Keith Peters, Going Green, One step at a time, by Larry Eder


Keith Peters ( has been reborn. In truth, anyone who knows Keith and has followed him over the past two decades will see that his emergence as a leader in the green running movement is a natural evolution from his time as a local race director to a Nike Communications manager to the original developer of Nike content on the web in 1996, to his company and focus on eco-logistics.

Peters is a thoughtful eco-warrior. Yet, warrior may be a bad word. He does not see it as a war, but a cause. Keith believes hat using common sense, one can make any race more eco aware and lower the carbon footprint of the event. I encourage you to re read the interview that we did with Keith in April 2008 ( linked above).

95 percent of athletes prefer green events, 82 percent will spend more on a green event and 80 percent prefer green certification.

Keith Peters spoke this afternoon at the Running USA on How to Make one's event more green. He spent most of his time speaking on the Council for Reponsible Sport, located in Portland, Oregon and established in 2007 (, this group has a certification process for races and sporting events to help the events make a smaller carbon footprint. Things as simple as using only online registration, shipping via truck instead of overnight shipping. Peters ask us to consider reusing race materials, sharing race materials.

In going over the site, much of the certification metrics is common sense. An investment in the community, helping make a park or river trail better, all of those things are quite popular in this time. Take advantage of the spirit of the times, as our President has asked us to do, and contribute to the local community. The Council for Responsible Sport makes some very good points, so we encourage you to check this out.

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