NYRR Distance Carnival at Brutus Hamilton Invite, 3k, 5k, 10k fields, note by Larry Eder

Patrick Smyth leads USA XC Champs, photo by PhotoRun.net.

Strong fields tonight in the People's Republic of Berkeley, as the women try and hit 8:42, the men go for 13:20 for 5k and 27:40 for 10k! Watch for results and pictures after I land in London tomorrow morning!

      Name M/F Town State Nat. Team PB PB Date Note

Women's 3000 Meter Run

Baillie, Renee Metivier F Boulder CO USA Nike 9:00.47 05/21/062010 USA Indoor 3000m champion

Begley, Amy F Portland OR USA NIKE Oregon TC Elite 8:53.27 (I) 02/28/092008 USA Olympian 10,000m; four USA titles in 2009

Bersagel, Annie F USA New Balance Silicon Valley 9:20.06 (I) 03/05/052006 USA Half-Marathon champion

Clark, Georgie F AUS 8:55.97 07/17/042000 Olympian 1500m (age 16); 2X world junior champs medalist

Culley, Julie F Johnson City TN USA Asics 8:55.62 (I) 02/28/09Ran 5000m at '09 World Champs; runner-up '09 USA XC Champs

Donaghue, Rebecca F Concord MA USA New Balance 9:01.08 (I) 02/28/09Runner-up at 2009 USA 5K Championship

Elmore, Malindi F CAN 8:51.90 08/30/0604 Olympian at 1500m
Gregg, Kaitlin F UC Davis 9:32.87 (I) 01/31/09Won Brutus Hamilton college 5000m in 2009
Hastings, Amy F Mammoth Lakes CA USA Brooks 8:58.45 01/30/1005 NCAA Indoor 5000m Champ; 25th '10 World XC Champs
Kobayashi, Yuriko F Kobe JPN Toyota Wellness 8:51.85 06/04/0808 Olympian, 5000m; Japanese 1500m record (4:07.86)
Kojima, Kazue F JPN Toyota Wellness NONE NONE1989 (!) Paris Marathon Winner; 46th '10 World XC (age 44)
McGregor, Katie F St. Louis Park MN USA Reebok 8:59.64 (I) 03/02/03Five-time USA Champ; won USA 15K Champs in March
Muncan, Marina F Philadelphia PA SRB New Balance 9:08.44 (I) 12/05/04PACEMAKER; Serbian 1500m record (4:08.02)
Rhines, Jen F Mammoth Lakes CA USA adidas 8:35.03 07/25/07Three-time USA Olympian; runner up at USA 15K Champs in March
Romero, Marisol F MEX Mexico NONE NONERan 15:40.75 5000m PB on 4/16/10
Russell, Blake F Pacific Grove CA USA Reebok 8:51.57 05/21/062008 USA Olympian Marathon; gave birth one year ago
Men's 5000 Meter Run
Arevalo, Alfredo M GUA Guatemala 14:30.07 02/18/06Guatemalan National Record, Maraton (2:12:530
Asmerom, Bolota M Oakland CA USA Saucony/ Bay Area Track Club 13:15:16 07/28/07PACEMAKER; 2000 Olympian, 5000m
Chavez, Chris M Menlo Park CA USA TRANSPORTS Adidas 14:14.61 04/05/08PB's at 10,000m and Half-Marathon in 2010
Garcia, Amado M Guatemala 14:14.72 05/02/09Guatemalan National Record, 10,000m (29:11.610
Horn, Jordan M Flagstaff AZ USA McMillan Elite 13:31.19 04/24/09Ran first sub-4:00 mile (3:58.67) on 2/13/10
Ikuto, Yufu M JPN Komazawa University 13:52.77 04/29/09Running in first race outside of Japan
Iwamizu, Yoshitaka M JPN Fujitsu_TF 13:37.99 05/21/05Two-time Olympian in 3000m Steeplechase
Karlsson, Kari M Berkeley CA ISL UC-Berkeley 14:01.99 03/26/10Ran Iceland 5000m NR on 3/26/10 (14:01.99)
Kihara, Masato M JPN Kanebo 13:50.96 05/30/09Personal bests at 1500m (3:46.72) and 10M (47:30) in 2010
Lagat, Haron M Lubbock TX KEN New Balance 13:36.59 (I) 02/06/10PACEMAKER
Moen, Josh M Minneapolis MN USA Strands / Team USA Minnesota 13:35.70
 04/17/09Runner-up at 2009 USA 10-Mile Championship
Murakami, Yasunori M JPN Fujitsu_TF 13:51.59 07/13/08Gold medalist in 1500m at 2009 East Asian Games
Perez, Erick M MEX MEXICO 14:03.90 04/17/08Ran 28:51.57 10,000m PB on 4/15/10
Romero, Juan Carlos M San Luis Potosi NM MEX Nike 13:34.84 04/17/092008 Olympian, 10,000m; 9th, '09 World Half-Marathon Champs
Rupp, Galen M Portland OR USA NIKE Oregon TC Elite 13:14.21 (I) 02/06/105th, '10 World Indoor Championships 3000m; Outdoor PB 13:30.49
Schmitt, Jake M Washington 13:54.25 (I) 03/07/09NCAA All-American for University of Washington
Smyth, Patrick M Minneapolis MN USA Nike 13:39.50 04/17/092nd, '10 USA Half-Marathon Champs; top USA at '10 World XC
Takezawa, Kensuke M JPN S&B 13:19.00 07/28/0708 Olympian in 5000m & 10,000m; gold, '09 East Asian Games 10,000m
Watson, Robin M CAN Speed River TFC 13:40.33 04/17/09Ran steeplechase at '09 World Championships
Men's 10,000 Meter Run
Braden, Forest M Beverly Hills CA USA 28:35.36 05/04/082 gold medals at 2008 European Club Championships
Gabrielson, Matt M Minneapolis MN USA Reebok / Team USA Minnesota 28:44.05 04/24/0936th, 2009 World Championships Marathon
Gotcher, Brett M Flagstaff AZ USA Team USA Arizona 28:27.79 05/04/082009 USA 20K Champion; #4 mar. debut in USA history (2:10:36
Haas, Stephen M Bloomington IN USA New Balance 28:21.42 04/04/08Three-time NCAA All-American; 2005 Big-10 5000m champion
Hasegawa, Yusuke M JPN Jobu University 28:14.08 11/21/09Running in first race outside of Japan
Lagat, Haron M Lubbock TX KEN New Balance 28:05.23 04/24/09PACEMAKER
Makabe, Takeshi M JPN Kanebo 27:53.78 12/02/07
Rizzo, Patrick M Boulder CO USA 29:38.56 04/02/052:15:48 Marathon PB in October '09; '08 Oly Trials in Marathon
Rono, Aron M KEN 28:13.75 04/18/08PACEMAKER; 15-time NAIA champ for Azuza Pacific
Sato, Yuki M Tokyo CA JPN Nissin 27:38.25 04/24/093rd in 2009 Brutus Hamilton 10K; running for JPN NR (27:35.09)
Shay, Stephan M Flagstaff AZ USA 28:56.71 04/16/095th, 2010 USA Half-Marathon Championship
Sheehan, Ryan M Kalamazoo MI USA 28:49.89 05/25/05Bronze medal, 2006 Chiba Ekiden
Takahashi, Yuta M JPN S&B 28:38.71 12/02/07Ran PB 13:31.37 5000m at Mt. SAC on 4/1

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