2011 TCS Amsterdam Marathon Stats, by K. Ken Nakamura, note by Larry Eder

Wilson Chebet, 2011 Parvenir Bogata, photo by PhotoRun.net

Tiki Gelana, photo by PhotoRun.net

At the 2011 TCS Amsterdam Marathon, Wilson Chebet won the men's marathon in 2:05:53 and Tiki Gelana won the women's marathon in 2:22:19. Congrats to Wilson, Tiki and the 35,000 other marathoners who ran at TCS Amsterdam on Sunday, October 16, 2011. Here is K. Ken Nakamura's stat report on the importance of the 2011 TCS Amsterdam Marathon:
Amsterdam Marathon stats 

After Amsterdam, Wilson Chebet's top 3 average time since 2008 is 2:05:51, eighth fastest in the world. 

Chebet's winning time of 2:05:53 is the 13th sub-2:06 performance of the year, 
which is a highest ever season total in history.

After today, top 10 average for Amsterdam marathon is now 2:06:12 (up from 2:06:25).

Laban Korir's 2:06:05 is the third fastest debut marathon (behind Mosop and Evans Rutto) 
Eric Ndiema ran fourth fastest debut marathon.

Ndiema, I think, is 18 years old. If that is true, then he is the fastest 18 years old marathon runner, and the junior marathon record holder. 

Best 7th (2:07:08 by John Kiprotich), 8th (2:07:28 by Samuel Tsegay) place time were recorded in Amsterdam.

6 runners have broken 2:07 in Amsterdam, which tied the record held by 2008 London & 2011 Boston marathon.

After Amsterdam marathon today, number of sub-2:07 performers for the year is 25 & 
number of sub-2:08 performers for the year is 44, both record high.

After Amsterdam, number of sub-207 performances for the year is 28 & 
number of sub-208 performances is 49, both record high. 

With 3 more sub-2:24 marathon today (1 in Amsterdam, 2 in Toronto), number of sub-2:24 (for women of course) performer for the year is now 21, and number of sub-2:24 performances for the year are 23, both record high.

Laban Korir, Eric Ndiema, Nicholas Manza Kamakya and Paul Biwott are 85th, 86th, 87th and 88th runner, respectively, to crack 2:07 for the marathon.

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