Vlasic hits 2 meters for 40th meet in row! by Alfons Juck,


In a great duel with Thornblad, Vlasic hit two meters for the 40th meet in a row! Photo credit to Photo Run.net.

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Vlasic two metres in 40th meet in a row and great duel Thornblad, Williams both 236 equalling world lead

BANSKA BYSTRICA (SVK, Feb 11): World champion Blanka Vlasic got the jubilee 40th meet in a row over two metres and got from the organisers of 16th Europa SC High Jump meeting in Central Slovakia 40 roses. But she was not satisfied because after excellent two metres clearance she went directly to new world lead 205 and missed it three times without any signs to achieve it. "I was simply tired, the crowds were great, I was not able to jump higher," she said. Vlasic won three out of her four Banska Bystrica appearances in last four years. Her progression was excellent with first time clearances at 185 and 192 and two attempts at 198. Spanish record holder Ruth Beitia had again close attempts at two metres and finished second with 198. French Melanie Skotnik after nice 195 jump tried three times at overall French record 198 and she was not far away. After that nobody expected that something like this will follow. Linus Thornblad after missing two meets due to illness jumped in great style and successfully replaced Stefan Holm as hero of Banska Bystrica. He had first time clearances at all heights including his three season bests 232, 234 and 236. Before that he easily mastered 220, 224, 228 and 230. His first failure was registered at 238. Unbelievable. Then he was little bit tired but showed his possibilities. "Stefan send me an SMS that I should bring home the win, so I did not had any other chance just to do it. Next year when Jesse Williams will come again and push me like today I think we clear 240," said the Swede who equalled the world lead of Russian Ivan Ukhov from Arnstadt. For Thornblad his second best result ever. Williams was more than stronger opponent for him. Last year he achieved here 232 indoor PB. This year he came with new PB 234 from Arnstadt. And he had enough self-confidence when after clearing 230 in third and 232 in first he passed 234 after Thornblad cleared it. Williams had his day because he went over his overall PB of 236 in first. "I will come again, thank you Banska, great place to jump. I was so tired, but the crowds pushed me greatly," Williams was quoted. Great moments also for Italian Nicola Ciotti who had a surgery only four months ago at his achilles tendon and managed 230 in third attempt and had close jumps at 232. "I started a new chapter in my athletics life," he said.Ukrainian Viktor Shapoval was fourth with second best ever 228. Briton Samson Oni played a game as after excellent 224 clearance he had very close first attempt at 228 and full of confidence passed next two attempts to 230 but did not manage. His countryman Dalton Grant had close attempts at new world indoor masters best 40+ at 214.


Women: 1. Vlasic, CRO 200 (185/1, 192/1, 198/2, 200/1, 205/xxx), 2. Beitia, ESP 198 SB eq, 3. Skotnik, FRA 195 SB, 4. Strakova, CZE 189, 5 Lalakova, CZE 185 SB, 6. Meuti, ITA 185 SB, 7. Kovalenko, UKR 180, V. Dobrynska nh (175)

Men: 1. Thornblad, SWE 236 WL eq (220/1, 224/1, 228/1, 230/1, 232/1, 234/1, 236/1, 238/fff), 2. J. Williams, USA 236 WL eq, PB (220/1, 224/1, 228/1, 230/3, 232/1, 236/1, 238/fff), 3. N. Ciotti, ITA 230 SB, 4. Shapoval, UKR 228, 5t. Oni, GBR and Horak, SVK 224, 7. G. Ciotti, ITA 224 SB eq, 8. Bermejo, ESP 224 SB, 9t. Kalafus, SVK 220 PB eq and Perez, CUB 220, 11. Protsenko, UKR and Ton, CZE 220, 13. Kabelka, SVK 220, 14. Grant, GBR 208, Durkac, SVK nh (208)

Special thanks to Alfons Juck, EME News.

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