2018 Rome DL Diary: The Golden Gala Cookery competition


The contestants.jpgAisha Praught Leer, Emma Coburn, Sandra Perkovic, Mason Finley, Photos:FIDAL MONTESANO/FIDAL. E'

Hard at work.jpgThe contestants are hard at work, Photos:FIDAL MONTESANO/FIDAL. E'

Aisha has the judges' attention.jpgAisha has the judges' attention, Photos:FIDAL MONTESANO/FIDAL. E'

Mason looks as if is is above to launch the lid.jpgMason looks like he is about to launch the discus, Photos:FIDAL MONTESANO/FIDAL. E'

The Golden Gala Cookery competition

The discus team.jpgThe discus team, Photos:FIDAL MONTESANO/FIDAL. E'

You know the saying: "When in Rome, do as the Romans do". Well, 4 athletes who will be in more familiar territory on Thursday evening, took the opportunity to learn some of the secrets of Italian cookery under the tuition of Italian chef Carmine De Angelis .

Of course there was a competitive element to it with the discus team of Sandra Perkovic and Mason Finlay taking on Aisha Praught and Emma Coburn.

Vegetable preparation made easy.jpgVegtables made easy, Photos:FIDAL MONTESANO/FIDAL. E'

The two teams had to prepare two typical dishes from the Lazio region: Maltagliati pasta with Atina beans, Black cheek lard and Picinisco pecorino, and Buffalo meat carpaccio from the Agro Pontino with cruditè of artichokes from Sezze and extra virgin olive oil of Priverno.

Perkovic looks on as the judges decide.jpgSandra Perkovic looks on as the judges decide, Photos:FIDAL MONTESANO/FIDAL. E'

To ensure fair play, Cassandra Tate was part of the jury which judged the results. Tate told me "It was fun. I was only a judge so my job was easier than the other athletes. Judging was mainly about presentation".

Judge Tate takes a closer look.jpgJudge Tate takes a closer look, Photos:FIDAL MONTESANO/FIDAL. E'

Perkovic said afterwards: "It was great fun. My cooking was no so good but at least the discus team won."

The poof of the pasta is in the eating.jpgThe Proof of the Pasta is in the eating, Photos:FIDAL MONTESANO/FIDAL. E'

The best bit.jpgEmma Coburn, Aisha Praught Leer, Photos:FIDAL MONTESANO/FIDAL. E'

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