2017 Spring, Week Two, Day Seven, Indoor Season/Winter Training


Today is Sunday. Take your long run with your friends and tell them stories about the races you ran this weekend and the races you watched!

Consider the WR for the DMR this past weekend. Olympic bronze medalist Emma Coburn ran 3:18.50 for 1200 meters, then, Sydney McLaughlin, a one time Olympian over the 400 meter hurdles, ran 52.32 for 400 meters. Two time Olympian Brenda Martinez ran 2:01.94 for 800 meters. Then, Jenny Simpson took the baton, and kept her cool, running 4:27.66 to run 10:40.31, two seconds under the WR!

Martinez-Coburn-Simpson-McLaughinDMR-NBin17.JPGBrenda Martinez, Emma Coburn, Jenny Simpson, Sydney McLaughlin, USA All Stars DMR, 10:40.31, photo by PhotoRun.net

"I had done so many individual things in 2016, I wanted to do something as a team!" noted Jenny Simpson.

Week Two, Spring 2017, Indoor Season/Winter Training

This program, for the next twelve weeks, will be geared for 800 meters to 5000 meters, and for thos who may run indoors, but the focus is outdoors.

Monday, Warm up, 5 mile run, 4 x 150 meter stride outs, Begin push ups, sit ups (bent leg), start with five each, cooldown

Tuesday, Warm up, Sub maximal interval workout, 12 times 400 meters at current two mile race pace (if you can run 10 minutes, then, that means 75 seconds, if you can run 11 minutes, that means 82 seconds). Eight times 400 meters, with 200 meter jog (keep moving), in between), five push ups, five sit ups, cooldown. No spikes, this workout in flats.

Wednesday, Warm up, 6 miles, on soft surfaces, 4 times 150 meters, five sit ups and five push ups, cooldown.

Thursday, Short Repetitions. Warm up, Two sets of 6 times 300 meters cutdowns. Run the 300 meters at your current 800 meter pace, so if you can run 2:00, that means start at 55 seconds for first set and bring them down one second each time on second set. If you can run 2:20, then that means, start at 63 seconds and bring them down one second on the final four. Idea is to run last two faster than any before. Jog between is 200 meters. Finish with 4 x 150 meter strideouts, and a two mile easy cooldown. End with five ben leg sit ups and five push ups.

Friday, Warm up, easy, three miles to five miles, soft ground, and finish with 4 x 150 meters, cooldown, plus five push ups, five bent leg sit ups.

Saturday, Race day. Race 800m, 1000 meters or 2 miles. If you can not race, do the following: Warm Up, Short Fartlek workout. Forty minute fartlek, one minute fast, one minute slow, repreat 20 times, cooldown easy three miles.

Sunday, Long run, 8-9 miles, with warm up and cooldown and yes, push ups and sit ups.

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