Frank McCourt Entertains Offers for LA Marathon, story from LA Times, note by Larry Eder

la26kristin burns5x8-large.jpgLA26, photo by Kristin Burns/LAMarathon

In a story in the November 4, 2011 edition of the Los Angeles Times, Frank McCourt, embattled owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers, is looking at offers to sell the Los Angeles Marathon. McCourt just filed divorce papers, dated November 3, 2011, where his ex-wife gives up an rights to the Dodgers or the marathon for a settlement of $131 million.

geneti rain, by rich cruse-large.jpg Markus Genuti, 2011 LA Marathon: rain, photo by Rich Cruse/LAMarathon

McCourt, who has been hung, drawn and quartered in the Southern California media over his handling of the beloved Dodgers, had picked up the LA marathon three years ago and with a strong marathon management team, had really upped the quality of the event. This past spring, as McCourt's issues were made public, much of the race's management were dismissed.

flea, by Kristin burns-large.jpgflea, photo by Kristin Burns/LAMarathon

Pricing for the illustrious Los Angeles Marathon? Word has it that somewhere between $10 and $20 million.

The simple fact is that the Los Angeles Marathon should be one of the crown jewels of the global marathon movement. Over the past three years, McCourt's team, through a new course, incredible social media and strong communications with the city and the local running community, had reversed much of the negatives noted on the previous marathon administrations.

The late Fred Lebow, former NYRR leader, had noted the obvious opportunities of the LA marathon. Again, it shows that making a great race is not as easy as some may think. We hope the LA Marathon finds a new home, and new owners who appreciate the value of the event to the city of Los Angeles and the sport in the Golden State. 

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