Usain Bolt: Mutant, story in Esquire Magazine, note by Larry Eder


Video, courtesy of Esquire magazine, featuring Usain Bolt!

Usain Bolt has transcended our sport. In a very well-written piece in Esquire magazine, the author, Luke Dietrich, does a superb job of giving us not only the facts on Mr. Bolt, but wondering out loud, what happens if he gets serious? Fun reading, and another example of how track & field has super stars, but just does not seem to know how to utilize them. I believe, the key to our future growth is to develop the stars and stories on our sport! Here is the link on the story:

Many of us, who witnessed Bolt's runs in Beijing, wondered what would happen if he put it all on the line. I believe that he came close in 2009, in the 200 meters. It will be fascinating to see Bolt continue to race over 100 and 200 meters, and then, give it his all over 400 meters!

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