2009 Bank of America Chicago Marathon: Liliya Shobukova Wins in 2:25:16, by Larry Eder



Using her track speed, Liliya Shobukova, in her second marathon start, took the lead at 25 miles decisively, and went on to win the 32nd Bank of America Chicago marathon! Photo by PhotoRun.net.

In a very tactical marathon, the women had a very tight finish. Hitting the half marathon in 1:15:03, Liliya Shobukova, Irina Mikitenko, Lidiya Grigoryeva, Berhane Adere and Deena Kastor were all together, with the U.S. Tera Moody leading through the first eleven miles.

The pace began to pick up about fifteen miles and as the pace picked up, Shbukhova, Grigoyeva, Mikitenko and Erkesso were looking very good, as other runners dropped off the pack. Deena Kastor had to take a bathroom stop and had some trouble getting her drinks and that caused her some issues.

Using her 3k speed (8:27 pb), Liliya Shobukhova of Russia took off just before 25 miles. As Liliya grabbed her water bottle, she put in a short charge, and Shobukova had five meters, then ten, then one hundred meters!

In her second marathon start, with her husband, Igor, her coach, and her six year old daughter in Chicago to support her, Liliya Shobukova won the 2009 Bank of America Chicago marathon in 2:25:16, running her second half in a stunning 1:11:13!

Deena Kastor ended up finishing sixth, in 2:28:38, and the good news is her foot is fine! Melissa White of the US was eighth and Tera Moody of the US was ninth, all in all a good day for US runners as well!

Liliya Shobukhova, first place....

" I was very surprised to win in only my second marathon, " noted Liliya Shobukhova. " I had my daughter and my husband here...I felt the family
support and the crowd support...of course my speed is very high, we were
holding our speed to the very end, at thirty kilometers, I felt, this is my territory, I wanted to give my fastest period..my home is Cheboksari, six hours from Moscow, very famous for Russian runners. Husband is Igor
Shobukova, he is my coach. My daughter's name is Anna, she is six. My husband, daughter and I will be going to Disneyland after this..."

Lidiya Grigoryeva, Russia, third place, Bank of America Chicago Marathon.

"Even though it was cold in Russia, it was too cold today in Chicago, " noted Lidiya Grigoryeva. " Russians like warm weather. The second half was pretty good, but previous injuries did not let me go faster, because of injuries in my legs, not able to let me compete in them. "

Tera Moody, the second American, has run two marathons in seven weeks, with a personal best in 2:32:59.

"It was pretty cold, I was so happy that it was colder, but better than 88. I ran pretty even splits, I wasn't really frustrated, I was shocked, where is everybody...it was kind of cool, I think I ran pretty even, not worry about anyone else..if I come to sea level, on a cold day, I wanted to run my personal best. I really enjoyed it...seven weeks ago, I ran 2:36 in Berlin, it was my first World Championships, really felt I pushed to my maximum, two marathons is tough to do, and I will be taking two weeks off after this...I am not sure if I do a spring marathon...it is hard to pick another race besides Chicago..I do not know if I will do another one before that! I really did not know, I waited over a year before my last two marathons, did not know what to expect, and I love this race, and I thought, why not, did not have too much to loose, did feel good in first couple of miles, and I decided to go for it. My high school coach, St. Charles high school was out here, my parents, felt a lot of support. So many reasons I love this race. My high school coach is Tom Roderick, my current coach is Brad Hudson...I ran a 2:46 here in the 88 degree Chicago race...my personal best was 2:33:54 before today! "

Deena Kastor, who finished sixth in 2:28:50, with a one minute plus pit stop! Here is what she had to say:

"I did enjoy being out there, I was not frustrated with the pace. I was confident that I could bring it home over the last six or eight miles. Unfortunately, there was some other things that I had to deal with...I had a water bottle issue, where it was knocked off the table, I had an early race start, my foot feels great, feeling great and strong in practices, really believe if things have gone more smoothly, I can run much faster...I had to take a bathroom stop, but I am glad to be back on the roads, and will plan on a spring marathon...."

Bank of America Chicago Marathon, Top Ten Women:

1. Liliya Shobukova, Russia, 2:25:56
2. Irina Mikitenko, Germany, 2:26:31
3. Lidiya Grigoryeva, Russia, 2:26:47
4. Teyba Erkesso, Ethiopia, 2:26:56
5. Berhane Adere, Ethiopia, 2:28:38
6. Deena Kastor, USA, 2:28:50
7. Mizuho Nasukawa, Japan, 2:29:22
8. Melissa White, USA, 2:32:55
9. Tera Moody, USA, 2:32:59
10. Adriana Pirtea, Romania, 2:34:07

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