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This blog has a lofty goal-to change the way you see, read, and experience the sport of athletics! Over the next several months, we will introduce to you blogs from several key players in our sport. They will have different opinions, positions and even specialties, however, they will have one theme in common: they want to change our sport for the better!

In all honesty, if done well, media, whether it be in print, electronic, radio, broadband tv or television are acts of sedition. Their goals are to challenge you, entertain you, inform you, but most of all, the dream is to get you to act.

For the next several weeks, you will see daily notes from me on our sport, my commentaries, observations, thoughts, and we ask that you consider them and respond.

So, to begin, my name is Larry Eder. I publish a group of athletics publications under the company name, Shooting Star Media, Inc. I am a former athlete, coach, and still a fan of the sport. From my vantage point in the sports publishing world, I believe that I see some of the reasons why our sport does not get the headlines, tv coverage or sponsorship many think it deserves.

Your responsibility, if you choose to get involved in this dialogue, is to read, comment, and if something makes sense, act locally.

Thanks for reading my first entry, and I look forward to writing for you

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