RunningNetwork Live coverage of 114th Boston Marathon, by Larry Eder

Welcome to the LIVE coverage of the 114th edition of the BAA Boston Marathon
coverage, provided by Here is how we do it! We update
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Women's Elite Race, miles 1-2

The pack went off, hitting the mile in 5:29, then 5:31 for second mile!
Temperature is 49 degress, with two mile per hour, North to Northeast.
Approximately thirty in the elite women's front pack! Two top
Chinese women in the pack!

Yurika Nakamura of Japan has lead the women's elite, from the
mile to 5k, with 5k hit in 17:05. 11,351 women in a field of

Men's Elite Race, start!

Ryan Hall and Meb Keflezighi, and the elite field are off!
The men's elite race, in my mind, could come down to
Aberraham Goumri of Morocco, Ryan Hall of the
I can see Josh Rohatinsky, Ryan Hall, Meb Keflezighi
leading the pack, very conservative pace!

Women elite, miles 1-10k

Yurika Nakamura of Japan leads pack, 5;29 for mile 1, 11:01 for mile 2, 16;34 for
mile three, 5k in 17:05. In the pack are Chaofeng Jia (debut) of China, Dire
Tune of Ethiopia, Koren Yal of Ethiopia, Bruna Genovese of Italy, Teyba
Erkesso of Ethiopia, WeiWei Sun of China, and Madia Perez of
Mexico. The women then ran 22:15 for four miles, 27:57 for five miles,
33:50 for six miles, 35:06 for 10k (18:01 for second 5k). Mile
seven hit in 39;36.

Men elite, Miles 1-3, 5k.

Ryan Hall is leading the pack, with Josh Rohatinsky, Meb Keflezighi
in pack, Abderhaman Goumri of Morocco. Hitting the the mile
in 4:52, then 4:48, then another 4:48 in 14:57, pretty relaxed, with
strong headwind.

Ryan has great chance here to win, if he stays relaxed through the
half and then blasts it, we shall see. Meb is about 90 percent,
had some knee stuff, but very savvy! Headwind is a factor!

Women's Miles, 7-13

Women move past mile 8, with a 5:46 pace, hitting mile 8 in
45:25. Mary Akor is first US women, in 17th, hitting 10k in
35;22, about sixteen seconds back. Page Higgins of US
hit 10k in 36:05!

Men's Miles 4-10k

Ryan Hall, hiiting mile four in 19:20, Meb Keflezighi in tow,
Merga in the pack, Robert Cheruiyot on shoulder, Samuel
Mugo of Kenya, Elijah Keitany, David Mandago of Kenya,
Ryan is now in 11th, Josh Rohatinsky in 22ned, Meb
in ninth.

Men ares starting to click along, 2:07 pace. Guys are not
getting much wind issues.

Women Mile, 8-11 miles

Yurika Nakamura of Japan and Chaofeng Jia of China,
hit nine miles in 51:11, 15k in 53:03, and mile 10 in
57:09!   Eleven miles for the women hit in 1:03:08,
Mary Akor of U.S., in 17th, Page Higgins in 19th, in
54:24 for 15k. 

Men's elite, miles 4-15k

Men's pack , Ryan Hall and Dmytro Baranoskyy of the Ukraine, with Robert Cheruiyot, Deriba
Merga, Stephen Kiogora, Meb Keflezighi, David Mandago, Moses Kigen Kipkosgei,
Chala Dechase, hit 5k in 15:07, 10k in 30:06.

Men's elite miles, 10k-20k

Men hit eight miles in 38:45, after hitting seven in 33:55. Nine miles hit in 43:33,
with 15k in 44;55. Merga pushed the pace, just after nine miles and is leading
the pack. Leaders hit the mile in 44:58, Ryan Hall is struggling, hitting the 15k
in 45:06, now in seventeenth place.

Deriba Merga has dropped the pace, with Gilbert Yegon have broken away,
from the pack. Tenth mile is 4:34, twenty seconds faster than 10th mile
last year! In second pack is Robert Cheruiyot, Meb Keflezighi, with Ryan
Hall in seventeenth. Josh Rohatinsky is in 22nd place. Hall is fourteen
seconds back.

Men hit the ten miles in 48:08, with Ryan Hall is back fourteen seconds
from the main pack. The last mile;4:34, from Merga!

Ryan Hall made up the fourteen seconds he was behind on the pack,
at 15k, and then made it up by 11 miles. Merga had tried to break the
field with 4:34 mile, next is 5:02. Hall makes it up, back in the
lead! Pace has slowed down for men. 11 miles hit in 53:08
for the men.

Women's pack, elite, Mile 9-13

The women's race is fascinating. Teyba Erkesso of Ethiopia, Dire Tune and Koren
Yal broke the pack. Dire Tune then started to hold her side, and dropped back. 11 miles
hit in 1:03:08, 12 miles hit in 1:09:00. Halfway point hit in 1:14:52.

Erkesso and Yal have eight seconds on women's lead pack. Women's pack consists of
Meseret Legese, Agnes Kiprop of Kenya, Waynishet Girma, Lidiya Gregoryeva, Salina
Kosgie, Chaofend Jia and Madai Perez of Mexico.

Mary Akor in seventeenth.

Men's elite pack, 11-halfway

Is Ryan Hall is playing with the field? I believe. Meb is staying in pack, but Ryan is right
at front of pack, once again, twelve mile in 58:05, 20k in 60:11, and halfway in
1:03:25 in half marathon position. This is under course record pace! Hall is next
to Meb, as Gilbert Yegon is pushing the pace! The pack in on sub 2:07 pace!

Women's elite pack

The women's story is about Teyba Erkesso, who took off at mile fifteen. The women
had hit mile 14 in 1:19:35, 15 in 1:24:58, 25k in 1:27:43, 16 in 1:30:04, 17 in 1:35:33,
18 in 1:41:02. Erkesso has fify plus seconds on second place !

Mens pack

Lead pack made up of Goumri, Merga, Meb, Cheruiyot, Hall is back fifteen-twenty seconds, men hit last mile in 5:09. Miles 14 in 1:07:36, 15 miles in 1:12:32, 25km in 1:15:01, sixteen miles in 1:17:10, seventeen miles in 1:22:19.

Women's race-it's Erkesso!

Teyba Erkesso, hit 20 miles in 1:51:55. Erkesso had hit 18 in 1:41:02, 30km in 1:44:31, 19 miles in 1:46:28, 20 miles in 1:51:55.

Men's pack, Merga and Cheruiyot

Merga hit 18 miles in 1:22:19, 30k in 1:29:58, with Merga and Cheruiyot are trying to figure each other out. The pack has broken up! Meb is in fourth place, Ryan Hall is in seventh,
about fifty seconds back! Last mile was run in 4:38!

Goumri  stopped at 18 miles, holding his back, he is walking!

Women's lead,--Erkesso in trouble?

Teyba Erkesso hit 21 miles in 1:57:43, 35k in 2:01:36, she had some stomach
distress, but seems to be running well again, but she is slowing down! At 2:03:44,
Erkesso starting to slow, at 23 miles in 2:08:44.

Tatyana Pushkareva of Russia, all of 24, is in second, has cut Erkesso from
two minutes to thirty seconds! Salina Kosgei of Kenya is in third place!
Pushkareva has made up six seconds in last mile!

Men's race-Epic battle, Merga vs Cheruiyot

35k for men at 1:44:47, 22 miles in 1:45:58, 23 miles in 1:50:42, Robert Cheruiyot, the newbie, looks to have some space between him and Deriba Merga, the defending champ!

Women's race, Pushkareva custs the lead to agonizingly close!

Hitting the 40k mark in 2:18:52, Tatyana Pushkareva was seventeen seconds back. 25 miles in 2:19:41, with Pushkareva still closing, six seconds to eight seconds back.

The last mile, for the pursuer and pursued is agonizing. Teyba Erkesso continues to hang on,
and is not giving up! Tatyana Pushkareva continues to pursue Erkesso, hoping against hope!

At the finish, Teyba Erkesso of Ethiopia, builds a lead up to two minutes, and holds onto a lead of three seconds, winning in 2:26:11.

Tatyana Pushkareva of Russia was second in 2;26:14, Salina Kosgei in 2:28:35, , Wanynishet Girma in 2:28:36, and Bruno Genovese in fifth in 2:29:12.

Men's Race-Robert Cheruiyot, same name, different man!

Robert Cheruiyot broke Deriba Merga just before 40 km, in 2:00:06. The twenty-fifth
mile was 4:38! Cheruiyot continued to push, breaking the course record in 2:05:52.
Tekeste Kerebe of Ethiopia took second, in 2:07:23, with Deriba Merga, the defending
champion, in third in 2:08:39, with Ryan Hall taking fourth in 2:08:41, with Meb Keflezighi,
taking fifth, with a sore knee in 2:09:26!

From, and for the Running Network, watch for our next report, on how the race was run! Best wishes to teh 26,000 runners till on the course today!

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