Herculis Meeting on 18 July. 

I had found a little hotel, Princess et Richmond for $144 a night about thirty minutes from Monaco. Menton, France looked wonderful, nestled on the coast, between Italy and France. 

Flights, as they are, were uneventful. I spent the time reading Financial Times and Le Figaro, and then, sleeping. 

I found a bus to Menton, for 20 Euros, as opposed to the 100 Euros for the taxi trip. Something told me to get some cash, so I grabbed 100 Euros, which would prove momentous in five minutes. 

As I went to get on my bus, I went for my back pocket and found air. Curious, I turned around and checked my adidas bag, and did not find my wallet. A sense of panic spread, as I was without credit cards in France, just like 2012. 

I went and filed a complaint with the airport police, who were nice, but of little help. I called my father and cancelled two credit cards. I want to thank Wells Fargo for being the laziest bank in the free world, as they could not help me cancel my cards. I had to call an 800 number that cut me off for two plus hours and finally, three hours later, after my bus to Menton, I found a nice WF person in US who cancelled my cards and issued new ones.

So, I took the bus to Menton, and my spirits picked up. My son, Adam, being the bright sort, had two of my credit cards and fed exed me one. My lovely hotel, Princess et Richmond, would provide me Euros for the week until my money came and credit card came. 

But the biggest act of kindness that evening was from my new friend from Morocco. This gentleman, who spoke Italian and French could have closed his shop. His buddies were playing cards, drinking espresso, and laughing and telling stories in a mix of Italian, French and Arabic. 

The gentleman made me an espresso, a salad and some falafel balls, and sat down and tried his English out on me, which was quite good. 

All during the week, I would go by, to say hello and support his cafe. 

One finds good people everywhere. 

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