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With cross country over for most high schoolers last weekend. Why would you train for one more week? End you season with a Santa Hustle run 5k or 10k race and see how much you have improved over last season (RunBlogRun does not recommend 14-18 year olds race over 5k, and suggest that they actually run the 2017 HOKA ONE ONE Postal Nationals as the end of their season (rankings ended December 12).

We will post the results of the 2017 HOKA ONE ONE Postal Nationals season today. Amazing season and great participation.

20151212-ROSA0260.jpgHere's the HOKA ONE ONE Northern Arizona Elite team, at USATF XC 2015, photo by

I loved running the Postal 2 mile. We not only ran them in high school, but also unofficially in college. It was a great way to end the cross country season. Eight laps on the track after 25-30 weeks of cross country! You are an animal.

Also remember, your fitness level will help you with your indoor season. If you train similar to what we have given you this season, your indoor season could be full of PBs.

And remember, HOKA ONE ONE has supported our training programs since June 5, sent to 16,000 high school cross country programs across the country for the second year in a row. Support the brands that support the sport. Check out HOKA ONE ONE shoes: HOKA ONE ONE training shoes

Friday, December 15, 2017. warm up, easy 45-50 minute run with four 150 meter stride outs, then cooldown

I recall reading through the two weeks of workouts of training by 1976 Olympic 1,500m champion John Walker prior to the first sub 3:50 mile in August 1975. Walker had this two mile run sprinting the straights and jogging the turns, which he ran in 8:45! The two mile of sprints and jogs here is not at that type of pace, but it is about changing gears, one of the keys to being successful as a cross country runner.

20151212-ROSA0035.jpgHeading to the race, photo by Justin Britton

Thursday, December 14, 2017, warm up, warm up, two miles on track, sprint straightways, jog turns, cooldown


Claudia Lane, photo by

Jacobs_DylanFH-FLcc17.jpGDylan Jacobs, photo by

Here's the complete videos of both races from December 9, 2017. Dylan Jacobs won the boys' race and Claudia Lane won the girls' race. Both wer worthy champions and the races featured many of the finest cross country runners in the country. The 39th FootLocker is now history, next up, the 40th anniversary of FootLocker in 2018.

After I posted a column by Cathal Dennehy on his issue with Turkey hiring Kenyan runners who did not embrace Turkey, but represented the country in athletic competiton, Justin Lagat sent the following column to me.

Can-Akda-EuroXC16.jpgEuropean XC 2016, is it okay that Kenyan athletes represent Turkey in European championships, after a fast change of allegiance?

photo by

Justin Lagat makes some very good points, as it is not only Turkey, but USA, with US Army team using Kenyan runners to represent USA, a fast track to citizenship and all for racing for the US. Justin asks what the problem is, and that is a good question. Justin makes the arguement for athletes being able to take their talents to countries where they can make a living.

But, sport is note merely a profession, it is much more than that. I tend to agree with Justin Lagat that athletes should be able to go to any country they choose to live, based on economic value. I do think that there is a big difference training in Europe to race their in big city races, and being paid to represent a country in global or regional championships.

I am not sure how to describe that, but I will take a stab at it.

For now, here's Justin Lagat's thought provoking column the plight of professional athletes.

Reese_Brittany1a-PreC17.jpgBrittney Reese, photo by

MONACO (MON): World long jump champion Brittney Reese is fired up to contest another year, she tells the IAAF website. ""We may alter some things in the off-season since I'm getting older. But other than that, I continue to feel strong. And mentally I have a life coach who helps me twice a week. So I'm good," she said. The four-time global champion confirmed she wants to bow out after Tokyo 2020 and ruled out continuing for the Worlds on home soil in 2021.

Reese_Brittney-Brussels17.jpgBrittney Reese, photo by

Huddle_Molly1a-Baa5k17.jpgMolly Huddle, photo by

Posted originally on November 3, 2017

Reposted December 13, 2017.

Molly Huddle will run her second marathon at the 2018 Boston Marathon. We thought that this piece from November 2018 by Caroly Mather, the long time writer for Running Journal and Racing South, on the focus on Molly Huddle.

Molly Huddle is one of the finest American distance runners of her era. Totally focused, Molly Huddle has developed her racing skill set from 5000 meters to the marathon. Her future, obviously, is with the marathon. Molly told me yesterday that this next year is about learning more about the 42.195 meter distance.

Carolyn Mather caught up with Molly Huddle on November 1, 2017. We thank Carolyn for her writing and Molly for her candor.

Hasay-3.jpgJordan Hasay, photo from Bank of America Chicago Marathon

Originally posted October 10, 2017

Reposted on December 13, 2017

Jordan Hasay has found her perfect distance. She was made for this event and her focus, her training, her spirit is in this event. Her gutty run in Chicago blew me away. I have to admit that Jordan has been one of my special athlete focuses since she was 15. Watching her run, speaking to her high school coach, and watching her handle her ups and downs have been quite emotional. Watching Jordan, Shalane, Desi and Molly run in April 2018 will be an amazing day on the streets of Boston!

The 2:20:57 run by Jordan Hasay in Chicago on Sunday, October 8, 2017 was historic. Jordan Hasay ran 2:23:00 in her marathon debut and shocked many. Truth is this, Jordan Hasay was made for the marathon, and Alberto Salzar knew that. Jordan Hasay is one of the guttiest runners I have ever seen, and she does not give an inch. In college racing she had great races and not so great races. She was not a happy camper when she did not do well, but that is okay.

As a professional athlete, Jordan raced over 5k and 10k, and she battled in every race. In 2016, she began her evolution into road running, but one wonders if that was Alberto Salazar's plan for the entire time.

RunBlogRun opines: It has been fun watching Shalane Flanagan develop through her career. I recall running in some races with her father, Steve Flanagan, and have been fortunate to work with her mom, Cheryl Treworgy, on some some photography projects in track & field.

Flanagan_ShalaneH-NYC17.JPGShalane Flanagan, photo by

Originally posted November 17, 2017

Reposted December 13, 2017

Shalane Flanagan won the 2017 TCS NYC Marathon, ending a drought that went from 1977, with the late Miki Gorman being the last American to win the New York City Marathon. How big was Shalane Flanagan's win? Probably the biggest thing in running since Joan Benoit Samuelson winning 1985 Bank of American Chicago Marathon! How big will Shalane, Molly, Jordan and Desi be in 2018 Boston? Epic!

Shalane Flanagan has evolved into one of the finest American distance runners on any era. Shalane was raised in the Marblehead area of Massechuesetts, and ran as a high schooler in one of the finest high school states to run track and cross country. At UNC-Chapel HIll, Shalane developed into a fine athlete, and she ran and won NCAA cross country in 2002 and 2003. Her hard charging racing style gave the Tar Heels their first individual NCAA champion in the sport of cross country. She was coached by John Cook from 2004-2008. Cook was old school, and Shalane Flanagan took long warm ups and extensive cooldowns, as well as some serious European style training.


Shalane Flanagan, Molly Huddle, Desi Linden, running with John Hancock employees, Boston, MA, December 11, 2017, photo from BAA

The U.S. elite fields announced on December 11 for the 2018 BAA Boston Marathon by elite field sponsor John Hancock were exciting! From Galen Rupp, Abraham Abdiraham, to Dathan Ritzenhein on the men's side. The women's side, with Shalane Flanagan, Des Linden, Jordan Hasay, and Molly Huddle are pretty impressive. RunBlogRun is calling the American women's field for Boston 2018 as a race for the ages!

(video and more commentary in second section)


Desi Linden, Boston 2015, photo by
Originally posted April 20, 2015
Reposted December 13, 2017
Desi Linden is one of our finest American marathoners. She runs with passion and focus. Two days after John Hancock announced Desi Linden running the 2018 Boston marathon, we wanted you to savor this classic piece from Cathal Dennehy on Desi Linden, the 2011 Boston second placer.
Desi Linden is the best U.S. women marathoner in 2015, with her gutty, tough performance at the 2015 Boston marathon. Linden pushed the pace from eight miles on and ran it like a fartlek workout, finishing fourth, when it came down to some fast kicks over the last mile and a half.
Cathal Dennehy wrote this assessment of her Trials of Miles and Miles of Trials (as John Parker noted in Once a Runner, a book all runners should read).

Easy days are easy days, and they are there for a reason. Enjoy this day of running. My suggestion? If you are not racing XC this weekend, find a 5k or 10k and see what you can do! Have some fun!

CHALL121215-0059.jpgTalking about your race, photo by Justin Britton

Wednesday, December 13, 2017. warm up, easy 45-55 minute minute run, four times 150 meter stride outs, cooldown, easy


Well, the Chicago Marathon picked its 2018 field on December 12. The notes on who made it go out immediately. Note on the press release that there will still be some charity opportunities to run.

2017-Chicago-1154.JPGGalen Rupp, Chicago 2017, photo by David Wearn

Donavan Brazier ran 3:59:30 last weekend in his indoor season opener. Well, that'a nice indication that Mr. Brazier, the man who broke Jim Ryun's 50 year old (to the day) NCAA record in 2016. In 2017, Donovan Brazier won the US Champs and moved on to the London 2017 World Championships, not making the final.

Brazier_Donavan-NBin17.jpgDonavan Brazier, NB Indoor, photo by

Remember, Donavan Brazier went pro after his freshman year, so the guy is junior year in college age. He is learning lots each year, and this young man has some serious wheels. As he gets fitter and more experienced, we will see some serious hardware in his hands. But his distinction right now, with this mile is that it seems to be the earliest we have seen a sub 4 minute mile in an indoor season.

Nice going, Donavan!

A few more things on Mr. Brazier's opener. Besides his 3:59.30 mile being quite early in an indoor season, Donavan Brazier is now the 493rd American man under 4 minutes for the mile plus, after the mile, Mr. Brazier ran a 46 split 400 meters on a 4x400m relay! Not a bad opener.

One final note about the mile. Behind Donavan was 2012 Olympic silver medalist, Leo Manzano, in 4:02.

Race on, Donavan.

Good season opener for the boys

A post shared by Donavan (@donavanbrazier) on

Kendricks_Sam-Lausanne17.jpgSam Kendricks, Lausanne 2017, photo by
Kendricks in Dusseldorf
DUSSELDORF (GER): An excellent pole vault line-up has been assembled for the PSD Bank Meeting in Dusseldorf on 6 February, informs organisers. The line-up for this IAAF World Indoor Tour meet includes the last four world outdoor champions: Sam Kendricks (2017), Shawn Barber (2015), Raphael Holzdeppe (2013) and Pawel Wojciechowski (2011) as well as reigning European indoor champion Piotr Lisek and former world indoor champion Kostas Filippidis.
Kendricks-LaVilleniePC1-Lausanne17.jpgRenaud Lavillenie, Sam Kendricks, goofing off in Lausanne, photo by

2017-103 spar xc.pngRunBlogRun opines: One of the many things I am appreciating about European Athletics is that they are getting it. They provide free access to streaming coverage on many of their events and also push video highlights of most of their events. Their growth in viewership with 14-25 year olds is amazing and a quick view of the social media world tells you that EA is on the right track.

Here is their high lights of the races, with some good footage from key races. European Athletics still on my bucket list. While imperfect, the EA is getting more and more teams out to events, and they are developing a new generation of European distance runners. For our sport to grow, and thrive, we must have a vibrant European Athletics scene. With 51 members, European Athletics is the iconic birth place of our sport.

Cross country is athletics at its most primal. In the US, over 560,000 14-18 year olds ran cross country through this weekend, 200,000 collegen, open and masters runners also ran cross country. We are putting numbers together for around the world and will share those, hopefully, in early 2018.

We pulled tweets, and complete videos of the races, courtesy of our friends at European Athletics!

Chelimo_Paul-Carlsbad17.jpgPaul Chelimo, photo by
Moen_Sondre1-Hannover17.jpgSondre Moen, photo by
Linden_DesiFV-SanAntonio17.jpgDes Linden, photo by
Chelimo vs Moen
SAN GIORGIO (ITA): IAAF Permit Cross Country season will continue in 2018 with "Campaccio" historical cross country scheduled for 6th January near Milano. One of most ancient CC races in Europe will be held for 61st time. Olympic silver medalist US Paul Chelimo will run against fresh European marathon record holder Sondre Nordstadt Moen. Italians will be part of this incredible race with reigning European marathon champion Daniele Meucci and Eyob Faniel winner of recent Venice Marathon. Also there Yohanes Chiappinelli and Yeman Crippa. Defending champion who is now also World champion Hellen Obiri will lead the women field. Agnes Tirop who won London 10k bronze will be her main contender with two rising talents Lilian Rengeruk and Letesenbet Giday, who is the reigning World CC U20 champion. US marathoner Desiree Linden will complete the international field. Sara Dossena with Nadia Battocletti are leading the home runners.

Mollly huddle takes 3 in NYC.jpgMolly Huddle after her first marathon, 2016 NYC Marathon, photo by

It was August 2010, and the Birmingham DL meeting had finished. I was with Mark Bossardet, then VP of Sports Marketing at Saucony, and Molly Huddle. Molly had not been happy with her race and was going to stay in Europe another ten days, get in couple of races, including the 5,000 meters, hopefully, in Memorial Van Damme Meeting in Brussels. Molly knew she was fit, she just needed some more racing to get a fast 5000 meters. Finishing ninth, Molly ran 14:44.76, the AR for 5,000 meters. Molly would set the 5,000m record once again, in 2014, this time in Monte Carlo and the Herculis Meeting, battling fellow American Shannon Rowbury to the very finish, running a 14:42.46 on July 18, 2014.

In 2016, Molly Huddle took the 10,000m AR with a fine 30:13.72 at the Rio Olympics, after having won the 5000m and 10,000m in the US Olympic Trials. She finished off 2016 with a 2:28:13 third place in NYC Marathon. 2017 was about fast half marathon, doubling in London World Champs and winning the Abbott 5k Dash in early November.

Now, Molly Huddle will be part of the finest field assembled, of American woman marathoners, with Shalane Flanagan, winner of 2017 NYC Marathon, second placer from Boston Desi Linden, and Molly Huddle.

I am already calling this a race for the ages. Molly Huddle's perfect distance is the marathon, and while she is much earlier in her career than Shalane, Desi, or Jordan Hasay, watch out! April 2018 will be amazing!

U20MenLeaders-EuroXC16.jpg2016 European U 23 Men, photo by

SAMORIN (SVK): Former two-time winner Fionnuala McCormack was disappointed to finish 12th in the senior women's race at the European Cross Country Championships but the Irishwoman believes she can still claim another title, informs the Irish Independent. "It's of significance to me this time because up until now I was the only one who had won back-to-backs. I dreamt I'd challenge her for the title and I knew it was going to be tough, but I honestly believe I did my best on the build-up. Maybe I'll try to stop her [Can] doing three in a row," she said. Can became just the second athlete in championship history to claim back-to-back titles in the senior women's race.

SAMORIN (SVK): After winning the senior men's race in Samorin, Turkey's Kaan Kigen Ozbilen has set his sights on the Boston Marathon in April. "Anyway it was a tough competition - the cold made the run much harder. I loved the course, it was very special and I even did not mind about the frozen water jumps as they were not too wide. Now I will be preparing for a marathon in Boston," he said in a flash interview.

SAMORIN (SVK): After winning silver in the senior men's race, Adel Mechaal will race next weekend at the Cross Nacional Fiestas de la Virgen in Yecla.

SAMORIN (SVK): Hungary won first individual silver in history of Eurocross by Toth in the U20 race. Knowles-Jones won gold thus completing medal set; she won bronze in 2016 and silver in 2015; previously Gorecka, Purdue, Terzic and Bobocel have won complete set of medals. Ingebrigtsen became 4th runner (after Crippa, Y Rybakov and Bene) to successfully defend the U20 men's race in Euro Cross. First individual gold for Germany by Reh in U23 Women's race in Euro Cross. For the third time in history (after 2009, 2010) France won gold and silver in U23 men's race at Euro Cross. The winning margin of 15 sec tied the maximum winning margin in the women senior race from 1995; however, note that course was much shorter in 1995. For the second time in history of Euro Cross, Turkey won both senior men's individual as well as team title. By Ken Nakamura.

SAMORIN (SVK): Next organisers in Tilburg, Netherlands presented their plans at a press conference here. The course will be run through a safari park. The date for the 25th edition of the event is December 9 under the motto Creating Crossovers.

RunBlogRun opines: The European Cross Country Championships are one of the largest in the world. 537 athletes in over 37 countries! I love to read about the champs (thanks to coverage from Paul Halford, Alfons Juck and European athletics. What distresses me is how kean observers, such as Cathal Dennehy continue to decry the approach that Turkey has taken towards athletes. Now, mind you, it is not just Turkey that does this, but Qatar, Bahrain, among others.

In the European Cross Country Championships, athletes who have switched allegiances, like Meref Bathta, from Sweden, who took six years to change allegiance, and actually adopted their home country, are not the issue. And while the IAAF has put the change of allegiance on hiatus, it is, next to doping, the single biggest issue that can destroy our sport.

We applaud the changes that European Athletics President Sven Arne Hansen and his team are doing for their association. I went to the recent European Athletics Running Business Conference and was totally impressed with the energy, focus and interest in changing the sport. We hope that the European Athletics Association can deal with situations like this. It is amazing to see the U20 and U23 races and the athletes developing, but, when they get to senior ranks, competing with athletes bought by European countries to compete in European Champs.

Cathal Dennehy is one of the finest writers in our sport. He travels the world, and has developed warm relationships with the worlds athletes and coaches, with his fine writing and kean observational skills. Dennehy loves he sport and does not like to see unfair activities or blemishes to our sport. His spirited commentary on how Turkey has taken advantage of the change of allegiance program is an important read. (Cathal Denney writes for many athletic media sites, including RunBlogRun, IAAF )

I hope that all read the article by Cathal Dennehy on this problem!

Turks' shameless talent-grab playing a sick joke on European athletics, by Cathaly Dennehy, written for Irish Independent

41athletics3.jpgYasimin Can, photo by Getty Images for European Athletics (Srdjan Stevanovic)

Another proud day for Kenya at the European Cross-Country Championships. Another 'up yours' from Turkey to the sport of athletics. Another unscrupulous grab at glory by a nation that would rather buy athletes than develop them.

Flanagan_ShalaneFHL1a-NycMar17.jpgShalane Flanagan at NYC Marathon, photo by
Flanagan confirms Boston
BOSTON (USA): New York Marathon winner Shalane Flanagan and Chicago Marathon winner Galen Rupp are both confirmed for the Boston Marathon on 16 April, informs organisers. Flanagan will face a line-up which includes the previously announced reigning champion Edna Kiplagat from Kenya. Other top American names confirmed for the women's line-up include last year's third placer Jordan Hasay; former runner-up Desiree Linden; long-time American record-holder Deena Kastor; world and Olympic 10,000m finalist Molly Huddle; and in-form Sara Hall. On the men's side, last year's runner-up Rupp renews his rivalry with Kenya's reigning champion Geoffrey Kirui. Veterans Dathan Ritzenhein and Abdi Abdirahman are also confirmed.

Tempo runs can help you all year long in your development at a middle distance and cross country runner. After this week, we will provide two-three weeks of easy running as you look towards 2018.

20151212-ROSA0247.jpgThe race is over, photo by Justin Britton

Tuesday, December 12, 2017. warm up, 20 minute tempo run on track, run pace at 30 seconds per mile above our

current 5k racing pace, so if you run 6 minute pace today for 5k race, run tempo at 6:30 pace, and stay

focused. Jog 800 meters, and finish with 4 times 200 meters, easy jog in between, cooldown

Brooks Logo HB.png

110269_406_A_Levitate_480px.pngBrooks Levitate, Men's color, photo from Brooks Running

The Brooks Levitate is a new running shoe from Brooks. The DNA AMP technology is about to be introduced into several other shoes in the Brooks line. What is cool about DNA AMP? It is about bringing new customers to the Brooks brand. Here is the second video that our digital partners, The Shoe Addicts did on the Levitate. We hope you like it!

Reposted December 11, 2017

Original post December 7, 2017

As Brooks is one of the sponsors of this blog, and our network, we encourage you to give the Brooks Levitate a test run! To find the place near you to check it out, just go to the next section of this post and find your local Brooks dealer!

Well, before you hyper ventilate, read the entire press release. RunBlogRun will be highlighting some of the great battles that could unfold later today! As Tom Grilk noted, he could not remember a better field. I am not sure there was ever a better American field, but lets' just enjoy the moment!

Kirui-Rupp-Boston17.jpgKirui versus Rupp, Boston 2017, photo by

Hasay_Jordan1c-Peachtree17.jpgJordan Hasay, photo by

Flanagan_ShalaneFV1a-Baa10k16.jpgShalane Flanagan, photo by

Huddle_MollyH1-BAA5k16.jpgMolly Huddle, photo by

This is the final week of training for 2018. Many schools are hosting HOKA ONE ONE Postal Nationals this week. A fun, fast 2 mile to end your season, see how it works! Check our links below!

CHALL121215-0024.jpgAfter the race, being with your competitors, photo by Justin Britton

Monday, December 11, 2017. warm up, 50 minute easy run, 8 x 150 meter stride outs, cooldown

This is part two of David Hunter's feature on Clayton Murphy's ecstacy then agony. It is a piece for all coaches and athletes to read. There are times that the best laid plans do not work out.

How do you learn from them? How do you get back on the proverbial horse? That is the question.

Clayton Murphy provides some thoughts on where 2018-20 are going. It should be exciting.

Murphy_ClaytonQ-USAout17.jpgClayton Murphy, photo by

Cherono_Lawrence_Honolulu_2017_Victory_Courtesy.jpgLawrence Cherono, photo by

HONOLULU (USA, Dec 10): Reigning champion Brigid Kosgei from Kenya shattered Lyubov Denisova's long-standing course record of 2:27:19 by over five minutes with victory in the Honolulu Marathon in 2:22:14 (71:50/70:24) ahead of teammate Nancy Kiprop (2:29:15) and former two-time winner Joyce Chepkirui (2:33:17). Less than two months after winning the Amsterdam Marathon in a 2:05:09 PB, Lawrence Cherono also won the Honolulu Marathon in a course record of 2:08:26 with splits of 65:02/63:24. Wilson Chebet (2:09:54) and Vincent Yator (2:10:37) were second and third respectively. World record-holder Dennis Kimetto was a DNF after passing through halfway in 70:42.
GUANGZHOU (CHN, Dec 10): Ethiopia's Rahma Tusa won the Guangzhou Marathon in a lifetime best and course record of 2:25:12 ahead of compatriots Sifan Melaku (2:31:21) and Gebreyanesh Ayele (2:32:25). Kenya's Dickson Tuwei won the men's race in 2:10:03 ahead of pre-race favourite Markos Geneti from Ethiopia (2:10:06) and Kenya's Edwin Koech (2:10:27).
MALAGA (ESP, Dec 10): A Kenyan double for Mike Kiprop (2:13:12) and Nancy Koech (2:31:50) in the Malaga Marathon.
REGGIO EMILIA (ITA, Dec 10): Rwanda's Jean-Baptiste Simukeka won the Reggio-Emilia Marathon in 2:16:30 from Morocco's Youness Zitouni (2:17:06) and Slovenia's Rok Puhar (2:17:49). Ethiopia's Maru Alemu Tsehai won the women's race in 2:33:41 from Italy's Laura Gotti (2:38:22).
PHUKET (THA, Dec 10): Japanese athletes dominated the inaugural Phukethon, the first annual running festival on the Thai holiday island of Phuket. Clubmates, Hiroki Kai 2:29:37 and Azusa Nojiri 2:54:07 were the winners.

MONTERREY (MEX, Dec 10): Ethiopian Absida Sori Bedada won the Powerade Monterrey Marathon in 2:13:29. Second Kenyan Rogers Ondaki 2:14:10. In women category Kenyan win for Risper Biyaki 2:45:18.

phuketmenswinner.jpgHiroki Kai, Japan, wins Phukethon Marathon in 2:29:37, photo by Phukethon Marathon

phuketwinner.jpgAzuza Nojuri wins Phukethon Marathon in 2:54:07, photo by Phukethon Marathon

Pat Butcher provided us this piece on the results of the first annual Phukethon. When the globerunner writes, we read.

Hansons 1_480px.jpgCoaches Kevin and Keith Hanson of the Hansons-Brooks ODP, photo courtesy of Brooks Running

Team_480px.jpgHansons-Brooks ODP, photo by Brooks Running

The Hansons-Brooks ODP women captured first place at the 2017 USATF Club Cross Country Championships this past weekend. Here's a quick report on the men and women who ran for Brooks at the USATF Club Championships.

DSC_0747.JPGThe GBR Mixed Relay team, photo by Paul Halford
First ever mixed European relays for Britain

SAMORIN (SVK, Dec 10): The 24th edition of the SPAR European CC Championships and first in Slovakia ended with success for Great Britain with 5 gold medals and 9 bronzes. In total 12 countries got medals and 20 out of 37 had a top 8 position. Here Britain had 83 points ahead of France 71 and Spain third 59 with Turkey fourth 56. More than 1000 spectators followed the event on a sunny, but freezing (temperature minus 1 degree of Celsius) and windy Sunday. Can and Ingebrigtsen defended their titles from Chia 2016. Mixed relay debuted, the participation was a record one with 561 participants at the end of the day. In total 551 runners from 8 countries took part in the open race after the championships programme on the same course. Slovak Jan Filip Kotora won men in 21:09 at 6.28 km. Women winner was Dutch guest and Rio marathon Olympian Andrea Deelstra with 22:14.

Event by event reports

Men's senior - After sitting off the pace in the early stages, Turkey's Kaan Kigen Ozbilen came though in the second-half to become the fourth successive Kenyan-born Turkish winner of this race. He clocked 29:45 ahead of European indoor 3000m champion Adel Mechaal (29:54) and Brit Andrew Butchart (30:00). Reigning champion Aras Kaya from Turkey fell in the opening stages but came back to finish seventh in 30:14 while medal contender Dewi Griffiths was a DNF due to injury. Team places: TUR, ESP, GBR.

Women's senior - Yasemin Can easily defended her title in 26:48 ahead of Sweden's Meraf Bahta (27:03) and Norway's Karoline Bjerkeli Grovdal (27:04). Team places: GBR, ROU, TUR.

Men's U23 - The French took a surprise one-two with two-time U20 fourth placer Jimmy Gressier winning from Hugo Hay, 24:35 to 24:37. European U23 5000m champion Yemaneberhan Crippa was third in 24:42 while European U23 10,000m champion Carlos Mayo was only fifth in 24:46. Team places: FRA, BEL, GBR.

Women's U23 - The outcome from the Darmstadt Cross was repeated with Alina Reh defeating Konstanze Klosterhalfen, 20:22 to 20:25. Jessica Judd was an isolated third in 20:45 but led the Brits to team gold. Team places: GBR, GER, TUR.

Men's U20 - Reigning champion Jakob Ingebrigtsen from Norway relied on his sprint finish as he defended his title in 18:39 by two seconds from Turkey's Ramazan Barbaros and France's Louis Gilavert (18:45). Team places: ESP, FRA, TUR.

Women's U20 - After silver in 2015 and bronze in 2016, Harriet Knowles-Jones strode to victory in 13:48 by a comfortable margin from Hungary's Lili Anna Toth (13:59) and Germany's Mariam Dattke (14:03). Team places: GBR, ITA, ESP.

Mixed relay - Tom Marshall anchored the British team (Melissa Courtney, Cameron Boyek and Sarah McDonald) to the inaugural mixed relay title in 18:24. Jakub Holusa finished quickly to claim silver ahead of the Spaniards in 18:25 to ensure the Czech Republic's first ever medal in European Cross Country Championships history.

Cherono_Lawrence_Honolulu_2017_Victory_Courtesy.jpgLawrence Cherono runs 2:08:26 CR for Honolulu Marathon, photo courtesy of Honolulu Marathon Association

Kosgei_Brigid_Honolulu_2017_Victory_Courtesy.jpgBrigid Kosgei sets new CR of 2:22:14 on Honolulu Marathon course today, photo by Honolulu Marathon Association

The Honolulu Marathon had two fast winning times and course records today. Here's David Monti's story on the Honolulu Marathon and the switf races on a course that, for 45 years has had fast people running modest times. Well, that one is over!

DSC_0737.JPGYasmin Can wins European Cross Country in Samorin, photo by Paul Halford

DSC_0747.JPGThe British mixed relay team, photo by Paul Halford

Paul Halford covered the European Cross Country for us. His column is a thought piece on lessons from Samorin. I think that you will like it!

Ed Cheserek won 17 NCAA titles. A consumate racer, Ed Cheserek went pro in the fall of 2017. At the Silicon Valley Turkey Trot, with 20,000 of his closest friends, Ed Cheserek won the SVT 5k in 13:38, a ways ahead of the field. In San Jose, Ed Cheserek won his first professional race. Now sponsored by Skechers Performance, the brand is putting alot on Ed, as they reach out to the coveted young performance runners, and continue to build their Skechers Performance brand.


Edward Cheserek kick's past Mirriam Cherop to win the second annual Kalakaua Merrie Mile in Honolulu in 3:58.1 (photo by Jane Monti for Race Results Weekly)
In this piece on the 2nd annual Merrie Mile, David Monti writes on this exciting handicapped mile race!

The long run was one of my favorite days each week during trianing cycles. Early on, they can be a pain but as you hit the fitness level you desire, they are a wonderful time to enjoy nature, write papers, consider a challenging life issue as you run 90 minutes to two hours.

20151212-ROSA0125.jpgCatching your breath, photo by

Enjoy the day, and much of the snow around the country. If you are in Southern California, consider the smoke and how it affects your running.

Sunday, December 10, 2017. warm up, 80-85 minutes, in hills, cooldown

Kimetto_Honolulu_On_Beach_2017_Jane_Monti.jpgDennis Kimetto, on the beach, 2017 Honolulu Marathon, (photo by Jane Monti for Race Results Weekly), used with permission

honolulu marathon .jpg

(left to right) Lawrence Cherono, Dennis Kimetto and Wilson Chebet of Kenya in advance of the 2017 Honolulu Marathon on Waikiki Beach (photo by Jane Monti for Race Results Weekly)
The last big race of 2017, the Honolulu marathon is just 18 hours away. Here's David Monti's take on the elite race.

SOH1.jpgSoh Rui Yong, SEA champion

For decades, Pat Butcher, aka the Globe Runner travels the world, finding fascinating races and wonders. Now, Pat only picks certian races that truly define the destination marathon craze. The Phukethon is one of those! Read on!

DSC_0711.JPGAthletes touring the course, love the huge stallion! photo by Paul Halford


The start of the Euro Cross course, photo by Paul HalfordDSC_0705_1.JPGTh finish line for 2017 Euro Cross Champs, photo by Paul Halford

Paul Halford is in Samorin, Slovakia, covering the European Cross Country Champs. Here is his preview.

The BAA has done amazingly well at the USA Cross Country Champs over the years, and Sarah Pagano won the title, in the last event coached by Terrance Mahon, who is moving back to California with his wife, three time Olympian and multi distance star Jenn Rhines.

Both men and women's BAA teams took second in the elite division! Congrats on races well run!

Pagano_Sarah-USAxc17.jpgSarah Pagnano, photo by

World Championship silver medalist at 800 meters has run the 1500 meters, he has run the 3000 meters, and yes, the 800 meters. But never has he run the marathon, which he will attempt on Sunday, December 10, 2017.

Here is how David Monti sums it all up.

Symmonds_Nick_Waikiki_Beach_06-Dec-2017_Taylor_Dutch.pngNick Symmonds, photo by Taylor Dutch for RRW, used with permission.

Carles Baronet, our dear friend from Catalonia, compiles and edits all of our results list for the past six years. His work is selfless, and his attention to detail makes his list, on European, US, Africa and Caribbe, extremely reliable.

Here is the beginning of the 2017-18 season for USA and Canada, please enjoy!

Lyles_NoahFHH-USind17.jpgNoah Lyles set a 300m WR in 2017, photo by

DO2G933W0AEgc9H.jpgGeoff Wightman interviews Perry Shakes-Drayton at BAWA Awards, photo by Stuart Weir

In his second article on the British Athletic Writers Awards, Stuart Weir writes on the absolute athletic oddysey of Perry Shakes-Drayton, her injuries, her belief in herself and positive view of life. The piece is truly inspirational.

Nick Willis may be the most under rated miler of his era. His bronze medal in 2016 was an amazing feat in Rio, and if you rewatch the moves over the last 50 meters, Nick Willis moved worthy of Bernard Lagat at his finest.

Nick Willis, like all track gladiators, is looking for new challenges. He wants to double, perhaps over 1500 meters and 5000 meters in the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

I thought that this story on Nick Willis, by RRW's David Monti would be a good read for a Saturday morning.

WIllis_NickFV-BaaMile17.jpgNick Willis, BAA Mile 2017, photo by

DO2bQVQWsAEe_RE.jpgDame Mary Peters with Mark Woods, Chair of BAWA, photo by Stuart Weir

DO2R-jVXkAACRZm.jpgJames Mulligan, European Athletics media manager, with Laura Muir, BAWA athlete of year, photo by Stuart Weir

My meeting with Stu Weir several years ago was most fortiutous. Not only did I find a thoughtful writer, but a man with which I can disuss philosophy and the power of faith. A man who lives by example, and a man who can crack me up at a moments notice, Stuart is enjoyed by the athletes for his wry sense of humor.

The weekend of the Honolulu Marathon has evolved, like all successful marathon races. This piece, from David Monti of Race Results Weekly, is about the fun approach that will be taken for the Merrie Mile, the second annual mind you!

This year, the fields are stacked and the men know that they have to bust their butts to make up the 26 second handicap! Read on!

Sifuentes_Finish_Merrie_Mile_2016_Jane_Monti.jpgNicole Sifuentes leads Shannon Osika in 2016 Merrie Mile, photo by David Monti, used with permission

The big races of the season are here. How do you show your training for the past 25-28 weeks? It is up to you. Best wishes today, give it your all and know that you left nothing back.


Saturday, December 9, 2017.warm up, Big season cross country race, cooldown finish up with , 4x150 meters,


RunBlogRun opines: This is part one of a two piece series on Clayton Murphy, the 2016 Rio Olympic bronze medalist at the 800 meters. In 2017, Clayton Murphy took on some new challenges, and it did not work out according to his plan. The evolution of a middle distance runner has its ups and downs. For Clayton Murphy, 2017 was, well, as David Hunter just described it, a roller coast year. This is David Hunter's coverage of a surprising year of 2017 for Clayton Murphy.

Murphy_ClaytonQ-Rio16.jpgClayton Murphy, photo by

This is the day before the big race, the FootLocker Cross Country! Relax on your run today. Keep those in Southern California in your thoughts and prayers.

20151212-ROSA0051.jpgFinal thoughts just before the race, photo by Justin Britton

Friday, warm up, easy 45-50 minute run with four 150 meter stride outs, then cooldown

U23WomenLeaders-EuroXC16.jpgU23 European Cross Country Championships, photo by
The 2017 European Athletics Cross Country Championships are being held December 10, 2017 in Samorin, Slovakia. With over 550 athletes from 37 countries, the European Cross Country Championships is a healthy example of how cross country should be supported. Here are some updates from Samorin, courtesy of EME News, our partner covering athletics news from around the world.

GirlsStartFE1e-FLfinals16.jpgFootLocker Cross Country 2016

For many years since the series began, I have ventured to, first the Kinney, then, the Foot Locker Cross Country Championships. The race series has welcomed many American middle and long distance runners to championship running. The program is quite simple, put on 4 regional races, let the runners pick themselves, and take top ten Boys and Girls to the Foot Locker CC Champs in San Diego, California.

I remember, one year, visiting with the late Doug Speck, and enjoying the race even more, with Doug's comments on top athletes, coaches, programs and his admiration of the event.

The Foot Locker has continued to grow and evolve, and is now sponsored by New Balance. New Balance is bringing a new life to the series.

The team at Foot Locker love the event and protect the quality of the event. With the help of an enthusiastic sponsor, the quality of the event is upped once again. Some of the finest athletes ever are racing in San Diego this weekend.

I really do not like the NXN or Foot Locker? commentary. Each event is so different. I see NXN as the national team champs, and love how Nike supports the event and hosts the event, like no one else can.

The Foot Locker is this Horatio Alger story, where runners from South Dakota and Alabama can race to their hearts content, to see who the best Boy and Girl cross country runners are in the country. New Balance is upping the game on the cool things for the runners.

What does this do? Both events make cross country runners feel special, and that is what is important.

On Saturday, December 9, 40 boy and girl high school cross country runners will battle to see who is the Foot Locker champion. Two races, 5000 meters each, on a challenging course, with fans, and warm weather.

Run BlogRun opines: Mariya Lasitskene is the finest women high jumper in the world. She was always courteous and would speak about the high jump. She was, as one would expect, tired of being a spokesperson for her country and its current ban from athletics. This video below is a lot of fun, and it gives you a little more of her personality.

In the second section, we have a note on Mariya opening in Minsk on 23 December from Alfonz Juck at EME News.

"Sorry, I'm making video and not a picture"🤣 #highjump #trackandfield

A post shared by Мария Ласицкене (@lasitskene.maria) on

Morris_Sandi-Millrose17.jpgSandi Morris, photo by
Morris will start in Reno
GREENVILLE (USA): Pole Vaulter Sandi Morris has said she was plagued by back injuries in 2017 but still won a silver medal at the World Championships despite "not feeling 100%", informs Track & Field News. "I would feel completely fine for a week or so and then something would just trigger it. Whether it was in the weight room or a long jump session, my back would just lock up and I couldn't breathe and then I'd be out of commission for three days. So then the whole year I was kind of tiptoeing around the weight room. I wasn't able to lift the weight that I needed to in order to get strong," she said. Morris will open her indoor season at the Pole Vault Summit meeting in Reno in January and is aiming to compete at the World Indoor Championships in Birmingham.
Morris_Sandi1-USind17.jpgSandi Morris, photo by

Each year, in early October, The Shoe Addicts and RunBlogRun visit the Windy City prior to the Bank of America Chicago Marathon. The Shoe Addicts wanted to capture the excitement around the week of the Chicago Marathon in all things Nike. Nike is the official apparel and footwear sponsor of the Bank of America Chicago Marathon. During the week prior to the marathon, NIke Chicago has special events around marathon, to encourage not only the runners, but the families of runners and fans of the marathon to attend. Nike Chicago is a sanctuary of sport, celebrating sports in general, but, also, and most importantly, celebrating the sporting events of Chicago.

The Bank of America Chicago Marathon is like no other marathon in North America. The Windy City celebrates the citizen runner, and the elite race up front.

The Nike Chicago store is worth a visit. Enjoy the video from The Shoe Addicts.

David Rudisha thinks 2019

Rudisha_DavidFV1-OlyGames16.jpgDavid Rudisha wins Rio 2016 Olympic gold, photo by
Rudisha thinks 2019
NAIROBI (KEN): Two-time Olympic 800m champion David Rudisha has recovered from injury and is focusing primarily on the 2019 season. After taking time out of training to bury his step-sister earlier this week, the Kenyan told Citizen News: "Right now am fully fit no pain and am training well for my next race next season. My main season will be 2019 and 2020 because of the world championship and the Olympics so I will use next season as a build up to that."
RunBlogRun opines: David Rudisha is one of the finest middle distance runners in the world. His 2012 London Olympic gold, won from the front, and with a World Record and gold medal at the finish of the race. Rudisha was injured from 2013-2014. In 2015, Rudisha won the World Champs in Beijing, while not being back to his complete fitness. In 2016, in Rio de Janiero, David Rudisha took the lead after 500 meters, and ran to victory, his second gold medal over 800 meters. That night, on BBC radio, I was asked if David Rudisha was the finest 800 meter runner ever, and I answered in the affirmative.
Rudisha_David1-IAAFgala16.jpgDavid Rudisha, IAAF Gala 2016, photo by
Coming back to fitness is one of the toughest things that an athlete can do. I recall a conversation with Wilson Kipketer in April 2014, before the Copenhagen World Half Marathon. Wilson told me how he tried to regain fitness way too fast several times, and it did not work. David Rudisha is smart, taking his time to recover that amazing level of fitness that gives us, his fans, the amazing feeling of watching a great athlete in full flight. That is what we hope to see, once again, in 2019.

This is Thursday, December 7. It is a relatively light day. So, warm up, get on the track and change some gears. Sprint the straights, and jog the turns. Then, cooldown well and get changed.

CHALL121215-8716.jpgWarming up, photo by Justin Britton

You have a race in just two days.

Thursday, December 7, 2017. warm up, warm up, two miles on track, sprint straightways, jog turns, cooldown

Francis_PhyllisFH1a-London17.jpgPhyllis Francis wins World Champs 400 meters, photo by
Francis eyes World Indoors
COLLEGE STATION (USA): Surprise 400 m World champion Phyllis Francis wants to target World Indoors in Birmingham. That was confirmed during her visit last week to IAAF Awards. Francis who won two gold medals in London in summer (also the relay) never competed at the World Indoors so far. She might run also one or two races before the US Indoor Championships serving also as the trials for Birmingham on February 16-18 in Albuquerque.

Under Armour has been trying to break out of the performance running shoe oddysey for a decade. Like the iconic character Oddyseus, Under Armour has faced challenge after challenge, with some of the finest people in the running business trying to help the brand. Like Oddyseus, UA has come close, but coming close means nothing in the shoe business. You either make great shoes, or, you are not a player. There are no participation ribbons in performance running shoes. UA has the infrastructure, size and money to support a strong running performer. They have just not had the product.

IMG_0800.JPGTopher Gaylord with UA's new shoe, Hovr Sonic, photo by RunBlogRun

Part of the problem may have been over enthusiastic management. Running looks fun, and after a while everyone wants to be part of the game. The problem is that just does not work. To make a proper running shoe, to build a running brand, one must have consistently great product, one shoe building on another. I suggest a benign dictatorship or an enlightened monarchy. There must be one person that all answer to, someone who has the final decision. This is not the job for someone with a thin skin. Running requires evolution, but just enough evolvement to keep current customers and make new customers curious. As runners are creatures of both habit and comfort, running footwear has to recognize that.

Biggest mistake running brands make? Taking core and young performance for granted. Young performance are your future, core is your present and future. Every brand has done this, some worse than others. The brands that are kicking butt in perfomance running today; On running, HOKA ONE ONE, New Balance, all do it old school: great product, service, retail channel support, and support of the sport.

Orth_Florian-EuroXC16.jpgEuropean Cross Country Champs, 2016, photo by
Participation record expected
SAMORIN (SVK): A record 575 athletes from 37 nations are due to compete at the European Cross Country Championships in Samorin, Slovakia on 10 December. Top figures so far were registered in Belgrade 2013 with 525 runners from 36 countries. The men's U20 race is the best attended race on the programme with 111 athletes from 31 countries due to compete, also junior girls with 107 are impressive. In the senior category 83 men and 80 women are expected to compete and in the U23 categories 86 men and 64 women. As already informed in the inaugural mixed relays 11 teams are confirmed.

Sponsor John Hancock announced that the 2017 winners of Boston, Edna Kiplagat and Geoffrey Kirui, will be returning for the 2018 Boston Marathon. The Boston Marathon is less than five months away, and the top marathners around the world are in training for this iconic race. Here's the press release and video on the race.

Kirui_GeoffreyFV1c-BostonM17.jpgGeoffrey Kirui, photo by

Kiplagat_Edna-WC17.jpgEdna Kiplagat, photo by

RunBlogRun opines: We like the Salomon brand. The new product approach under Simon Bartold has been fascinating to watch: three shoes that evolve with your improving fitness, showcasing a contrarian view to running footwear. Now, a series of trail races with a great prize purse, iconic sites and the strictest anti-doping in trail racing, even a challenge to the TUEs phenomenon.

We've included the full presser plus the video from Salomon, enjoy! (And remember to try their new product line).

Salomon series.jpg

Awards given at the Owens Banquet

Coburn_EmmaFV1a-WorCH17.jpgEmma Coburn, photo by
Lyles_NoahFHH-USind17.jpgNoah Lyles, photo by
Kendricks_Sam-Lausanne17.jpgSam Kendricks, photo by
Awards given at the Owens Banquet
COLUMBUS (USA): Top athletes, performances and more were recognized at the 2017 Jesse Owens Awards Banquet as part of USATF Annual Meeting Saturday night in Columbus, Ohio. Emma Coburn was honored as Jackie Joyner-Kersee Awardee for her outstanding achievement at this year's IAAF World Championships. Also honored was Jesse Owens Athlete of the Year Sam Kendricks, who video chatted with the audience from where he's currently fulfilling his duty to the U.S. Army Reserves. USATF also recognized Youth Athlete of the Year Jakobe Ford, Masters Athlete of the Year Sabra Harvey, Nike Coach of the Year Jerry Schumacher, Robert Giegengack Award recipient Mamie Rallins and the first ever USATF Alumni Hometown Hero Awards to Jim Lorimer and Harry McKnight. Justin Gatlin won the 2017 Best World Championships Track Performance for his 100 m gold. Brittney Reese the 2017 Best World Championships Field Performance and Shalane Flanagan the 2017 Best Road Racing Performance for her NYC Marathon win. Noah Lyles for his 300 m World all-time indoor best 31.87 got the 2017 Best Non-World Championships Track & Field Performance.

Ben Connor won the British men's Trial, as a member of the club, Team New Balance. Team NB is similar to the group training and living conditions of Nike Oregon Track Club, Bowerman Track Club, Nike Oregon Project and HOKA ONE ONE Northern Arizona Elite. Paul Halford writes about Ben's continuing evolution as a runner.

Yulimar Rojas shoots for Tokyo 2020


Rojas_Yulimar1-WorC17.jpgYulimar Rojas, London World Champs, photo by

Rojas_Yulimar-WorC17.jpgYulimar Rojas, London World Champs, photo by

CARACAS (VEN): After winning silver at the Rio Olympics last summer, Yulimar Rojas is targeting triple jump gold in Tokyo 2020. "Venezuela isn't a country that can win lots of medals, such as the US. But for the few that we do have, the feeling we hold dear in our hearts. From that moment I knew I wanted to be a heroine to my land. It was a great duel [with Caterine Ibarguen]. It was a fantastic night for me. It was a dream to have an Olympic medal on my chest - a day I will never forget. But it gave me a goal: to hear the Venezuelan national anthem in Tokyo in 2020," she told the IAAF.

Rojas_YulimarQ-WorC17.jpgYulimar Rojas, Qualifying, London 2017, photo by

RunBlogRun opines: Yulimar Rojas is a talented athlete with huge focus and heart. Her TJ technique continues to improve. Her duels with Caterine Ibarguen are classic athlete versus athlete, all on the table and see who can outdo who. This is the essence of what our sport is all about: the competition. Rojas has, if she so desires, many years of competition in front of her.

Today is Wednesday, December 6. Enjoy your light run as you prepare for FootLocker Champs, USATF Juniors.

One day at a time.

20151212-ROSA0046.jpgFinal preps, photo by Justin Britton

Wednesday, warm up, easy 45-55 minute minute run, four times 150 meter stride outs, cooldown, easy


The amazing running at the end of the season is the product of hard workouts and focus. This week, the last of the season, just follow our workouts, and keep it focused.

CHALL121215-9990.jpgPutting on the spikes, photo by Justin Britton

Tuesday, December 5, 2017. warm up, 20 minute tempo run on track, run pace at 30 seconds per mile above our

current 5k racing pace, so if you run 6 minute pace today for 5k race, run tempo at 6:30 pace, and stay

focused. Jog 800 meters, and finish with 4 times 200 meters, easy jog in between, cooldown

Sondre Moen .jpg
European record for Moen
FUKUOKA (JPN, Dec 3): Norway's Sondre Nordstad Moen caused a stir in the Fukuoka Marathon, claiming the victory in a European marathon record of 2:05:48 with splits of 63:19/62:29. "I was confident that I could run 2:07, and on a good day perhaps even 2:06, but I did not expect 2:05," he told the IAAF after his record-breaking run. Moen (coached by Italian Renato Canova) shaved 4:19 from his lifetime best and Norwegian record and improved the European record jointly held by France's Benoit Zwierzchlewski and Portugal's Antonio Pinto by 0:48. Former world and Olympic marathon champion Stephen Kiprotich from Uganda was second in 2:07:10 with Alberto Salazar-coached Suguru Osako third in a 2:07:19 PB. Kenya's Bedan Karoki faded to fourth in 2:08:44 after making a surge at the 30km checkpoint. Yuki Kawauchi finished ninth in 2:10:53.

The Mt.SAC cross country course is the home of the Western Regional Foot Locker Cross Country. Held on December 2, 2017, same time as the NXN, some runners are forced to make clear decisions.

New Balance is in it's second year of sponsorship, and they actually act like they love being the sponsor and treat the kids like they are the finest athletes in the universe. This is life changing for the young athletes, and the top ten boys an girls who will come to San Diego on December 9, 2017 to race the 40 best boys and girls from the 4 Foot Locker regionals will never forget that experience.

Claudia Lane just dominated this race, how will anyone battle her in Balboa Park? Kashon Harrison looked to be running within himself. We will have to see how he fares with the three other regionals. My suspsicion is that Kashon has some serious wheels in a close finish!

Lane_Claudia1b-FLw17.JPGClaudia Lane wins the FL Western Regional, photo by

Harrison_KashonLeds1M1-FLw17.JPGKashon Harrison, photo by

RAK logo .png

There is something about the RAK Half marathon that makes runners run very, very fast.

Jepchirchir_PeresFV1-RAK17.JPGPeres Jepchirchir sets then WR for half marathon, photo by

This coming year, RunBlogRun will try and learn what makes this race one of the true jewels of road racing. Located in the United Arab Emirates, Ras Al Khaimah, the RAK Half Marathon is the fastest half marathon in the world.

RunBlogRun and the Shoe Addicts are excited to be covering the race for our readers, from the press conferences prior and post, to Live coverage of the event, to photos capturing many of the iconic images of the race and Ras Al Khaimah.

Stay tuned for more updates!

If you want to run the World's fastest Half Marathon, please click on

Chris O'Hare-1.jpgChris O'Hare, GB number 1, not funded, photo by David Wearn

Laura Weightman-2.jpegLaura Weightman, not funded, photo by David Wearn

In this week's column, Paul Halford writes about the frustrations for many world class British athletes on funding by British Athletics and some of the peculiar decisions.

Cosmas Koech .jpgCosmas Koech wins 2017 Men's Standard Chartered Singapore marathon, photo courtesy of Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon

Standard-Chartered-Singapore-Marathon-2017-Race-Results-4.jpgPamela Rotich won the women's 2017 Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon, photo from Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon

Our correspondent from Kenya, Justin Lagat, wrote about the succesful runs by Kenyan athletes in humid Singapore on Sunday, December 3, 2017.

The Cal International Marathon has a near cult following in the Golden State. Great level of competition, rolling course, nearly perfect weather and great time of year (early December).

This year, two very different elite races upfront!

Sara Hall was emboldened by her fine run in Frankfurt, Germany, where she took fifth and ran a fine PB of 2:27:21 at the Mainova Frankfurt Marathon in cool, but windy conditions. Five weeks later, in Sacramento, California, Sara takes the lead and never lets up, winning the California International Marathon in 2:28:10. Sara should open a few eyes as she fires her first salvos for the 2020 U.S. Olympic Trials. Hall is the first women to win USA titles from the mile to the marathon, and a few in between.

IMG_0860.JPGSara Hall wins CIM!, photo by David Monti, Race Results Weekly, used with permission

Tim Ritchie, known as a half marathoner, will now be known as a US champion marathoner. Using his race experience, Tim stayed behind and made his move after 20 miles. Finally, at 24 miles, Tim dropped a 4:51 mile and took the lead, winning in 2:11:55, his PB by a super three minutes!

IMG_0859.JPGTim Ritchie wins CIM, his first USA title and PBs by three minutes, photo by David Monti, Race Results Weekly, used with permission

Enjoy David Monti's fine piece on this iconic race.

And the 5,000 meters of the NXN is tougher than it looks. The large trees and manicured fields provide this buccolic look and feel. But, mother Nature makes sure that the race is energy sapping. And just when you think that there is nothing left, there is that final 150 meters, sprinting, charging and being uplifted by the roars of the fans.

Each year, on the first Saturday in December, for 12 years now, the fans, the runners, the hype and the weather all add their contribution. Face it, this is an event only Nike can do! The Runnerspace TV is one of the finest quality broadcasts anywhere. The support of the worlds most eccentric sports marketing company, Nike, provides the elite youngsters chances to see the likes of World Champ medalists, and Olympic medalists, and yes, Chicago marathon winners.

541431_full.jpgAidan Troutner, Broudey Hasty battle, James Mwaura battling for third, photo courtesy of

Aidan Troutner entertained this Northwestern city with his gutty charge over the last, exhausting meters of the race, holding on and taking the victory! Troutner's race was like a poker player. For 4,500 meters, Aidan did not play his hand. At 14:06 into the race, Aidan made this made charge past a fading Danny Kilrea, caught Mwaura and Hasty, and then it was down to two.

Aidan Troutner knows how to finish. Up the final hill, and then, a mad sprint to the finish, and Aidan Troutner took the boys title at the NXN in 15:03! Absolute madness! What a race!

NXN is dreams fulfilled and dashed, mud, sprinting and screaming, for five thousand, energy sapping meters!

To watch the official video from Runnerspace, go to here:

UPSET CITY‼️Utah's Aidan Troutner WINS #NXN in 15:03! 👏🙌 . #xc #crosscountry #running

A post shared by MileSplit (@milesplit) on

How do you describe domination? Katlyn Tuohy took control steps after the start, and by 1 kilometer, she had over 100 meters, and it never stopped. Watch the race video, it is amazing. Running against the finest high school girl cross country runners in the country, Katlyn Tuohy, a sophomore, ran with her entire focus.

k touhy twitter.jpgKatelyn Tuohy flies over NXN, photo from

Watching her run was both exhilerating and enthralling. Katlyn continued to push herself the entire way. You know that line from the coach that you hear about challenging yourself? Well, Katlyn Tuohy battled herself the entire race. Once she broke it open, she accelerated and won by 39 seconds!

This writer loves the NXN, and for this writer, there is no better day that cold, rain and mud. As nine time USA cross country champ, Lynn Jennings once noted, "Be one with the mud!"

Manilus won the girls title for the 11th of 12 years going. That is not domination, that is super star dom in girls' cross country.

But, this race was all about Katelyn Tuohy, who ran and ran, and ran, trying to get close to the sun. Her 16:44.7 was inspiring, exhilerating and, well, a tribute to the amazing drive and focus of this fine athlete.

To see the entire brilliance of the race, please check out the race video courtesy of Nike and (

Full results below the Instagram photo we posted from NXN.

The FootLocker regionals and the NXNs were awesome this past weekend. The FootLocker nationals are happening December 9, 2017. The European Cross Country Champs are held December 10, 2017 in Samorin, SVK. The USATF Club Champs are December 9, 2017. Lots of big races to come.

CHALL121215-0019.jpgRecovering from the race, photo by Justin Britton

Stay fit, and keep running. One more week!

Monday, December 4, 2017. warm up, 50 minute easy run, 8 x 150 meter stride outs, cooldown

Long runs in December. Sometimes snow, sometimes cold, sometmes rain, sometimes, brighty, sunny days.. Most long runs were those special days that did much for me, and are part of my memories.

Make memories today.

20151212-ROSA0191.jpgRacing championship races, photo by Justin Britton

Sunday, December 3, 2017. warm up, 80-85 minutes, in hills, cooldown

On loosing a sibling


I am the oldest of five siblings.

My name is Larry Eder. I was borning September 11, 1958.

My twin sites, Mary Beth and Mary Lou came into the world on December 5, 1959.

My next sibling is my sister Kathy, who was born on December 5, 1960! Yes, the exact same date as the twins!

Just a year part!

My youngest sibling is my brother, Brian, born on March 29, 1963.

Here is a picture of my sister Beth (left), myself, and my sister, Lou, from March 1960.

IMG_0854.JPGBeth, Larry, Lou, March 1960, photographed by Marilu Eder (my mom)

Updated December 4, 2017 to correct spelling errors and add some clarifications.

This column is about my sister, Beth who died on December 1, 2017.

On Saturday, the NXN Championships and FootLocker West regionals are the final days of some runners' seaons. The racing is intense at this level. It is all about finding that final kick, improving that last few seconds, and asking, do I really want it?

CHALL121215-0014.jpgTrying to remember how to breathe, post race, photo by Justin Britton

Saturday, December 2, 2017. warm up, Big season cross country race, cooldown finish up with ,


This is Friday. This is the day before the California FootLocker and NXN nationals, good luck to all! 20151212-ROSA0051.jpg Friday, December 1, 2017. warm up, easy 45-50 minute run with four 150 meter stride outs, then cooldown

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