Robert Kiprono Cheruiyot: training log, from Victah Sailer, Notes by Larry Eder


Training Log of one Robert Kiprono Cheruiyot, courtesy of Victah Sailer, Commerzbank Frankfurt Marathon:

This was typical weeks leading up to the 2009 Commerzbank
Frankfurt Marathon. Robert's training partner is Vincent Kipruto,
who was just second in the B of A Chicago Marathon and who also ran a fine 2:05:47 earlier in the year.

Monday am- one hour run......15km
Monday pm- one hour run......15km
Tuesday am- one hour run.....15km
Tuesday 11am- 12x 1000 at 3.00= 15km
Tuesday pm-one hour run......15km
Wed hour run......15km
wed hour run.....15km
thur am....40km run
thur pm---one hour run =15km
fri hour run=15km
fri hour run=15km
Sat hour run=15km
Sat 11am=12 x 1000=15km
Sat hour run=15km
Sunday am....30km run
Sunday hour run=15km
Victah Sailer added: " the morning and afternoon runs can be from 50m to one hour.....your call, and the 12x 1000.....I am sure they warmed up, ran in between reps and warmed down....."

Note the consistency, the moderate pace,and the quality of the speed work. I sure hope this puts that easy running detritus finally to bed. To race fast, one must train consistently and at a high quality....
I especially like the 40km midweek and 30km on weekend. Remeniscent of Rob De Castella's training in the eighties. Breaking up the speed sessions at 1,000 meter intervals, at just below above pace, reminds me of threshold work...Cheruiyot obviously gets the work done...

Special thanks to our favorite photographer, Victah Sailer, and his wife, Lisa Coniglio and the merry photographers at

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