Berlin 09 Diary: Photos of the Days: 1-5, Photos by, PIcked and Noted by Larry Eder


Okay sports fans, it is raining cts and dogs right now, and it is a cold Friday night in the Berlin Olympic Stadium. So, in between the rain squalls, the qualifying in the women's long jump and men's javelin and before the relay fun, here are my picks for photos of the day. Critieria were my own, but the idea was to give you a flavor of the meet, from different angles. I hope that you like it!


Day 1, August 15, 2009, Women's 10,000 meters, photo by

After twenty three and 3/4 laps, it comes down to this. A battle of the wills as Defar is in full sprint, Melkamu is winding up and Masai is just about to change history!

Day 2, August 16, 2009, Women's first round, 100 meters, photo by


This reminds me of a painting by Wayne Tibeau, an American realist, who taught at UC Davis. It has that painterly look. It also captures that second before the athlete goes to the line, they are committed now to run.

Day 3, August 17, 2009, Yelena Isinbayeva fails to clear a height, women's pole vault final, photo by


Who would have imagined this? Yelena Isinbayeva self destructs. The same talent that has driven her to 23 world records, two World Championships and two Olympic championships had come back to haunt her. The picture is poignant, intimate, and symbolic of all of us, when a failure or defeat comes our way.

Day 4, August 18, 2009, It has got to be his hair, photo by


Usain Bolt has changed the sport. If he never runs another fast race in his life, his attitude, his level of relaxation, his athleticism has captured kids of all ages. In fact, where Bolt is most important is in reinventing our sport! We run, we jump, we throw. Throw away the watches and just let them run! HIs antics, such as his combing his hair routine, have the world in stitches. A German taxi driver says that many German people love what he is doing to a pretty staid sport. 9.58 and 19.19 will be remembered, by the Fastest man in the world is putting a smile on track fans' faces and an, "Oh, my god!" on their lips.

Day 5, August 19, 2009, Men's 1,500 meter, final straightaway, Kamel, Mekonnen, Lagat, photo by


Charging down the final straight, nine men will finish within 1.2 seconds and all running the last 400 meters in under 53 seconds, the difference between gold, silver and bronze is inches! Kamel is kicking with abandon, Mekonnen has been pushing the pace since the 1,100 meter mark. Bernard Lagat, like Lopez Lomong, were caught in boxes. Lagat has just done a stutter step, getting him from first to third lane and then started sprinting like crazy, hoping to get into the medals. Lagat passed three of the best athletes in the world to secure his bronze model. I liked the picture-it is honest, it is intense, and it shows the raw emotion of competition

As photos become available, I will do the rest of the days, but I hope that you liked our photo interlude!

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